Review: Butterscotch Stanley – Rejection Tour

Looking for some 90’s indie punk rock? Well Rejection Tour by Butterscotch Stanley is the album you’ve been looking. The album is good for a road trip. You can enjoy this album when you are on a road trip. The album has songs with several songs which have a patriotic theme to them such as Geography, The River Delta, Fargo, and United States.

The song “United States” celebrates American culture with a sense of patriotism hence the patriotic theme. References to American cities and American products are made. This song is as American as it gets.

The White Sands, cowboy shoes, Catacombs, and Texas toast are examples of what makes American culture great. New England Pride is what also makes this country great.

Notice how the rhyme scheme of these lyrics are relevant with the patriotic theme of this song. “Catacombs and Texas toast/Carbondale and Peter Berg/Cattle Ranch, Salem’s Ghosts/Powell’s Books, Quaker Oates”

Butterscotch Stanley believes that the country of the United States has been doomed from the start with these lyrics: “Perhaps we’ve been fated from the 1770s” It’s just too damn big and beautiful to be one thing. It may be your land. It may be mine too. But Butterscotch Stanley say we should break it up. That’s what Butterscotch Stanley would do. Perhaps in their geographical dreams.

Geography teaches us think about geography. The message of the song Geography is to think about your ancestry, your heritage, and to think of philosophy.

Wisconsin killed Otis. The lyrics “Wisconsin killed Otis” are a reference to in a plane crash near Madison, Wisconsin which Otis Redding died in on the date of December 10, 1967. That was a tragedy which many mourned over.

These lyrics cover the famous musicians and artists who died in plane crashes in the United States.

Wisconsin killed Otis
Tennessee, Patsy
Bakersfield, Owens
San Pedro, Bukowski
New York killed Lumet

These lyrics cover the famous musicians, film directors, and artists who died in plane crashes across the world.

Wisconsin killed Otis
Tennessee, Patsy
Bakersfield, Owens
San Pedro, Bukowski
Faro killed Bergman
New York killed Lumet
The U.K. killed Kubrick
Romeo killed Juliet

It’s not where you want to live. More where you want to die. Think of geography. Think of philosophy. Think of your ancestry. Think of your reasons why. Where do you see yourself giving up all your pride? A pretty girl in the summertime. The first movie to make you cry. The first movie that made you cry. Where do you see yourself with no more tears to cry? Your favorite bar before closing time. A piece of your grandmother’s chicken pot pie.

A song called The River Delta has gritty raw edge inspired indie punk rock sound especially with the guitars. The distortion and wailing from the guitars are what make the song sound great.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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