Review: Smokey Joe & The Kid – Take Control

Smokey Joe & The Kid – Take Control uses a mixture of reggae, electro swing, rap, and hip hop in one song. You can hear the tinge of reggae in their vocals on songs such as Mister Nice Guy and One Life Saved. Jazzy, snazzy, and upbeat. That is how this album is entirely different from all of their other albums.

Mister Nice Guy is clearly a nice guy that might be quick to hit that switch. But only he needs to. So let me know it if you’re ready for the madness. That is what the song Mister Nice Guy is about. Mister Nice Guy uses a mixture of reggae, electro swing, rap, and hip hop in one song. You can hear the tinge of reggae in their vocals.

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Bitches and bitchettes from around the world. Here is Smokey Joe & The Kid. They wanna to introduce you to the most angriest man in the world. And his name is Mister Nice Guy.

There is a savage on attack. He travels on ground like a camel with a saddle on his back and he sounds like some rabid type of animal on tracks. Cameras wanna flash to capture when he channels what you lack. Mid-demolition is a comfort-zone.

In Dubai turning the world’s tallest buildings into bungalows. Candy-arse suckers know who’s had the bars under-toe. Attacking mother lovers like an angry Mark Ruffalo. Walking atom blast avalanching on the ones below.

You and your army have to march or your cover’s blown. Your team freeze like they struck a pose. While The Kid generates the type of heat to make it seem as if summer’s cold. They all wonder though, “How this guy be tamed?” Quite insane with a menacing type of frame. If fire blazed he ignited the flame. That’s why his brain might be blamed for climate change.

But Mister Nice Guy is a nice guy really. And even if you don’t wanna believe that shit. It’s still a pleasure for him to meet you.

You can see that Mister Nice Guy is clearly a nice guy that might be quick to hit that switch. But only he needs to. So let me know it if you’re ready for the madness.

He was given the prescription but never got the tablets. He meant to take the medication but he couldn’t get it from the cabinet. Now he is a grizzly bear with a message for you campers. He’ll leave you stranded, pop your tyres (tires), and then start a damn forest fire. Hot wiring to get in a lane. Never again to be got in so remember the name.

Medics are saying that he is bonkers. To hell with their claims. Mister Nice Guy walks the thin line between pleasure and pain leaving cracks in concrete every step of the way. En route from the mental asylum is what Mister Nice Guy wants.

Take Control is about finding your piece of mind and not letting people take your soul from you. All you want is a piece of mind. All everyone wants is a piece of mind. The message to the song is never feel that your future’s wasted because you control your destiny.

All you want is a piece of mind. We all need to find that piece of mind in that happy place Because people, including you, work all day and sleep all night.There is no time for yourself to feel alright. Or time to part from darkness to see more light.

You got your manager harassing you to be on time while looking in the mirror like this can’t be your life. Your life is on repeat like a really bad TV show we know they should do away with. But in reach is your destiny like a remote control. So you can change it. Never feel that your future’s wasted because you control your destiny. Never feel that your future’s wasted when you deal with pursuing greatness or if your soul is a damsel in distress don’t stress because you can save it.

You want to (and everyone wants to) ease the pain for a piece of mind. To reach that place you seek to find. Read the signs and redefine on your way. Don’t let them take from your soul. That means you’re taking control. Never feel that your future’s wasted.

Don’t let anybody take it from you. Stay strong even when they wrong you. When you work to a goal, know the worth of your soul. If you don’t then, mate, it’s on you. Know your value and never forget. Stay sharp on your path to whatever is next. Get their respect when they measure you depth. From every breath in your chest, never settling for anything less.

Let the negative get in line so your precious time is never wasted. If it’s meant to be destiny, fine then enter your prime and just embrace it. Never feel that your future’s wasted.

Here is the Pastor offering’s sermon.

Ladies & gentlemen, we are gathered here this evening. On this fine evening to pay homage to you know what. The soul mutha luvaz. That’s right.

Ya’ll better understand. And recognize and realize that anywhere you go around this world, if you ain’t got no soul in you, then you ain’t no gold in you.That’s right, mutha luvaz. When you wake up in the morning, you better understand. The only thing you have is your soul. When you brush your teeth in the morning, that’s right. Who does it for you? Your soul. That’s right.

I go by the name of Pastor Offerings and I’d like to tell ya’ll mutha luvaz that. You need to find. Redefine that to ease the pain that’s right. You better say it loud. Say it loud and proud.

Fumando Jose y El Nino explains the the legend of Fumando José and El Níno. The pair are heroes in the Wild West. Fumando Jose y El Nino is Spanish for Smokey Joe & The Kid. This electro swing song has that Spanish style and sound along with that Latin flavor. This is sort of a Spanish electro swing song.

Outlaws are out to win after wrangling. Saddling up their stallions to start galloping. Fumando Jose y El Nino (Fumando José and El Níno/Smokey Joe & The Kid) dare another challenge with them outlaws. They’ll swear to come and handle them.

Fumando Jose y El Nino will round them all up as if they are bringing all the cattle in The winds brought a band of them who came to tell people the legend of Fumando José and El Níno.

Tell them everywhere. Better get prepared ’cause when they hear the click, that means they want your hands in the air now. Click, click. Everywhere keep them there now. They want to see them all air bound. Stick your hands in the air. You don’t have to be scared of what’s happening in here. Just aware what you’re carrying has to be shared now.

Bandoleros (bandits) are out for more than just to stack dinero (money). These bandoleros are pack of weirdos who disguised as a gang of heroes. Racketeering yet attracting earholes. Whenever static’s been pushed up to ten, they’ll pull it back to zero.

From sun-up, a bunch of friendly musicians. But moonshine’s the light on the truth when all the loot’s missing. Tamed bronco’s pulled dames from their honchos and made a lot go to sing out in the rain in their ponchos. That’s why your so called town sheriff will frown and become extremely jealous of these loud fellas in your town who sound hellish.

They’ll raid out your cellars without a premise. In and out your premises but still leave the crowd a message. To never trust a man if a wheel on his wagon’s loose and always chase rattlesnake venom down with cactus juice.

They will keep them mesmerized until it’s time to bounce. All singing to the rhythms known to hypnotize the crowd who’ve been misguided in direction. But now they learn about the truth which lies in their possessions.

The narrow minds soon open to the tiniest suggestions. All because of these guys smiling in their stetsons who seem wilder than a Western movie. Others try it but there’s none that seem to know why. The only thing they’re moving is the tumbleweed that rolls by.

It’s gonna be a showdown until it’s a ghost town. And you better keep them there or else. Word to the spurs and the leather boot shell-toes. Putting in the work to make you learn though. So let the world know about the legend that’ll live forever.

A gang of bandits that had the masses clambering together through every place that they went and never paying the rent. But this gang of bandits always paid some attention by every lady and gentleman.

At major events, they’d hear the news of wise goons. Mainly known for taking over your saloon at high-noon who were sticking up the towns and hit them with a couple rounds. Always aiming for the sole to have them kicking up the ground until the dust is settled Some will never touch the levels. It’s quite clear they’ll have you scrapping ideas quick as rusty metal. Tell your trusty steed, better up it’s speed, giddy up indeed. Plus you’ll need to take a bunch of heed.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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