Review: Magic – Sky’s the Limit

Magic – Sky’s the Limit has that rough edge of Southern rap with a crossover soul sound. Southern rap meets crossover soul. This is evident on songs such as No Hope and Special Forces. The album was the first album on TRU Records. His album was released as a joint effort venture on TRU Records and No Limit Records in 1998.

They say when you’re hopeless you’re not expected to do good. Be successful and it’s by all means impossible to accomplish any goals. That is the message of the song No Hope. I hope ya’ll feel every word cause this is real it gets.

No Hope has that rough edge of Southern rap with a crossover soul sound due to the harmonious soulful piano organ which is used all over the place. Lady TRU and Sons of Funk provide the soulful singing on the chorus.

This was the song that featured Lady TRU. Lady TRU was none other than female songstress Porsha. She was signed to TRU Records with Magic and Sons Of Funk in 1998. She was also signed to TRU Records and No Limit Records at the same time. That is the reason why you can hear her all over the song with Magic and Sons Of Funk.

Do and can you believe all these people they call Magic hopeless? They say Magic is hopeless. Like a bullet with a hole in it.

It’s not easy. Magic struggled to get in this position. Taking my people out the ghetto was his only mission. He was jacking and strong arming accomplished people. He done changed. He is making money and is now living good. He is out of the game completely.

He refused to see good in his accomplishments. This because all he ever gets is dirty looks and never compliments. There jealousy aimed at him because he was living larger then life at the age of 23. A lot of pessimistic people are speaking about his lifestyle.

Many expected him to go down the tubes. They were plotting on his downfall which would lead him to failure. Now the same people wishing that they could be in his shoes. These same people want to be in his position. But he is the one they call hopeless. Lord forgive them for thinking that Magic was worthless. He forgives and forgets. And he learns from every life experience. They call Magic hopeless. Hopeless like a bullet with a hole in it.

They said Magic hopeless and that he will never make it. They doubt it. Call him an outcast because he is bout it. The ghetto is in his blood. But he maintained through poverty and tears. His only wish was that he makes it to see another year. He left his dreams up in the pen. Now you can feel his constant struggle.

A childhood full of rainy days kept him hopeless. Since birth he felt he never had a fair chance in life on this wretched Earth. His lonely memories of the past got him thinking. Before he leaves this world, Magic wants to live a better life because he is hopeless.

Magic and C-Murder dedicated the song Depend on Me to for all the real niggas that are/were locked up paying their dues to society by serving/doing that time. It feels good to have a TRU nigga thug watching your back. Magic and C-Murder will be TRU niggas until they are dead. Depend on them.

C-Murder in the studio smoking weed with his TRU thugs. Motherfuckers are getting high in a whole room full of gangstas with TRU tattoos. Million dollar niggas still wearing them baseball caps. And never amongst no fake ass motherfuckers. They posse up and jump your ass like a clucker!

Now you can pay a real nigga to be on your team but TRU niggas don’t ride by any means. C-Murder went to jail. His nigga posted bail for him. His niggas took the charges for the crimes he clotted and took the fall by taking the bullet for him. That’s when he knew he had some down ass niggas money. After that he got TRU tattooed on his stomach. His real niggas gon’ understand what I mean. You can’t live without some TRU niggas on your team.

Damn it feels good to be a TRU nigga. There’s not a worry on Magic’s motherfuckin’ mind. He’s got the power and the riches. He’s got nothing but bitches and a Cadillac sittin’ on shine. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry wanna watch his back. People treat a nigga with the upmost respect when he puts that TRU necklace around his neck. Damn it feels good to be with TRU Records. Damn it feels good to be a TRU nigga.

Now he is riding in limousines and doing shows with Fiend. Believe that. They carry killas by the motherfucking pack. He won’t stop until they put him on the wall. It’s his time to shine. It feels good to have a TRU nigga thug watching your back.

Mobb 4 Ever mystery detective theme due to the bass, beats, and heavy guitars. Mobb rap from the Bay Area meets Southern rap on Mobb 4 Ever. The song is similar to C-Ordell – Under Investigation and Lil O – I Don’t Talk. TRU niggas are going to mobb forever. Ya heard me? So watch them get in line in this motherfucker and tear it up.

Magic has Been in this motherfuckin game too long to let any nigga get the best of him. Niggas that be testing Magic never fulfill their destiny. Bustin for the fuck of it. So run for cover. He was thugging from the beginning because he was destined for hustle and to become a hustler. Magic is a made man.

Check the piece on his neck and you can clearly see that Magic a paid man. A TRU nigga who is on the winning team. Niggas start shivering soon as No Limit hits the scene. You niggas acting like you don’t know. So what are you scared for?

Magic ain’t changeable. He can rearrange your whole click and make them tamable. He’s a soldier, That’s why they put him on the front line. Mr. Magic is the most notorious of all times nigga. (At least from the 9th Ward of New Orleans.)

Magic explains how he never bites the hand that feeds him on the song I Never. He claims, “I never bite the hand that feeds me.” He explains how much of a reliable person he is.

Magic never bites the hand that feeds him. Magic is always on call incase you niggas need him. He will never deceive you. You can depend on him because he will never leave you. You can believe that in your time of tribulations that Magic will be that first nigga shooting without no hesitations. He rides with you niggas whether you right or wrong. That’s why them soldiers last so long.

There ain’t no bottom to this love. He’ll go to the end of the Earth to ensure. As long as you with Magic you’ll never be hurt. Be mentally and physically prepared for gangsta shit. He’ll throw himself in the line of fire to die with a good name. Fuck the fame. He was made by the game. And he is dedicated to TRU. So it’s alright to put your faith in Magic.

Picture the power he possesses now with this tank around his neck. Magic wasn’t shit before this so he thanks the Lord because he is blessed. He can now rest because he knows he is on his way to the top. And a tank of TRU niggas that refuse to stop.

Now Magic is still a rookie but he is making more cash than Donald Trump’s bookie. He’s got his tank on shine. So it’s hard for you not to look at him. Face it. Magic is legendary. The the first of his kind from the 9th Ward of New Orleans.

He is making money nationwide in a no lose situation with Beats By The Pound producing his music. Whole shit platinum because no one is around to fuck with the sound. There is no greater love than being affiliated with ya’ll. But we all stand together so together we fall.

Ball Till We Fall was the No Limit Records and TRU Records collaboration with C-Murder and Magic. You gotta take C-Murder out the game to take him from this shit here. This is real down here. Niggas getting paid. And they gonna stick together and represent it forever. C-Murder and Magic are gon’ ball until they fall.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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