Review: The Jackson 5 – Dancing Machine

Dancing Machine is one of the more dance music oriented Jackson 5 albums in/out of the Jackson 5 discography and catalog. The Jacksons decided to lean towards using a more dance oriented sound despite Motown not letting them write their own songs since they had a rule against stars writing their own songs. This Jacksons album has a mixture of dance songs and love ballads that move the dance floor and erupt in the bedroom. Michael and Jermaine have more of a vocal presence on this album particularly than any of their other albums.

Dancing Machine is one of their more overlooked and under appreciated albums next Goin’ Places, Lookin’ Through the Windows, and Skywriter. When people mention the Jackson 5, they hardly ever mention this album.

Dancing Machine is about a woman who dances very good. Dancing Machine is a dance oriented pop song.

She’s a dancin’ machine. A self-contained woman who is full of color. She’s such a sexy lady. The Jacksons are tuned and channeled to her vibes which are considerably captivating and stimulating. Filled with space-age design. She’s movin’, groovin’, and dancin’ until the music stops now.

She’s a dynamite attraction. At the drop of a coin, she comes alive. She knows what she’s doin’. She’s super bad now. And she’s geared to really blow your mind. She’s a dance machine. Watch her get down as she does her thing right on the scene.

She’s a Rhythm Child is a female child who is good on the dance floor and has excellent rhythm. She’s a Rhythm Child is another dance oriented pop song where Michael and Jermaine take control over the song with their vocals.

See her twist and turnin’. Oh how her fuse is burnin’. Dynamite in action. So much satisfaction. So exciting. She never does unwind as she keeps rockin’ all the time. She’s two girls in one. And she’s sure twice the fun. She’s a rhythm child that will drive you wild and set your soul on fire. Just watch her dance. She’ll turn you on.

Play some funky music. Then just watch her do it. Dancin’ up a storm while burnin’ up the floor. She stays there all the time. She’s a dancer and a romancer who will drive you wild.

The Jackson 5 bring the light and life to the party with the song The Life Of The Party. All you gotta do is dance and clap your hands. You’ll be the life of the party. You got the movement to your feet until some dancing heart-getter charms you. So get with it. You’ll be the life of the party. You thrill me when you dance. The guys are lined up to see a sexy momma dancing. They’re hoping to wind up with her now. Can’t you see it?! There will be dancin’ and prancin’ with a little romancin’. All you gotta do is dance and clap your hands.

Whatever You Got, I Want is about how Michael will pleasure and love his girl unconditionally.

Whatever she wants, Michael will give it to her. Whatever she’s got, Michael wants. Whatever it takes, he is willing to do. That is how their relationship works. Her eyes speak. Her walk is rhythm in motion. She is too hot to handle. She is full of emotion. Michael’s pride’s weak. He can tell he is standing in line again. When she passes by, guys double take. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Even with the games she plays. This girl has got a one track mind.

This girl got Michael right on her fingertips. But he will gonna keep my balance so he won’t slip. Her sunshine ain’t gonna melt his heart. Michael willing to give her what she wants.

If I Don’t Love You This Way is one of the most beautiful yet underrated Jacksons love songs in the history of their entire catalog and discography. Only true Jackson 5 fans can appreciate or savor this love song. Michael sung his heart out with raw emotion and energy at such a young age. His falsettos were absolutely amazing and on point.

The song begins with the innocent heartfelt angelic with lyrics that go as follows.

[Chorus: Michael]
If I don’t love you this way
Why do I say what I say? Yeah
If I don’t need you this much, ooh
Why do I ache for your touch? Yeah

If Michael doesn’t love her this way, why does he say what he says? If he doesn’t need her this much, why does he ache for her touch? With her it seems that Michael can reach the stars with reckless hopes and dreams. But it seems this girl still doesn’t believe how valuable she is. Michael is really loving her and not pretending to. He is really loving her.

If Michael doesn’t love her this strongly, why does he beg to belong? How can she doubt that he cares when he is with her everywhere? With her he finds he can close his eyes to the world surrounding him. And she creates the sweetest place that he could ever be. Michael is really loving her and not pretending to. All she has to do is just have to smile to make Michael’s life worthwhile. Doesn’t that explain that Michael is playin’ no game?

It All Begins and Ends With Love explains the joys and pain of love. The joy she brings to Tito each day makes loneliness seem far away. It all begins and ends with love. Jackie feels so good each time she is near. He is touching stars he never could. It all begins and ends with love. Listen to the world begin. You and me singing right along. Reaching out and tuning in. Of all the things Marlon has ever done. Just knowin’ her is number one. It all begins and ends with love.

The Mirrors of My Mind are about the memories of yesterday.

Slipping through the hourglass of time. Fitting in and traveling through the mirrors of Jermaine’s mind. Jermaine sees reflections of a sweet love left behind. Kaleidoscopes of memories turning gray. Why does he hold on to yesterday? That’s good question. Why did it turn out this way?

Slipping through the hourglass of time. Fitting in and reflecting off the mirrors of Jermaine’s mind. Why did it turn out this way? Jermaine asks his girl, “Girl, why must we love always and yesterday?”He keeps pretending with never-ending memories. He can’t keep fooling myself. Slipping through the hourglass of time.

I Am Love is a love song preformed by Jermaine himself.

The eyes of love will watch the girl Jermaine loves as she go from day to day. The hands of love will catch her. When she falls along the way his arms will hold and be with her. Her whole life through. Jermaine is in love with her.

He finds himself wondering why he has been misused when love brings understanding. How can it be confused? War and poverty wasn’t meant to be. Hate is driving him away. He asks her to come because this is where she belongs. His key unlocks her heart. He is her friend and lover. Her wish is his command.

You know the saying, what you don’t know won’t hurt you? Heave you ever heard of he saying, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”? Well that is what the song What You Don’t Know is about. What you don’t know won’t hurt you. That’s what the people try to tell you. But you can’t find peace of mind in what they say.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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