Review: X-Raided – Vengeance Is Mine

This X-Raided album called X-Raided – Vengeance Is Mine was different in tone than any his 3 previous albums. There is notability in difference on this X-Raided album. He represents himself in a more aggressive manner. The album featured “clean” vocals in manner of The Unforgiven album recorded with an illegally acquired DAT recorder. It is unclear as to whom the individuals were who had assisted in the recording process of Vengeance Is Mine.

Vengeance Is Mine was Brown’s last studio album on Black Market Records as this album and X-Ology fulfilled X-Raided’s contract with Black Market Records. He left the label soon afterwords and started his own label Mad Man Records (now Bloc Star Entertainment). X-Raided received a royalty of $1 per record during his time with Black Market. Although after paying fees to producers and for other costs, he would closer to 60 cents for each copy sold. Black Market had pressed 100,000 copies of Vengeance Is Mine.

Prosecutors tried to have the album it recalled from stores citing the Son of Sam law. Both X-Raided and Black Market Records ultimately prevailed. Bill Lockyer was the general attorney who filed a lawsuit against the rapper and his record company.

Legitimate artistic expressions are used on Write What I See. How can he compose nice sitting a spot of a nightlight? “What the hell am I supposed to write?/How can I compose nice/When I’m sitting in this cell?” He shows no defeat in his lyrics. X-Raided details his life experiences.

Sac A Indo could have been one of X-Raided’s best songs if he did not chant the word “nigga” all over the place. The overuse of the word “nigga” is what made the song annoying. The beats were pure perfection and quite modern.

I rate this album 4/5****.

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