Review: Ms. Tee – Female Baller

When you listen to the Female Baller album by Ms. Tee, the sounds incorporated are bounce music, feminism, gangsta rap, lyricism, sex rap, and spoken word. Her sex raps, lyricism, and spoken word are key factors that make this album a listening success. Ms. Tee tells her life all from the perspective of a female baller.

Female Baller was a classic NOLA rap album that came from Cash Money Records during their heyday in the 1990s era. Now this was during the pre-Universal era of Cash Money before the national distribution deal with Universal Records when Female Baller was released. Bounce music, materialism, gangsta rap, and lyricism were the recipe for success on Cash Money albums at the time. Mannie Fresh produced a majority of Female Baller as he did with all pre-Universal era Cash Money albums.

Female Baller by Ms. Tee was a slept on classic! No track is worth skipping through. You can listen to Female Baller all the way through without skipping any tracks. Her sex raps, lyricism, and spoken word are key factors that make this album a listening success. The bounce music match up with the beats.

In the intro we can hear talking but suddenly the phone rings. Ms. Tee appears to be on the phone. Another man is one the line. Suddenly as Ms. Tee Hangs up the phone as her husband tells her to bring her ass down. Ms. Tee is fighting with her boo (husband) and the start arguing. The heat ensues from there.

Cheezy What, Cheezy Who was an infamous diss track to NOLA rap artist Cheeky Blakk. At the time, Ms. Tee and Cheeky Blakk had beef with each other because Cheeky Blakk had sex with Ms. Tee’s boyfriend/husband Pimp Daddy. This event had both to have gotten into an altercation. Cheeky Blakk was signed to Tombstone Records and Ms. Tee was signed to Cash Money Records so that fueled the beef more. The Ms. Tee vs. Cheeky Blakk beef was famous throughout New Orleans, Louisiana. However, to this day, Ms. Tee and Cheeky Blakk are friends now.

If He Don’t Trick is a sex rap track written by Ms. Tee. If He Don’t Trick exposes and is aimed towards men who are unfaithful to their woman by sleeping and dating other women. Track If He Don’t Trick has a smooth slow melody incorporated into bounce music. If He Don’t Trick samples The Floaters – Float On.

I Like It (Mannie Fresh Style) is an instrumental that incorporates bounce music with electronically processed beats through a synthesizer. Many tracks on pre-Universal era Cash Money albums that had “Mannie Fresh Style” after whichever track. Many “Mannie Fresh Style” were on the pre-Universal era Cash Money albums. These “Mannie Fresh Style” were basically instrumentals.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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