September 24, 2023

St. Louis, Missouri native LaReece hailed as the original female ThugLine rapper/diva with her 2003 album LaReece’s Pieces. She was one of the first of few divas on Bone Thugs Records. This album was exclusively available through the website back in early 2003. Bone Thugs N Harmony were anxiously awaiting for her album to drop. (Although the album did not sell very well.) Nevertheless, LaReece’s Pieces became a collectors item among BTNH fans. Of course this album being a ThugLine/Bone Thugs Records album, krayzie Bone is all over the album. Beauty and talent represent this album from LaReece.

The enhanced CD includes 2 videos and a live performance of Kinda Bitch I Am with Bone Thugs N Harmony at the House of Blues in Anahiem, California. An interview was included on this album. The Shake It Off music video is included on the enhanced CD. The unreleased track Cash Me is included as a video clip on the enhanced CD.

Thru Thick n Thin is a slice of life love song. In thug style of course. Thru Thick n Thin was produced by Young Dre and featured Krayzie Bone. Krayzie Bone is all over this track of course. Thugged out and ghetto fabulous is one way to describe this song.

It was love at first sight for LaReece. LaReece knew right from the start that he would take her heart away so she most dedicated to lovin’ him through good and bad days. For rich or poor, it’s him she’s for. When the world wants to tear him down, LaReece will build him right up (again). They won’t falter through troubled waters. No. Nothing comes between them. Nothing can tear this love apart. She holds on to this love she found. “You’re the one I adore. Through thick and thin I’m gonna love you.” is the message of this song.

A police description identity file is announced at beginning of the Thru Thick n Thin track. Identity fits the exact description.
Suspect: male.
Black, dark complexion
dark clothes

“Armed with a handgun. He’s crossing Keanton now. Got him about 70-80 passing on the right. Think we can get a vehicle to stop this thing? When you call my name I’ll be there.”

Deeper and Deeper explores the risks of falling deep into the drug game while in seeking romance or being in love. LaReece is falling deeper and deeper. Krayzie Bone is all over this track of course as he is all over the album. Deeper and Deeper quickly turns into trifling man blues.

We, the listeners, are taken around the way down on the block. We are taken to the baller spot, a place where drug transactions and criminal activity takes place. All the big shots and high rollers loiter here. LaReece scored a little dope there. She fell in love with a man at the baller spot. He put it down for sure. She was feeling him every time. He kept it real and fucked her mind. Was he really loving her or just the sex?

Baby mamas take all the drama in the drug game and love. LaReece is simply filling out her dues. It’s silly to dodge two ways messages on pages. Because if you own a pager, you know you’re gonna get messaged whether or no you like it.

This is where Deeper and Deeper quickly turns into trifling man blues. He was cheating on the low all along apparently. She now quickly finds out. Take the verses below.

I’m in and out the door
Really, was you loving me, or my sex?
Lovely, (Lovely) shit it must be
(Shit it must be.) How I made your toes curl
and then you bragged on how I was your girl
(Hmm) with that bomb sex and then you turned around and flipped then fucked my best friend
But yet, still I’m falling
deeper and deeper

Also peep these verses!:
Shit, every week we back and forth we breaking up and making up shit
I’m ended up in love with your ass, moving fast
Am I wasting time or will it last?

Krayzie Bone takes it to some next level thuggish ruggish tough shit on this track. Although Krayzie Bone was bumping niggas from the jump, he was living her. He don’t never want to stop (He don’t want to never quit) thugging with her. (Sexing her or sexting her.) He makes it very clear and evident that his love for LaReece is unconditional. He has to try to maintain this love.

Thug Story is the thug version of a warrior story with Krayzie Bone all over it. Krayzie Bone takes it to some next level thuggish ruggish tough shit on this track. Thug Story is the tale of the mighty mighty warriors. The mighty mighty warriors are LaReece and Krayzie Bone represent the mighty mighty warriors and are the mighty warriors. LaReece is Joan of Arc in this story.

It’s storytime and Krayzie Bone is the storyteller. Listen to the story of the thugs. LaReece and Krayzie are the mighty mighty warriors. It’s ride or die for them. Thug Line got the fever to bust on haters. The mighty mighty warriors take no shit. People talk shit and triggers get pulled. Time and time again.

Time and time again. There are many hustles out there, but the mighty mighty warriors rhyme for game. The mighty mighty warriors supply all your lines of cocaine. Cocaine is in your eyes when they pop you. Playing this material and shit will get you switched up. Mentally heated, we strategic. Niggas that love that motherfucking drama. They don’t stop till they see bleeding and the enemies no longer breathing. Cleveland, Ohio is the city where the mighty mighty warriors come from.

Krayzie Bone is the baddest when it comes to war. Mentally heated and strategic. He grew up in the streets where it’s raw at. The streets of Cleveland are no exception to this case. Lurid stories of gangsta tales and stories are told by him.

They dwell amongst savages for the dough contemplating if they are friend or foe. This pretty thugs’ stayin’ heated fo’ sho’. Daring niggas to test when on the frontline bustin’ domes and steady with this Tech 9, nigga what? LaReece hardcore but still stunnin’ and gunnin’ the opposition and all the competition. Never running for fun. The mighty mighty warriors are on the frontline bustin’ domes.

Why? is a song that will have you in a trace connecting nostalgia back from your past. The rhythmic guitar will surely keep you in a trance and get you instantly hooked on this track. Blended incorporations of rap, soul, jazz, and rock are incorporated into this LaReece song. The soulful chorus singing the “Why? Why? Why? Why?” hook has a vintage soul feel.

LaReece takes us on a journey and insight of her everyday life on Share My World. A blend of turntablism is used on Share My World. Share My World had huge potential to become a buzz single for this album. Bone Thugs Records dropped the ball here by not choosing Share My World to become a buzz single.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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