Review: Steal Vybe – Dance 4 Life EP

Dance 4 Life is Steal Vybe’s homage and tribute to dance music. That is why this EP leans more towards the sounds of dance music than electronic music. Dance meets deep house music on Dance 4 Life. The duo decided to do something different by using a slightly different genre of music this time. Steal Vybe can never go wrong regardless of music genre.

After Hours has a relaxing lounge vibe and sound backed with calming shakers and Afrocentric beats. The song is perfect to unwind your night to after a hard day at work. This song will make you want to escape from your reality. You know what they say. Anything is possible after hours. So let the pressures of the world go and mellow out to this song of theirs. After Hours was a breathtaking and fresh way to start off the EP with as the opening track.

Climb uses a mixture of electronic and dance. Notice the bongos that are used? The song is perfect to unwind to at night. The song uses a futuristic electronic instrumental soundscape.

A New Beginning is a groover that gives both electronic and dance music a breath of fresh air. Steal Vybe still after all these years knows how to keep their sound and production relevant to modern times. The song is still as fresh, climatic, relaxing, and futuristic as it was in 2004.

Sueno uses Afrocentric beats over a futuristic electronic instrumental soundscape similar to how the song Climb did. Thickness and density of those bongos are what really help make this song stand out. Steal Vybe used a handful of dance beats all over the place. The finger snaps give the song a nice touch. Sueno was a spectacular way to end the EP as the closing track. Sueno is the Spanish for dream.

I rate this EP 3/5***.

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