Review: Master P – Empire, From the Hood to Hollywood

Aspiring No Limit artist and basketball player Master P released another solid effort of an album called Empire, From the Hood to Hollywood. Master P was dabbling into using drill beats popularized by Chicago rappers and SoundCloud rap in his songs for this comeback album of his. This album was new and experimental for him as one can tell. Lyricism is what contemporary rap is missing in. Most of the featured artists held down his album with their own ability and creativity. This album is just as sophisticated or whimsical as some of his previous albums were.

Master P proves to us on We Don’t Stop that the streets are rockin’ with No Limit Forever as there ain’t no competition. Fuck the trophies and award shows. They are the true champions of independent music. They don’t lose. They just win. He also proves that there ain’t no limit to the money that a nigga is getting.

Master P feel likes Stephen Curry in game 6. He makes nonbelievers believe in him. He makes hating niggas change and wanna be with him. A thousand grams is how he came up in this game. The streets are rockin’ with No Limit Forever as there ain’t no competition No Limit Forever are champs. They don’t lose. They just win. There ain’t another label out hotter than No Limit Forever.

Master P explains how he became a successful businessman in the song Hood To Hollywood. It’s a rags to riches story. His delivery with his lyrics are on point.

Master P had to grind when all he saw is poverty. Plus the economy is terrible. Niggas got tired of being broke. Him and his niggas in the kitchen flip more chickens than church. Don’t ask him to put you on. You weren’t here with him when he was hurting.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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