Review: Lil Romeo – Romeo! TV Show (The Season) soundtrack album

Lil Romeo – Romeo! TV Show (The Season) soundtrack album contained music that used on the Nickelodeon children’s television show Romeo! which aired from 2003-2007. The album was a pop rap album which used a combination of pop and rap over children’s music. Of course the album has kid friendly lyrics. Myke Diesel produced those hot beats for this album. Master P was the executive producer for this album.

The Romeo Show Theme was the catchy infectious theme song and introduction used during the beginning of each episode. The intoxicating bass lines, extremely loud synths, and rhythmic drum patterns made the song catchy and infectious. Nickleodeon’s where Lil Romeo’s at.

Hey ho. Watch it flow. It’s time for the Romeo show! Stop what you’re doing because Romeo’s on now. Lil Romeo is ready to rumble and mix it like gumbo. He crumbles competition on the Romeo! show. I mean he can’t be stopped and will not quit. It’s time for the Romeo show where kids have fun. Peer pressure ain’t nothin.

Go shawty! It’s your birthday! We gonna party like it’s your birthday. Simon says stop but Romeo says go. Lil Romeo is the first hip hop kid with his own TV show! Everybody dance then shake it like that. Work it like that. You doin’ good in school. If you love Romeo, holla back. Because Nickleodeon’s where Lil Romeo’s at.

Bobblehead was the catchy song used on several episodes of this show and was the lead single for his 2004 album Romeoland. Everything about this song from the beats to the synths, horns, and pads along with lyrics screams mid-2000s. You can hear the influence Southern rap, pop rap, and children’s music have on this song. His cousin Lil D raps a verse on the song.

The song is memorable for its catchy lyrics and horns. The chorus is no exception. The catchy lyrics to the chorus which went like this.

I didn’t come to run, I came to make you move
Take it to the floor, and act a fool
Shake it, shake it, shake it like a bobblehead
Shake it, shake it, shake it like a bobblehead

Now Lil Romeo does use some kid friendly lyrics in the song such as “You got ants in your pants and you need to dance/Bounce up and down like a rubberband”

Here are some of the catchy lyrics that were used in the song.

Work ya body, move your feet
Bounce it like a ball, shake it to the beat

Go shorty, it’s your birthday
Like you school bell ring on the first day
Move it like a fly girl

You got ants in your pants and you need to dance
Bounce up and down like a rubberband

Lil Romeo didn’t come to run. He came to make you move. So take it to the floor and act a fool. Shake it, shake it, shake it like a bobblehead.

Romeo’s in the house and the party is pumpin’. The crowd is jumpin’. Everyone is ecstatic. Work your body and move your feet. Bounce it like a ball and shake it to the beat. Go shorty, it’s your birthday. Like you school bell ring on the first day. Move it like a fly girl.

Lil D is in here. You know that his wrist glow. If you came to party, shorty, you and Lil D can take it to the floor. If your girl wants to leave, Lil D suggests you let her go. So you better stay in line.

Making moves like a rollercoaster. Lean low then shake them shoulders. But first, you gotta bounce to this. Lil D’s chain so icy even his diamonds got diamonds. Lil D was born to be a soldier and has got a heart of a lion. No Limit don’t mess with no fakers. They’ll make you lose your squad like the LA Lakers.

Lil Romeo is just chillin and them girls are partying. He is trying to see if they can move like Indians. You know work it a little bit. Dip it low a little bit like Christina Milian. Lil Romeo is like 50 and Young Buck because he always roll with banks. So you know what’s up.

If you don’t like Lil Romeo, then you not with him. But its most likely that he’s got the tank with him all over the globe, He is a coast to coast G. A living legend like Mike and Kobe. If you don’t know then don’t speak about him. His flow too sick and too hard to fix. You’ll probably need some medical attention for this.

Lil Romeo pays homage and tribute to The Notorious B.I.G. with these lyrics in Verse 1. “Girl you looking cute, you came to dance/I’m like Biggie, baby give me one more chance”

Faith is about how Lil Romeo believes in the Lord’s faith. Faith serves an inspirational pop rap song which tells children to stand strong and keep their faith whenever times are rough.

When times get hard, Lil Romeo puts his head to the sky, gets on his knees, and takes a deep sigh.
Never ask why. Lil Romeo believes in his faith and he’ll will lead him through each day. The Lord’s faith.

His face is solid and strong as a rock.His belief in the Lord is as strong as an ox. He keeps Romeo’s head up right. So he’s gotta give praise. Lil Romeo asks the Lord to keep him off the streets and guide him through this crazy maze called life.

And Lil Romeo never doubts him. But without him Lil Romeo wouldn’t be much. That is why he always stay humble. He is thankful for everyday.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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