Review: Romeo – Get Low

Romeo – Get Low was one of the classic stellar albums from Guttar Music and Take A Stand Records. R&B singer Bobby Valentino produced songs for the album while Myke Diesel and Master P oversaw management for the entire album. R&B singer Bobby Valentino worked as a producer with Romeo on the album Gumbo Station. Bobby Valentino had already collaborated with Romeo on the soundtrack of his movie God’s Gift back in 2006. Pop rap meets Southern rap and gutta street rap on this album. Interestingly enough, his 2009 album, Get Low, contained singles that were originally supposed to had been on the Gumbo Station album and also contained original songs from his previous albums.

Romeo is looking special kind of girl who can give him something unique in terms of feelings and experience with his sweet love song Special Girl II with Marques Houston of B2K. Romeo and Marques Houston lets these dudes know it ain’t bout just having a girl but it’s about having that special girl. Every good doctor has to have some kinda relationship with their patient. Right? To sum it all up… Special Girl II is about having that special girl. There ain’t nothing like this girl in this world. She is special to him (me).

Now you know Romeo is the type of thug whose chain hangs low with the all white. From New Orleans but the dude doin all right.

Well Rome is looking for the special girl that is just right for him. She eye candy to the eyes he has been blessed twice. Light skin corn rows. It don’t get better. He’s got a nice life. All he needs is a wife. I mean the way she moves make Romeo wanna drop the mic. In the end it’s just Romeo and her. She was made for him and he was made for her. Cant nobody do Romeo like her. Romeo is on cloud nine hitting his head all the ceilings.

I can’t really describe this feeling Romeo is getting. It’s more than them goodies. I heard people Romeo’s my pimp game slippin. They 64 switchin up.

No matter what people say she is his girlfriend. No need to let the homies hate. She is his best friend. They still are gonna do our thing. They gonna be together.

Pullin’ Up is a Romeo and Bobby Valentino duo produced by Bobby Valentino. Romeo and Bobby Valentino give these dudes a reality check. They don’t know what’s real. You ain’t pulling up like Romeo, home boy. Its about that time, man. You ain’t ready.

When Romeo and Bobby Valentino pulling up, the girls they stop and stare. Haters hate on them. When Romeo is pulling up he sees his wrist hanging out the window waiting patiently in something foreign something foreign next to him. Listen to this. His music’s bumpin. They keep coming down the streets.

His grill is shining with an earlobe of karats. Bank rolls of cabbage. A chick is just smiling. But if you have two then chicks get violent. They follow Romeo like Simon. Romeo is not your average person. He’s God’s gift. Romeo is a solider. Romeo is all of that. Posted up on the block where then hustlers at. Blend in with the Saints. When something ain’t right, he calls the hood back. The son of a hustler and that’s a fact. Black tint, black whip, black chick, and black kicks.

Back to the chicks. They come from all places.With a body like Beyoncé and eyes like Asians. Tall model chicks with to the prettiest faces. Romeo sees some cuties with some bootys. Even Caucasians. Romeo is pulling up and all the haters are hating. He keeps the ground shaken like an earthquake.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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