Review: The Jackson 5 – Lookin’ Through the Windows

The Jackson 5 – Lookin’ Through the Windows is the most over looked Jacksons album of all time. Even more than their self-titled album and the Goin’ Places album. Their career as a family singing group was at an all time high despite this album being a low charter. The album is laced with the usual sweet love songs of course.

The Jackson 5 teach us that is nothing like legitimate love and the real thing on the song Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing. There is no thing like real love is the message of this song.

Michael got a picture of the girl he loves and admires hanging on the wall. But it can’t see or come to him when he calls her name. He realize it’s just a picture in a frame that is an inanimate object.
Michael reads her letters when she is not near. But they don’t move and groove him. Like when he hears her sweet voice whispering in his ear.

Jermaine says no other sound is quite the same as her name. Her touch can do half this much to make me feel better. Jermaine clearly wants to be with her.

Michael has got memories to look back on. Though they help Michael when she is gone. He is well aware of this. Nothing can take the place of her being there.

Don’t Let Your Baby Catch You is a song which tells men not to be caught fooling around with other women by cheating on them. You just might lose the best thing you ever found. The song was written from a male perspective.

To all you men out there, don’t let your baby catch you fooling around. You just might lose the best thing you ever found.

The nights are lonely twice as cold without a hand to hold. Happiness is fading away. Just like a thief you tried to steal a kiss from another pretty mistress. Your baby was the price that you paid. Think twice if you have cheating on your mind. Remember the punishment will fit your crime.

Your life would be as good as new if you got one more chance to do things right. Do right not wrong in full indeed. Don’t let your baby catch you. If you’re crazy about your baby and she’s crazy about you, just think of what you’d do to her if she was untrue to you.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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