September 24, 2023

Rally Ral – Somethin Kinda Funky was one of the lesser No Limit singles from the 90s. which hardly anyone but hardcore longtime No Limit fans know about. (This was back when No Limit Records had a distribution deal with In-A-Minute Records.)

The album has that phat Bay Area Robb sound and gangsta rap. This that straight Cali dope shit with great production from the legendary E-A-Ski and CMT. Rally Ral uses a combination of funk and rap on his debut album. Rally Ral the funky hip hop singer comes straight forward with the funk.

Something kinda funky was made for your system and then some. The song uses a combination of funk and rap. Somethin Kinda Funky appeared on the Street Fighter soundtrack. This is because Priority Records picked Somethin Kinda Funky to be on their Street Fighter soundtrack in 1994. This generated buzz for the song to be come a full-fledged single.

Break ‘Em Down is a hardcore gangsta rap song produced by the legendary E-A-Ski. The song uses a variety of hodgepodge breakbeats.

I rate this single 4/5****!

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