Review: Lil Flip – The Takeover

Platinum Houston rapper Lil Flip flossed his freestyle skills on his 2004 album Lil Flip – The Takeover. The tracks were produced by TJ Music, Hump, and DJ Screw. This was his underground album which included unreleased tracks (regular tracks), screwed tracks, freestyles, and flows. Lil Flip took over Texas rap back in 2004.

Lil Flip – The Takeover was released on CD by BCD Music Group in the summer of 2004. Yes that BCD. The same BCD that was sued by Universal Music Group in 2007. BCD didn’t get the clearance to release most of Lil Flip’s albums even though they are a distributor. BCD Music Group was so blatant with their violations. Somehow the distributor got away with releasing his albums.

Swang 4’s is a freestyle none other than the Swang Glass 84’s Freestyle over Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy in a screwed style. His cousin Big Shasta raps a verse on the freestyle. The most iconic and memorable lyrics to this freestyle are “Fuck a home run, I come with my chrome gun”, “Never-ever-ever sniffing a line/
We blow endo, that light green shit”, and “Watching Freddy Kruger strong like Lex Luger/Man, I fuck Mariah Carey and Cynthia Cooper/Av Trooper/I seen them on the highway”.

Lil Flip swang glass 84’s and pimps hoes. He sports platinum teeth and not white gold. He sleeps with his Glock because niggaz ain’t acting right.

I know you heard of his style A lot of these niggas don’t think Lil Flip deserves his style. But anyway, it’s time to get in the limelight. Ya’ll niggas got a deal but ya’ll can’t even shine right. He’ll break your mics. He’s just that tight. Lil Flip got skills to pay the bills. The only reason he raps is to get some money. Fuck a record deal. Southside still holding.

You can’t see his diamonds because his windows are tinted. Rolling glass and swangin’ glass 84’s.

Lil Flip takes his chain to get a trillion cuts. Lil Flip is worth a million bucks. He just bought a Winnebago. I’m telling these niggas (you niggas) Lil Flip is about his money. The Freestyle King will sit on his throne. Lil Flip will sit on recline in his recliner chair/seat. Now there’s a lot of shit on his mind of course. You’ll never see Lil Flip sniffing a line of cocaine. He blows and smokes endo better known as that light green shit. That is what these lyrics are a reference to. These are drug references. “Never-ever-ever sniffing a line/We blow endo, that light green shit”

Lil Flip is playa made. He pulled a lot of stunts like Super Dave. It’s the home of the brave where the trunks, open up like ass. Watching Freddy Kruger strong like Lex Luger. He fucks Mariah Carey and Cynthia Cooper.

Ain’t shit never been funny. Dummies get baked when the bricks get low. Lil Flip needs five g’s (5 grand/$5,000) for a show. He stands on the stage to freestyle for about 30 minutes off the track. He doubles my money. Some niggas like to cover their money.

When he freestyles, he never loses his composure. He blows the best weed. He’s always blowin’. He would chuck the deuce out the roof. Trunks crunch hard like Nestle. That’s a candy bar. Call it with the handlebars.

Big Shasta is a paper chaser a hoe eraser. Check his damn pockets you could see big money. He’s trying to get rich. He rides behind tint. Watch him come through and the haters bust slugs. Bust at a bitch and ride on the switch. He sell rhymes and hooks. He’s got money all over his books.

Lil Flip’s Lean Wit Me with Will-Lean of the Botany Boys was his own rendition of Club Nouveau – Lean On only with more drug references revolving around drugs. This is one of his overlooked and underrated tracks. One of the most humorous and hard hitting lyrics to the song were “I’m not drug free but I do free drugs” and “Lean with me”.

Flippin was a track Lil Flip recorded for the ladies sometime in 2004. Lil Flip lets the ladies know if they want to come kick it with some real pimp, a real man, and young boss that they can go to Lil Flip. You can be his fly girl. The #1 fly boy Fliperachi is in the building with his girl Mya fo’ sho. So come and roll wit a fly boy. This kid is ballin’ like Jim Jones. Lil Flip is a certified mack in the streets. How many rappers got ice on the back?

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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