Review: Steal Vybe – Then And Now EP

Steal Vybe – Then And Now EP was released as distal download and stream by the legendary electronic house label Strictly Rhythm Records in 2011. Steal Vybe released yet another timeless house masterpiece. The sound on this EP is.

Music 4 The World (Jack Your Body 101 Mix) is an upbeat electronic dance house number that will make you feel down to Earth and get groovy. This song will also make you want to dance. Steal Vybe did a perfect electronic house cover of Jack Your Body by Steve “Silk” Hurley. That is where those vocal samples came from. The duo paid homage to Chicago house music here. The sound is so atmospheric and airy.

Thee Alarm (From Atmosphere to the Cosmos Mix) is one of the more atmospheric and airy songs on the EP. The beats, synths, and chords are just infectious. When those bass chords and synths hit the speakers, you start getting a euphoric feeling. This song is also a good number for the dance floor. Longevity, bass, and chords are what make the song so great, euphoric, airy, and atmospheric. Of course you have the occasional violin stabs which also make the song great. House heads will surely this song.

To The Limit (Live To The Max Mix) uses a climatic sample of male vocals which make the song relaxing with the tribal beats you hear in the background. Tribal beats are incorporated with dance beats. The song also uses a rhythm.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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