September 24, 2023

Smokey Joe & The Kid – Running To The Moon album has a similar vibe and sound you would expect to hear from Frank Sinatra. Jazzy, snazzy, and laid back. The Kid – Running To The Moon album is electro swing with hip hop flavor and techno soundscapes.

So Sexy is about this sexy lady who has beautiful facial features and an exquisite physical appearance. Her body features are exquisite.

This sexy lady has them lips that Smokey Joe is itchin’ to kiss. She got a lotta love that she’s willing give. She got a good sense of what Smokey Joe is talking about. She got a little thing about Smokey Joe making up sounds. This sexy lady has an ass Smokey Joe would like to touch. That is why the term “booga wooga” means.

This sexy lady has got a little grin that be making him think that she has got friend there too that is willing to play. (And possibly a threesome.) She has got a big smile that makes him laugh. She has a cool style that she can rock on the block. She’s got a wild thing going with her hair. It’s the best.

Her skin is so smooth. Her legs are long. She got legs so long. He likes to see her cross her legs. He watches he when she makes moves. You know he loves watching her move. The way she walks is so cute. He wants to hold her hand because he wants to be her man. She got a way to get men attracted to her. She makes his so crazy because she is so sexy. She is lookin’ so sexy.

Oh my. There’s just so many choices. He can’t just simply choose one they all got something about them that he loves so much. She makes moves in a killer way. She got him thinking things that he never have thought of. She got him in a strange way messin’ him up.

Prohibition 2 revisits the song “Prohibition” from their Nasty Tricks album. Smokey Joe & The Kid sing about how Prohibition frustrating is and was on their song Prohibition 2. Prohibition was written about illegally drinking alcohol during the Prohibition era. Alcoholic beverages were illegal during the 1920s since that was the Prohibition era. Prohibition was the prevention manufacturing and sale of alcohol by law, especially in the United States between 1920 and 1933.

There may be famine and war. We can go back to the Stone Age. We can take the nuclear bomb. I’m ready to suffer all the misery. But the only thing that pisses me off is Prohibition. The only thing that pisses “some people” off is Prohibition. Follow Smokey Joe’s motto that accompanies him on Earth. “Life is so much better after two drinks”

Smokid All Stars is a posse cut with The Smokid All Stars which are Youthstar, Chill Bump, Charles X, Pigeon John, NON Genetic, ASM (A State of Mind), Waahli, DJ Netik, and Blake Worrell. And you know who Smokey Joe & The Kid are. Better hold onto your heinies.

It’s the arrival of the caravan. Touchscreen… SHAZAM! Waahli is looking super dapper. Plus he is more than just a rapper. Watch him pause like a comma. Erase your face with a paper chase. Never placid like the lake. It’s time to spot the polyglot!

Punks jump up. Bad boys move in silence. Smokid All Stars don’t get angry. They just get violent. Money don’t make or break NON Genetic. But don’t mistake NON Genetic.The hunt is on. Forget about the season. Loyalty is number one. Loose lips is treason.

Smokid All Stars will never stop fighting until the fighting is done. Until the last person is standing and you know who won. NON Genetic kills more with a few words than you can with gun. So bring a lot of ammo so you don’t have to run.

ASM (A State of Mind) hurls liters of murderous word vomit with the speed of comet on top of this here beat. It’s the mark of the mad genius. He feeds the competition nothing but the hard cold dose. 3 CCs of reality. Face the mirror. You crumble at your own lack of abilities. Too many MCs cramp up the cipher like they’re giving peeps free Dilla beats. That’s why he needs a ton of weed. To drown out this onslaught of wannabes that follow him.

Word is bond like Sean Connery. ASM is born to shape the youths of today like it’s pottery. The honesty is seeping through the pores. Sleep speaking on the shores. A multi-lingual thesaurus. Forrest Gumping through life and thumping your wife twice. Cooler than a bucket of ice. Splice the mainbrace and pass it on to the right.

He had burst time with the first line using the ensuing confusion inflicting numerous contusions of the frontal lobe. From dub speaker rack blast distraction. Last master craftsman brew with artisans in Japan. He has scorned battle scars like Partisans in Iran.

He saw a man extend his hand to the grand design clutching at shadows. That was the puppet of the pantomime. An amplified Gibson 61 and rip drums to rip raw shreds and flesh colored lumps on.
A strict analog demagogue, dog. You could hardly spar if this was volleyball.

ASM is the one who will secretly feed you your own semen, intravenously remove your spleen, and feed that to your grandma with her evening tea. Enjoy the scenery while he stabs you repeatedly beneath the trees.

Youthstar is back at it to bat it with a bad attitude. He is here to cause static. The bars are on automatic. Youthstar is shooting off this planet with Smokey Joe and the Kid. Yo mans a rap addict. You fucking maggots are bum bandits. Quit trying to act like you’re the worst but you are phony. Your style smells like an ass crack. He will still fuck your corpse in the morgue.

Blake Worrell had to heat and fry the lyrics to this rhyme skillet to the point that he might finish you quicker than one minute. So listen.

He is in the business stirring up all this incredible heat. Cooking up things to making think you ain’t nothin’ in this game of rap kings like him. You’re sheep in the heap of weak ones roaming the land of the dead. Look who talks too much mess. So big that he has to rip the jaw off to slice it. He pulls the tongue out with a wrench and a pair of clips. Let it dry for a few days and then he’s back with some scissors.

Just in case you missed the name well it’s Mr. Dangerous AKA Miscellaneous. Kids claim that Mr. Dangerous AKA Miscellaneous is lame. Correction. He’s got bars off the chain like a nunchuck collection and punches on deck, He ain’t feeling your reaches. He brings that heat and piles up bodies like Tunisian beaches. A lyrical genius is what he is.

Bank Holiday is about Smokey Joe missing the lady he loves. At last it’s summer. Smokey Joe has returned to gather the aquatic flowers. Stumbling over the same polished pebbles where they had tread together. He was alone. Her image was close. He confesses that he misses the lady he loves. He is crying soft tears even though his heart is happy. His heart is happy. It will be his secret. Tender in silence.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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