Review: Steal Vybe – Steal Vybe EP

The Steal Vybe – Steal Vybe EP is a melodic electronic masterpiece filled with soothing tunes smooth melodies as this EP has rhythm.The Steal Vybe EP mixes the sounds of deep house music and future jazz into one blend. All of the songs on this Steal Vybe EP use crispy thin beats which are both soothing and smooth. Those crispy thin beats you hear are accompanied by vocal harmonies.

Journey is driven by a cymbal kit and hi-hats which quickly turn into a very deep electronic sequence of smooth synths. The song uses an upbeat mixture of deep house music, soul, and future jazz over smooth vocal harmonies that are considered to be soothing. Lady Alma is the female vocalist you hear singing those vocal harmonies. Smooth and soothing are two words to describe Journey. The song is deep due to its hypnotizing vibe. Damon ‘Dizzy Fingers’ Bennett is the one playing the live flute.

Time uses thin beats over a live flute played by Damon ‘Dizzy Fingers’ Bennett. The song will put you into a hypnotizing trance. Warm bass can be heard in the middle of the song. The warm bass will put you into a trance. Time is one of Steal Vybe’s overlooked yet underrated works.

The song Elements uses a small piano ensemble over smooth jazz music and electronic music. Cymbals are used in the rhythm over that deep house sound. However the song leans more towards jazz music. Elements uses crispy thin beats, warm bass, and live production. The song Elements is notable for carefully placed live musicianship used throughout the song. Soothing and smooth are two words that can be used to describe this song. Elements is one of the best works from Steal Vybe!

Elements (Nu Jazz Reprise) is broken version of Elements which uses a strong foundation of carefully placed live musicianship. Notice how the beats sound broken down. Jazz meets house on Elements (Nu Jazz Reprise).

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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