Review: Master P – Getaway Clean

Master P made his way onto the music scene with his full length album Clean Get Away in 1991. The album was underground gangsta rap from the Bay Area of California at its finest. Now the album is filled with violence and sex as one would expect with a gangsta rap album.

Getaway Clean explains how Master P is on the run from police. If you ever get chased be the cops, pay close attention or you’ll get beat.

Police are looking for Master P. Master P is a suspect who is armed and dangerous. He was ducking the Dodge and moving the fuckers through the tracks. Now he’s moving at a fast pace. Will the cops catch P? No way. They’ll never find him as he makes a getaway clean. A clean getaway.

It’s time to make his move. So he jumps into the groove. He can’t stop because he might get popped. While on the run from police, he apparently shot a ghost in the back to the old school. The ghost was back for revenge to terrorize somebody.

Dana You Can Bang Her is about this girl named Dana which P had an encounter with. Master P warns men not to fall in love with Dana because they will get used. This is another one of them freaky tails. You can already tell by the title alone that the song is explicit in nature.

Now this is how the shit began. There once was this girl named Dana. The dick was the only thing that contained her. She had real big tits and was built thick as fuck. The girl was fine but she was a slut. Master P met Dana by one of his friends named Big O. They were just chillin’ by his homie named Pat. Then P heard a knock on the door. Then he unlatched the lock. This girl Dana came in and showed P her cot.

Apparently Dana is everybody’s good bitch. Dana is the neighborhood bitch. Dana is a bitch that can fuck all night long. She’ll love it if a man has a big penis. A one night stand is what she is.

One night she came over by Master P’s house. She grabbed his dick and sucked it like a bottle which drove him crazy. Then she sucked on his nuts and jacked him off. The most outlandish she did to him was she poured honey up his ass and started to lick. He tells her to stop immediately. He eyes turned green and she said, “Give me all ya got.” Then she hit the kitchen and got some ice. She rubbed the ice on his nuts and dick. Then she jumped up and did a handstand upside down singing, “You’re my magic man” Dick juiced her all in the face.

Here is what Dana looks like. She wears real tight clothes and some small little draws. She has a tattoo on her ass which is a picture of a flower. And she drives a 300 ZX. At most she comes out after hours. Master P warns men not to fall in love with Dana because they will get used.

Master P turned the term and phrase “Jack of all trades” into Jack of the Jackers on his 1991 song Jack of the Jackers. Jack of the Jackers was his buzz single. Think of the Jack of all trades in gangsta rap style. Master P proved he was soon to come up in this rap game.

Master P caught you slipping. So he took you with a gank move. Master P is a new gangsta, gangbanger, slanger, dope dealer, murdering motherfucker, and a headbanger.

Bodies and large lessons talk. You step to the P and you come up short. The No Limit mafia is out robbing. They jack your beats. And engage in stealing and start siding. You can’t say shit. I bet you didn’t. Master makes another jack move because he is the jack of the jackers. You just got did by the jack of the jackers.

The world is his. So he took it like Scarface. He kill for a gangsta beat and will snatch you. You see a beat. He asks for a funky 808.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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