Review: Rich Homie Quan – Coma

Rich Homie Quan made a remarkable comeback with his 2019 digital album Coma. He still has the gift of goin in forever with his digital album called Coma. He proves he hasn’t lost his step and still has fire bars with them verses of his. This release uses a mixture of trap beats and drill beats simultaneously. Quan kept it fresh with that fresh trap sound. Sadly this release flew under the music radar. The album was so futuristic and ahead of its time.

Rich Homie Quan is stressed because his current girlfriend had just found out he was hitting his ex-girlfriend. That is the story of Stressed.

Rich Homie Quan keeps that lead on him like he’s got a test. He fires up a cigarette because he needs one when he is stressed. He is still smoking weed to clear his mind and no more X. His bitch got mad when she found out he was hitting his ex-girlfriend. Quan told his current girlfriend not to try to change him.

Quan has been through so much. He is not the same person he was once. He tells his current girlfriend, “We can’t keep going back and forth. Just need you to hold me down, is that too much to ask you for?” What do you expect when Rich Homie Quan has been goin hard?

The bankroll in his pocket make them hoes dance. Quan just stays focused doesn’t get caught up what them hoes are saying. His current girlfriend cheated on him before. So he doesn’t trust her ass. And he got some money. However Quan won’t let his current girlfriend get his “hoe bag” because she is a hoe.

Quan talks about gettin’ money like the only child on the aptly titled Only Child. Clearly he is geeking for the loot and fiendin for fetti.

There is no more struggling as Rich Homie Quan has been grinding overtime what he been puttin’ in for that paper. His plan is gettin’ money like the only child. He’s been sweatin’ hard from that paper. Fiendin for the loot and fiendin for fetti. Quan has been sippin’ lean, fuckin’ them baddies, and being faithful. He’s gotta be clean every time he hits the scene. You know he’s gotta make a major statement.

Quan remembers hustlin’ hard when he was a small time hustler. No disrespect. We see old money. We like all kinds. Suckin’ dick too much fuck up your jawline. We gotta stay equipped for when them cars chases occur. There is no more struggling as Rich Homie Quan has been grinding. His plan is gettin’ money like the only child.

Lies explains how people don’t tell you specifically about the truth and just want to feed you lies instead. The message of the song is “They don’t tell you about the truth. They just wanna feed you lies.”.

Quan has been been trying do it better for himself. He has also been trying to get his crew right. But it seems like Quan can’t do right. Quan can’t do right but he is getting better. He can’t move right without that cheddar. He’ll do that Plain Jane without that bezzle. A lot of niggas are hating so he has to be careful.

Quan has stayed down from the beginning. That is the best love. He can feel the energy that’s fake love. He just can’t fake kick it. Never sleep and always ride with a weapon. You talking cash money shit but won’t back none. They don’t tell you about the truth. They just wanna feed you lies. But they don’t tell you that part.

This one time, Quan was in Milan, Italy eating real fettuccine. He decided he might cop the Hellcat because a nigga like him is still scared of demons. He heard and felt the weather getting cold outside. So he got his strap and a beanie on. What he had was a bad dream about somebody dying. Then he seen it. He won’t even beef with niggas no more. He never had shit growing up so they gave him a reason to go extra hard. It don’t matter if he is down. He is going to flex regardless. He run this shit.

These lyrics show how Rich Homie Quan is fighting his personal demons. “Afraid to go to sleep, death all on my back still scared of demons”

Old Quan explains how people want and prefer the “old Rich Homie Quan” over the “new Rich Homie Quan”. Everybody want the old Rich Homie Quan, but Quan is trying to be a “better me”. Quan will not sell his soul to become an essential pop rap sellout or change his persona. The message Quan is telling people is “Never sell your soul”.

Quan told his girlfriend and his mother last month that he won’t let that pain get to him and he can’t sell his soul. He tries not to overdose from that pain medicine. He tries not to be vulnerable when he won’t let his guard down and can’t let them in. Everybody want the old Rich Homie Quan, but Quan is trying to be a “better me”. Quan is trying to keep his mind on that money and keep his head straight. He’s gotta keep his lawyer on retainer in case them FEDS take him.

Everybody want the old Quan. But he will not let himself become an essential pop rap sellout. These lyrics explain explicitly.

I told my girl and my mom last month won’t let that pain get to me
Can’t sell my soul I try not to overdose from that pain medicine
Try not to be vulnerable when I won’t let my guard down and I can’t let them in
Never sell your soul Quan, everybody want the old Quan but I’m tryna be a better me (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Never been a fuck nigga, I ain’t sparing no opp
Haters talking, So what?
Dusted off my shoulders

RedBone is a song dedicated to to a red bone hoe Quan has been having sexual intercourse with.

Quan only fucked her twice. But he doesn’t know what she tastes like. He fucked rough though. She tells Quan to play nice but he can’t. He’s got that Glock on him but this ain’t play time. He told his bitch “If she want me, she gotta make time”. Fake guys try but they can’t stop Quan because they lying. She can’t sit down. She a walking lick now.

Clearly she has got a thing for the homies. Quan doesn’t blame the homies. Quan doesn’t blame his opponents either.

He wanted to fuck her for a long period of time extensively and intensely but she made him wait for a long period of time. He hates when she listens to her friends because they just need a lot to go wrong.
But Quan would hate to be the reason she cries. Now he already fucked her twice. Why does she want a three-peat? She plugged him in that with work. So Quan calls her RiRi. An affectionate pet name. Quan had to tell that bitch, “Don’t squirt cause I know that’s pee-pee.” All this water is looking like a deep sea and Quan might drown.

She said she not gonna turn up until she hear that music by/from Chief Keef. She says she is a vegetarian but is still a freak. Quan tells her he will switch up her diet by making her eat meat.

Quan discusses the dilemma of his probation and his probation conditions on Probation. He also talks about how he goes after the woman he wants to love.

Quan has to take a drug test as part of the conditions for his probation. His probation officer demands a urine sample from him. Quan hopes his probation officer doesn’t get the cup of his containing his urine sample because he knows she going to be able to identify that he has been doing drugs. That is what these lyrics are implying. “Pray my P.O. don’t get that cup ’cause she gon’ smell it on my piss/And my bitch know I’ve been fucking, she can smell it on my dick”

Quan ain’t gotta take no picture with money. You can tell he’s already rich. He paid 10 grand ($10,000 dollars) for this jacket in Milan, Italy. Look at the leather on this bitch. Look at that plain Jane he got on. Now look at this bezel on his shit.

If Quan can’t get the woman he loves, then he won’t want her. But he will never settle over no woman. He ain’t never fell in love with no woman who did not have his back like he had hers.
That is what these lyrics are references to.

If I can’t get her, nigga, I don’t want her, but never settle over no bitch
I ain’t never fell in love with no bitch who ain’t had my back like I had hers
Shorty show me mad love
Step into the bag for her

Quan has been counting up for so long to the point where his fingers are getting cramps. He got that water tucked under his shirt. His shit is getting damp and he is soaking wet. Not just from all the drugs he has been taking, consuming, and smoking. He knows his woman is not pregnant but she has been having cramps. Clearly she is on her period.
That is what these lyrics are references to.

I’ve been counting up for so long, my fingers getting cramps (My fingers getting cramps)
I got that water tucked under my shirt, my shit getting damp (I’m soaking wet)
And I know my bitch ain’t pregnant, she been having cramps (She been on her period)
I don’t know none of these niggas over here, but I’m gon’ adapt

After finding that out, he turned his trap to the cash room. Setting up shop in the bathroom. Cash rules everything around him. Quan told a broke nigga he can pop it. He just made a deposit. He is a rich nigga who is still eating fast food. Steak dish with a little can food. Too rich to take a vacation to Cancun, Mexico. He would’ve wifed her but she ran through.

Quan smokes too much. He doesn’t know why he urinated before he had to submit his urine sample for his probation officer.

If Quan can’t get the woman he loves, then he won’t want her. But he will never settle over no woman. He ain’t never fell in love with no woman who did not have his back like he had hers. Shorty show him mad love. But he didn’t run in that thot bitch raw.

Quan has his lawyer on retainer in case. He hopes his shooter doesn’t get caught. He heard that dope just got locked up. Forensic can’t get no DNA, but they outlined him in chalk. Keep your mouth closed. That’s the G code. In the long run Quan hopes he will no have to be on probation. And Quan hopes his probation officer doesn’t hear this song. The irony is that this song is publicly available for anyone to stream and download.

Quan explains the bad dream he had on the song called Freddy Krueger.

Quan can’t even sleep as he has been having bad dreams. He has been seeing Freddy Krueger in his dreams.There is no hesitation if any person were to run up on Rich Homie Quan. He ain’t playing and will shoot their ass. He never ever will fold up. His barrel to his gun is extra long. 50 for the watch. 50 for the whip. 50 for the hitman too. Gave a couple bands to the trigger man. Got the clip loaded up. Now it’s time to go up.

He took a couple L’s in his dreams and real life but his head is high. As a result, he has been smoking all the time to keep his head high. Spending all this money whenever he feels like it. He paid all his dues. That is why he has no late fees. You will never find another nigga like Rich Homie Quan.

He knows a couple hitmen to do it for some little shit. And those hitmen don’t even really want a whole lot of money. They’ll do it for a brick. Fuck around hit a nigga from a long distance to have you walking with a shit bag. Quan feels like he is in quicksand in his dreams.

Yet Quan has never ran from anyone. He always stood up to people. Niggas say he changed. He probably did change. All because of his bad dreams he’s been having. Quan made himself a million dollars ($1,000,000). Now tell me how you expect for him to be the same. The man ain’t perfect.

Quan talks about worship on the song called Worship. Quan also talks about his previous life experiences. What would you worship for? Who would you worship for? Who would you worship?

Downgrade is about who lasted longer. Who has stayed consistent? Rich Homie Quan. Quan won’t do no downgrade. Downgrade is the shortest song on the album which lacks in terms of longevity and duration. The song has some hot beats though. Quan discusses how he wants no part in music industry beefs. He only eats the beef from Johnny Rocket’s.

Quan talks about what kind of Friday night he wants to have with the song called Friday Night.

Quan has been shinin’ bright. Diamonds are hitting like dynamites. And if that Sprite is too clean, you know that ain’t his kinda of Sprite. Two bitches and one him is the Friday night he wants to have. He wants to have that kind of night.

He left from Wayne’s too early. But he will be back later on Friday night. He’ll get that money by Friday night. The paycheck received came early which is why he’ll get it by Friday night. Now Quan has not had an off Friday night as he has been booked for a full year. Weed is what he needs for his Friday night.

His girlfriend says said he is childish. Every time he gets caught cheating, she keeps it private and doesn’t tell nobody his secrets. They don’t talk with niggas playin’ in the middle. They ain’t never worried about a hater. And he prays by Friday. He hopes that paints her down to hit. Quan ain’t worried on tripping about nothing either. So forget about it.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!

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