Review: Nutsek – Dust To Dust EP

Nutsek – Dust To Dust is not an EP meant for your average hip hop consumer. This is not meant for your average hip hop consumer. No. This EP has wicked beats, bass notes, and vibes. Wicked vibes. This EP has that jazzy hip hop sound that is exotic. Jazzy hip hop is timeless and classy. Perfect for a nocturnal setting. It’s a shame that nobody is releasing music such as this nowadays.

DJ Nut (DJ Knud) and Sek (Jan Elhøj) from Copenhagen, Denmark came together to form Nutsek and release this timeless classic of an EP. Who knew hip hop and jazz from Denmark would be this dope?

The production on some of these songs will remind you of Danish contemporaries The Prunes and Boulevard Connection. Now the production on some of these songs is comparable to The Prunes. Nutsek seemed to have been influenced by the production of The Prunes when recording this EP in 1995. DJ Nut was the alias DJ Knud was using for this EP. Sek (Jan Elhøj) is the same Sek from Boulevard Connection from Copenhagen, Denmark. Sek was a ghostwriter who also produced hiphop with the Boulevard Connection in the 90s.

This EP was released on the New Breed label out of New York City, New York. Dust To Dust was part of the New Breed “EP Series” which only issued limited edition vinyl releases of EPs, singles, and albums. So only a limited amount of copies of the Dust To Dust EP were pressed.

Graffiti has that dark grimy hip hop sound and vibe. The song uses warped bass notes and chords. The song is an aspect of city life and street life.

The jazzy saxophone on Rainy Day will rattle your bones as the song sends musical chills down your spine. The beats are driven by a kick drum. The sound is quite dark and grimy as the song Graffiti. Now the beats are thicker on this song than Graffiti.

The belligerent, provocative Richard Pryor sample on Women stands out because he talks about how women don’t have orgasms. The sample begins with: “And I just found out some time ago that sometimes women don’t have orgasms. And that fucked me up.” This ecstatic yet belligerent, provocative vocal sample is looped throughout Women.

The Richard Pryor sample of “And I just found out some time ago that sometimes women don’t have orgasms. And that fucked me up.” came from the live album RICHARD PRYOR: LIVE IN CONCERT (1979).

The song follows a jazzy groove as the upright bass plays next to a saxophone and trombone. A clarinet can be heard fro a brief moment before being muffled out by the jazzy saxophone. Only a few know about this because most people don’t take the time to listen to the song closely. Not too brassy either. There’s no need to elaborate anymore with this sarcastic sample.

Mood starts off with a jazzy horn sample playing some notes which quickly transition into a dope jazzy beat. You could go for a walk in the park during daytime with this beat on. You could go on a late night or for a walk during a cold winter night with this beat on. That’s how dope this song is. The xylophone is what makes the song hypnotic and jazzy. The song follows a jazzy groove.

Mood was featured on the compilation Fat Jazzy Grooves Volume 14. Mood was also featured on another Fat Jazzy Grooves compilation in 1996.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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