Review: Point Blank – Bad Newz Travels Fast

The original Point Blank – Bad Newz Travels Fast album was the hardest underground Houston rap album of 1999. He is a truly gifted lyricist with a unique method. No matter whoever he raps with.

Not many people know this but the original Point Blank – Bad Newz Travels Fast album was supposed to be released by Commerce Street Records on June 1999 as advertised in the Source Magazine. That was the same advertisement that was designed by Pen N Pixel. Now this was when Commerce Street Records was located on East Commerce Street & North Walters Street (Commerce & Walters). Sean Tompkins financially backed the album and owned the album title. Sean Tompkins and Mike B produced a majority of his album.

However the 1999 version of Point Blank – Bad Newz Travels Fast was not released on Commerce Street Records. Point Blank wanted to release that album on Commerce Street Records but realized he still owed Big Tyme Recordz an album as stated in his contract and there a dispute regarding royalty rates between him and Sean.

So Point Blank and Russell Washington of Big Tyme Recordz had to pay Sean Tompkins for the album title and name. Point Blank took a few of the songs he recorded for Commerce Street Records with him. That is why Point Blank – Bad Newz Travels Fast was released on Big Tyme Recordz in 2000 instead.

Point Blank recorded different music for that version of Point Blank – Bad Newz Travels Fast instead of the 2000 version of Point Blank – Bad Newz Travels Fast which is why the tracklist is different. Song such as Wrecking and Go Live were recorded for this album. However Sean kept most of the songs he produced for Point Blank for the excluding the intro and title track. Sean used some of the tracks on those Doc Holliday mixtapes and other on compilations from Doc Holliday Productions during the 2000s.

High with tha Blanksta explains how everyone wants to get high with Point Blank and how he was living in the 1990s. This is the greatest song to play when you’re fucked up out of your mind.

PSK-13 scooped Point Blank up. Now it’s time to roll. Creepin through South Park on the beamer patrol with triple beam lasers on their guns. He got the hoes in the wind. Point Blank just lost his beeper at the flea market. Damn. None of his hoes won’t be paging him any time soon. But it’s Friday and he is tight. Point Blank is tryin to find some more drugs. Man they be hating him at the club. But he’ll roll with the click because they might get in some shit. Another night, another fight. When it’s time to get it on, then it’s on. Especially when fucking around with Gangster Disciples (GDs). So watch yourself in that zone. But it’s all good because Point Blank is down for whatever .

The blanksta is in the house as he creeps up on a come up. He’s gotta make that money, man. You wanna get blow? Don’t be scared to scream. Because everybody in the parking lot be telling him, “I wanna get high with tha blanksta.” Just chill and hit the Swisher Sweet.

After the club him and PSK-13 stop to go rob some Japs (Japanese people). Bitches jammed in the car. Point Blank even have two hoes on his lap. Blowing big and taking swigs. Drinking syrup and smoking sticks. Point Blank hopes he won’t end up incarcerated for raping one of these bitches.

Somebody yelled and he heard a glass hit the floor. And a bitch out screamed. .38 just couldn’t wait. They would’ve locked his ass back up. You should’ve seen how he had that hoe backed up against the bed. Head banging on the wall. Point Blank is fried out jamming his Screw Tape. Everybody was naked. Rolled and fried out. Just in case you ain’t know, Point Blank fucked all of them stupid hoes. Now it’s time to hit the door.

South Side Groovin explains how the SouthSide of Houston, Texas was running things with the rap scene. The song features Big T, Point Blank, PSK 13, Trae, DJ Screw, and Z-Ro. Trae was putting it down with his verses on the song.

Everybody out here is still representing to the fullest. The Screwed Up Click is holding it down for sure. Trying to hold it down, know I’m saying?

Trae is sitting low behind tints. Swanging to SouthwestHe’s got a tech to the chest penetrating the plex in the Dirty Third that’s going off like slugs. Shotgun up in the frame. Beating the boulevard and swanging in throwed cars. Trae don’t play. Blue over grey with a K finna to make your day. Like niggas at Cornbread’s sipping the bar. Like Roy Jones when he’s breaking a jaw. Like two dykes in a ménage à trois.

Lyrically he can’t be stopped. Niggas can’t see him even if he was 3-D. SLAB be raw pimping a pen in the wind for the dividends and a big body Benz with the bubble lens, Cartier lens, and Cartier frames with the blue lens moving down I 10. On the Southside 84’s and vogues glide candy sprayed and are looking so live.

Trae is on his grind steadily stacking all of his ends. Moving slow. He’s got a lot of flow and a lot of thugs from the South Side to the block. All of the ghetto motherfuckers are steady showing love. Throwing a deuce in the air. I know you feeling them.

Niggas ain’t ready for what Trae does. He’s pull up on the block with grey on the blue with four 18’s and banging Screw. I don’t give a damn if y’all hate him. When it comes to rap, y’all can’t fade him. Trae is in the zone throwed off. Niggas wanna think he fell off. But that is not the case. Trae stays four steps ahead of y’all. So when he feels plex, he will haul them niggaz off. He has to watch his back all the time. Trae is making niggas squash the chat. Trae proved his points and paid his dues., So you better back back.

Trae and Point Blank are on the grind full time down in H-Town. They are SUC affiliated and clicked up with killas Niggas hate it. They are still on point when gripping on the grain. They stay on the paper chase. They stay ahead of the race on the paper chase. Being educated in the streets of H-Town is a must. Pulling up in the wide body fo’ do’, with the missing top in the Coupe or foreign car slabbed out. Screens on glow coming out the stash spot. Soldiers that’s united for the cash.

Go Live was also put on a compilation called Young Southern Playaz ‎– Dirty 3rd which was released in 2000. K-Sam of P.K.O., Point Blank, Down and Dirty Clique (DDC), and UNLV all had guest spots on that song.

The song has that fast paced New Orleans bounce sound. It don’t get no liver than this. Mr. Joshay sure knows how to get people listening with his raps and his smoothness. He has finesse and that Texas swang. Lil Ya gives the song that New Orleans bounce sound and Dirty South sound. Happy Perez and Ricé engineered the song.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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