Review: Avril Lavigne – Let Go

Avril Lavigne is the “pop punk princess” from Napanee, Ontario, Canada that bursted onto the music scene with her successful debut album Let Go in 2002. The album Let Go launched herself up into stardom in the United States and worldwide being that the album was an instant success. Let Go is one of the best albums from the 2000s era and decade. The album changed the scene of pop rock music because it helped bring the pop punk music sub-genre into the mainstream.

Losing Grip is the first song on the album that has more heavier song with a grunge sound. This song shows the “rocker” side of Avril. The song was appropriate to start off the album with.

The song Losing Grip is about a girl who has been pushed aside and ignored by her boyfriend. The boyfriend was never there for her. Of course she never let him know until it was all over. Now she is bitter and hurt from what had just occurred. She is lost and confused by her boyfriend.

Nobody’s Fool is about being yourself and sticking up for yourself. Be cool. Nobody’s Fool is mainly about being yourself and no one else. During the process of writing of the Let Go album, Avril had to deal with a lot of pressure from her management Nettwerk and other songwriters who were trying to turn her into someone else in order to be more marketable. Avril wanted originality and to be original instead. The record labels wanted to turn her into someone that she’s not. Avril had to fight with the record labels to be able to write her own songs and create her own image.

The song Nobody’s Fool should have been a single and should have gotten a music video similar to Sk8er Boi, Complicated, and Losing Grip. Nobody’s Fool is one of the most overlooked songs from the Let Go album.

Avril is not afraid to let her colors show in her songwriting and lyrics. Here is an example of when her colors flow listed below.

And I’ll go
Because I flow
Better when my colors show
And that’s the way it has to be

Avril has seen it enough and is not down with people among her into being someone else. She has had enough of that. Don’t try that or attempt it with her.

Once people tell her they don’t like Avril for who she is, she’ll leave them and find a new group of friends who actually befriend her for who she is. She doesn’t like acting fake. Unlike the people who she thought were her friends do.

Naked is a song with such raw emotion where Avril gets lyrical and breaks down into tune by singing. It’s heavy melodic rock song with a high definition sound. The song Naked is about making it through the day on a daily basis. It’s not ‘naked’ in a lewd context.

Verse 1 makes reference on the will to live a day on a daily basis. Verse 1 also makes reference to the mood and attitude of facing a day. It’s the way of facing a day that counts. Read Verse 1 below to understand.

[Verse 1]
I wake up in the morning
Put on my face
The one that’s gonna get me
Through another day
Doesn’t really matter
How I feel inside
This life is like a game sometimes

Life makes you do things you may, like, or want to do. Sometimes you act in a different way than how you feel to get through situations. When someone touches you so deep, you can feel free and let go of your fears. You always know there is someone holding your back.

Sk8er Boi is a pop punk love song that was a classic. The whole song has a punk rock vibe with such angst. he whole song was pretty much a pop song at best. Pop meets rock thus creating a combination and fusion of pop rock.

Sk8er Boi is what also launched Avril into stardom among the song Complicated in 2002. In fact, Sk8er Boi almost outmatched Complicated in terms of sales figures. However both singles reached platinum status going more than 2x platinum worldwide.

Tomorrow is a calming subtle song that calms down the mood for the first half of the album. It was perfect to place this song after Unwanted on the tracklist for this album. Arista Records made a such wonderful music decision. Guitar music is always so subtle.

In this song Avril has to take responsibility in a way unlike she used to. It’s always been up to you. Well now it’s turning around as it’s now up to her. Today it’s up to her.

I’m With You showcases Avril Lavigne as a more mature artist. I’m With You was written from a loners point of view for those who didn’t know. Avril does not know who she’s with but just that she needs somebody. A little company makes all the difference.

I’m With You should have been the last song that closed out the album instead of Sk8er Boi because of its mood. It would have been more appropriate. The moods are both sad and relieving. Sad because of the depressing violin notes and relieving because at the end of the song is where Avril finds somebody out there, which is a symbol of relief for her. Sk8er Boi should have been placed elsewhere on the tracklist.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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