Review: The 916 Alliance – Silence The Violence

The 916 Alliance – Silence The Violence record was made in the response to 21 year old Damon Williams. He was shot dead right outside of a concert that took place in Sacramento in 1991. (Hence the name.) 916 Alliance teamed up with Ced Sing of Black Market Records in an effort of peace to stop the violence. At the time, violence was plaguing Sacramento, California at an all time high. Rappers from both sides set aside their differences to collaborate on this single. The single sold 175,000 copies in its first run on vinyl and cassette. Overall, 200,000 copies of this single were sold. A music video for this single was shown on Sac Access TV Channel.

The Explicit Version of Silence The Violence goes harder while the Clean Version is a bit soft. The instrumental has super heavy bass and more drum beats. (Think bonus beats.) The 916 Alliance was/is a group who brings positivity to youth in Sacramento. The 916 Alliance was/is Homicide, Marvaless, DC Ray, OG Raw Deal, S.A.C, Flexx, Par’lay, Ced Sing, and LA Chill.

That 916 Alliance compilation album was never released. The main reason why the 916 Alliance – Silence The Violence compilation album was never released is because Ced Singleton would have to pay every single artist and group a fair share of their publishing royalties. Ced Singleton did not want people coming after him for royalty payments. This is where Ced Singleton got unprofessional on treating his artists and groups. For instance, SAC was supposed to hook up with Ced Singleton for a 916 Alliance compilation album after recording the Silence The Violence single released on both vinyl and cassette in 1991/1992, but for reasons plans never came to fruition.

I rate this single 5/5*****!

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