Review: C-Los – Get It How You Live

C-Los – Get It How You Live has some hot beats over some loud vibrant vivacious production by Myke Diesel. However some of the songs use cliché played out samples such as Lets Get It On and Brand New. However songs such as IF and Bang balance out the album.

C-Los – Get It How You Live is one of the lesser known albums from Guttar Music/Gutta Music which was released in 2007. Make Diesel produced the entire album and Master P oversaw the entire album. Singles were Walk Wid A Limp, Bang, and Grind. The album had sold 100,000 copies.

Sadly there will be no more albums from C-Los though. C-Los was one of the coldest young cats from New Orleans, Louisiana who threw his life away and got himself incarcerated in prison for murder. Free C-Los. Nobody came harder than C-Los.

If is a classic song which is real as fuck. The song featured appearances from Lil Romeo during the chorus.

C-Los is so throwed and bout it bout it. Some say he is loco. Then come and find him. C-Los a fly guy. So don’t try. He is the quiet type. The one you got to keep your eyes on. C-Los is a Gutta Boy with sharp thinking and intentions. Don’t you know the real gangstas walk asides? He knows this because he was the first one to start to a rise.

His flow is cold. Nobody is coming harder than he is. And he puts his talent on the track. C-Los has these singing like Sheila E. with these lyrics. What it is, come and see me if you want a piece of me/ I keep the heat, then I had these niggaz singin like Sheila E. and what it be/ I’m under stackin so you know how I be actin/I be flippin in the wagging and in the day I be packin/I don’t take these lil niggaz wanna try to play me” Also these lyrics. “And I can top off I treat ya head like a convertible/I takes none and give some, and give some and takes nothin (gutta)/Turn pro actin for the great I like them face bumps fake ass”

C-Los explains why he walks with a limp on his song Walk wit a limp.

He got his mind on his money and money on his mind. He can’t be broke. He’s gotta shine all the time. His pants hang low and my hand on my hip. Got some on his side as he walks with a limp.

People call C-Los the Handy Man because he keeps it too long. And slow motion like a nigga in the school zone. Walkin wit a limp like a nigga broke a few bones. Guttar Music laid the whole scene like the police. The dope boy, You can call him the moneyman.

Straight from the gutta come from under the streets. C-Los is hot like a oven 400 ºF degrees. To all you suckers out there, C-Los is giving us straight game. Your boy C-Los rocks and sports tented Bapes like its blowing in the wind. Plus he got his whole song runnin to your home. If you’s a gutta boy, now would you walk wit a limp.

I rate this album 3/5***.

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