Review: Ziggy Marley – Dragonfly

Dragonfly is yet another truly overlooked Ziggy Marley album in the market of reggae music. It did not manage to capture audiences as his previous albums did. Leaving this album to be overlooked. Ziggy Marley was inspired by a dragonfly when he wrote the album Dragonfly.

True to Myself is an ode about being true to yourself. It’s mainly focused on self-awareness. True to Myself raises awareness and self-consciousness. Life has changed and came a long way since yesterday. It’s not the same thing even though life repeats itself. Day in day out there are questions to be asked only to find the truth later. You still have to remain true to yourself. We are tired of all these lies in this life.

Your frustration won’t subside as you’ve been tried time after time on Looking. There is more to life than obscurity or fame. In obscurity or fame we all play the same game. Just by looking you will find happiness.

Ziggy showcases his obsession with dragonflies on the song Dragonfly. It quickly turns into a nursery rhyme similarly hear in a children’s book. This is the song that inspired the album. Ziggy Marley was inspired by a dragonfly when he wrote the album Dragonfly.

Ziggy gets religious with his Jewish roots on Shalom Salaam. He dedicated the song to the children in Israel for which there is no peace. He addresses the ongoing violence regarding the Gaza Strip incidents by Palestine. War everyday there remains the same. Who will take the blame and responsibility for bloodshed of children? They die from suicide bombs and landmines. Living day to day life in the country of Israel is a struggle.

Irrationality in religion is called out by Ziggy on In The Name of God. Religion is an illusion that divides us all created by humans due to their confusion. Ziggy statues all religion should be wiped out. People kill in the name of God.

A little spliff of collie weed eases the grief on Melancholy Mood. It’s a good song to meditate to because there is too much insanity in this society.

Ziggy Marley proves that he’s no sellout on I Get Out. He does not suit the image of the format man molded by the system to fit in society’s expectations as he travels far beyond the realms of society’s expectations. That is his desire. He refuses what society expects out of him. Ziggy is humble within his own spirit. Music is a holy thing.

I rate this album 3/5***.

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