Review: Avril Lavigne – Head Above Water

Avril Lavigne’s Head Above Water album was an emotional comeback for her after battling Lyme Disease which took years to recover from. Canadian popstar Avril Lavigne almost never fails to disappoint her fans or her audience. Head Above Water is filled with pop-rock ballads and piano pop ballads. Her pop ballads are as powerful as ever.

Half of the album is filled with the usual love songs such as Crush, Tell Me When It’s Over, Love Me Insane, and Souvenir. You can’t have an Avril Lavigne album without love songs. Crush, Birdie, and Love Me Insane are dead giveaways of love songs.

So far 2019 has proven to be a good year for her. She has had to songs chart the BillBoards with moderate success. The lead single Head Above Water charted #64 on the BillBoard with moderate success in both 2018 and 2019. Tell Me When It’s Over charted #36 in the US and charted #20 in Canada.

Head Above Water was an emotional comeback for her as the song served as her comeback to music. The song Head Above Water is about fighting morality and death. Not many people know thins but Avril was making references to religion in the chorus. Avril Lavigne wrote this piano pop ballad herself basing the song on her fighting morality and death after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Head Above Water is a powerful piano driven pop-rock ballad.

The title track served as the lead single coincidentally enough. This has proven time again in pop music to name your album the same title of your lead single. However Avril shocked fans by naming her album the same title as the lead single. So to say. Avril did right choosing Head Above Water to be a lead single.

Musically speaking, the F major key is used for the most part which coincides with her vocal range used on this song. Her vocal range spans from low F3 to high F5.

Warrior is a bar none, fade all type of song. The song is about how Avril is a warrior who can fight her own battles that she know she will win. She shows resilience by not giving up throughout the song. The song has a power punk vibe. Warrior would have been a good thrash metal ballad given the appropriate title.

Avril will pick her battles because she knows she will in the war. Steadier than steel she is ready with her shield and sword. She has gathered all her strength for more. There is no backing down for her as she will not back down. No, Avril won’t break. She is not afraid to do whatever it takes. She is a warrior. She is a warrior who fights for her life.

Like a soldier all through the night, she fights with all her might. She will survive. She fights like a viking.

These lyrics show her resilience:

Like a soldier all through the night
And I won’t give up, I will survive, I’m a warrior
And I’m stronger, that’s why I’m alive
I will conquer, time after time
I’ll never falter, I will survive, I’m a warrior

She’ll be fighting through the day and night like a viking. She’ll be marching through the darkness ’til the morning lights. Even when it’s harder, she won’t stop. Avril won’t drop until victory is hers.

Souvenir is Wish You Were Here revisited. Avril wishes her man to spend his whole life with her in a relationship of love that will last forever.

Avril does not want her man to leave her. She will be in disbelief if he leaves her. Avril hopes this love will last a life time. She wants this love to last forever. She wants him to spend his whole life with her. She holds him tight not letting him go. She tells him, “Stay awake with me the whole night.”

That is what these lyrics are a reference to: “I hope this summer breeze will last more than a season”

The man ends up leaving Avril. This leads to Avril asking him a handful of questions in the chorus. Avril asks him the following questions during the chorus.: Can I keep you as a souvenir? Can I take your shirt to dry my tears? Can I meet you here this time next year? Can I keep you as a souvenir?

Verse 2 is where she begins to envision how she wants things to be. This is where the gets intimate and clingy.

[Verse 2]
I taste salt in the air and in your sweater that I sleep in
I dream of us riding bikes at sunset by the ocean
Those were giddy days, lazy days
Sipping rosé, time to waste (Sipping rosé, time to waste)

The last line in the chorus is a reference to Wish You Were Here from her 2011 album. Read the lyrics to the chorus.

Can I keep you as a souvenir?
Can I take your shirt to dry my tears?
Can I meet you here this time next year?
Can I keep you as a souvenir?
We could take a chance and disappear
We could run away, get outta here
Can I keep you as a souvenir?
Wish you were here

Avril develops a sentimental attachment to her man and grows to love him. She does not want him to leave. The souvenir she is asking him is sentimental to her. Moods used to describe this song are romantic and sentimental.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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