Review: Avril Lavigne – My World EP

Avril Lavigne is the “pop punk princess” from Napanee, Ontario, Canada that bursted onto the music scene with her successful EP My World in 2003. The EP helped launched herself up into stardom in the United States and worldwide being that the album was an instant success as the EP went platinum 2x selling over 2,000,000 units. The EP changed the scene of pop rock music because it helped bring the pop punk music sub-genre into the mainstream. Avril also does an awesome job covering the songs Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door and Basketcase.

Sk8er Boi is a pop punk love song that was a classic. The whole song has a punk rock vibe with such angst. The whole song was pretty much a pop song at best. Pop meets rock thus creating a combination and fusion of pop rock.

Sk8er Boi is what also launched Avril into stardom among the song Complicated in 2002. In fact, Sk8er Boi almost outmatched Complicated in terms of sales figures. However both singles reached platinum status going more than 2x platinum worldwide.

Why was the first professional composition that Avril Lavigne wrote and the first song written for Let Go, although in the end it was not included in the album originally. The song is played using a simple acoustic guitar and Avril’s voice. Why is about when you realize how much you miss that person.

The song Why written by Avril Lavigne and produced by Peter Zizzo. It was the bonus track included on the Japanese edition of Let Go and the B-side of the Australian edition for the CD single of Complicated. It was also included in the bonus CD on the My World documentary DVD. This was one of the three songs that Avril sang for L.A. Reid before he hired her for Arista Records.

Avril adds fuel to the fire with his punk pop fusion and combinations on the song Fuel. Give her fuel as that is what she desires. Fuel is pumpin’ engines. Burnin’ hard. Loose and clean. And she burns churning her direction. She is another junkie who lives too fast.

I rate this EP 4/5****!

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