Review: DJ Spanish Fly – Black Radio

DJ Spanish Fly – Black Radio is one of the most overlooked Memphis rap albums of 2001 which hardly got any recognition or credit deserved. That signature trademark dark Memphis sound is used throughout the album. Thick beats over lo-fi eerie synths coming from the original king of Memphis underground rap. Type 1 tapes make bass sounds lot more bombastic. Classic junts such as Smokin Onion, Triggamanzz Revenge, Buckdance G Walk Jukin, Playin On Deez, and Shot Gun are included.

Triggamanzz Revenge is a follow-up to the Memphis rap classic Trigga Man. The song is quite dark, esoteric, graphic, and violent. The song is about a serial killer getting revenge. Trigga man got away before his family died. Trigga man is running but he can’t hide. Ask him where he at. If he say he don’t know, pull the trigga fast. Time is running out. Don’t let him see you.

Smokin Onion is about smoking an ounce of marijuana. Smokin onion is Memphis street slang for smoking marijuana. Onion is Memphis slang for ounce. DJ Spanish Fly refers to smoking an ounce of some kind of drug throughout Smokin Onion. That what the lyrics “smoke that onion, keep on smoking that onion” are a reference to.

Uzi Tool is one of the more violent but slower junts on the album. Niggas tryna act cool. DJ Spanish Fly got the Uzi Tool. Black Heaven is down with the baddest. I heard you was jealous. So now DJ Spanish Fly carries a fucking Uzi Tool. He’ll blow your ass away with that Uzi Tool. But all the time a nigga tryna get a little bigger. Rolling round Memphis like they ain’t doin’ shit. Stick into this music living by the fucking trigger. Now how many niggas wanna act real bad? So don’t even try that shit. That’s the reason why he tolds his Uzi Tool.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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