Review: Cymphonique – No Days Off

Cymphonique – No Days Off has some of the freshest beats ever heard in pop music. These modernized beats leave much to be desired. Cymphonique gives her album a fresh breath of pop flair.

Cymphonique explains how she can see bullshit a mile away on the hot track called Since Jordan.

Cymphonique woke up this morning feelin’ like she is already rich. I woke up this morning feelin’ already in her bliss. She looked in the mirror and said, “You know you a rebel.” Then the mirror looked back and told her to never settle. Cymphonique sees the game for what it is. So she stays in her lane. She ain’t swervin’ in no ditches.

Cymphonique stays in her corner but you’ll never box her in it as she is too focused. She got infrared on her vision. Why are people trying to break her down like she doesn’t know division? Why are people trying to her like they don’t know who they are quizzing? Cymphonique can see bullshit a mile away. She can moonwalk that bullshit. She ain’t been on bullshit since Michael Jordan played.

And that’s the way it is. The way she has been gettin’ it from the get-go. There’s no doubt about it. Plain and simple. Just don’t ever try to play her because she can see bullshit a mile away.

Cymphonique explains what she saw during her vacation in South Beach, Florida with her song South Beach. She explains what chain events went down with her vacation in South Beach, Florida.

Cymphonique is ready for the weekend. She has got the loud pack in her backpack. This bad chick has got a fat bag. Big money. I’m taking fast ass. South Beach has got some real freaks. That nigga she sees is in Miami heat. Real people know the real Cymphonique. She gets a sneak peek of some movie scenes at the theater.

Cymphonique hits the club late night in the VIP section. But she ain’t looking down at those who aren’t VIP and those who are of lesser status whether it lower social status or economic status. That is what these specific lyrics imply.

Baby when I touchdown
Hit the club but is all of brown
Vip I ain’t looking down
High on life I get fed round

Weekends are her favorite because she take off in that laddish. Cymphonique gets so faded during vacation. But the weekend you get your freak on. Just turn up for the weekend. Live it while you are eating. She’s been grinding while you’ve been sleeping.

Air 2 Fire uses those old school style New Orleans bounce beats KLC and Craig B used to produce for No Limit back in the 1990s and 2000s. Cymphonique gives the song a fresh breath of pop flair over a clean blissful piano solo. Overall the song is New Orleans bounce beats over a clean blissful piano solo performed with pure elegance.

They only got tonight. When he came into Cymphonique’s life, it was air to fire. Or in this case air 2 fire. The passion, presence, and desire. Both of them are beautifully all alone. She sees it happening currently. Oh baby. They so caught up in the moment. Cymphonique asks her man to tell her why he was jealous when he knew he wanted it.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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