Review: The Jacksons – Goin’ Places

The Jacksons – Goin’ Places is the most over looked Jacksons album of all time in their career as a family singing group. Even more than their self-titled album which was released in 1976. The album spawned hits such as the positive cheerful worldly Goin’ Places, the joyful Jump for Joy, and the danceable Music’s Takin’ Over. Michael and Tito take over on the vocals once again.

The Jacksons explain how music is an/plays an integral part in people’s lives on their song Music’s Takin’ Over. Music’s Takin’ Over is about how music can take your soul over and make you want to dance as well Music is a teacher that can teach you right from wrong because if you listen closely there’s a lesson in the song. This is one of their more dance oriented songs of course.

Music is a teacher that can teach you right from wrong because if you listen closely there’s a lesson in the song. Music is a doctor that can cure a troubled mind. Listen to the music. The rhythms and the rhymes. Because music’s takin’ over. Music makes you dance. Just give music a chance.

Music is a comfort. Especially when you’re all alone.When you’re all alone, just turn up your music and you don’t need nobody home. Music is a power people depend on every day. They make their decision by the records (music) that they play. Music’s takin’ over. Music is a sound that makes the boys and girls get down.

Goin’ Places was the upbeat popish hit song which used a dash of funk with the horns section and drums. Michael Jackson truly shined as he had a huge vocal presence and role throughout the song. He really stood out sporadically. The song was a #9 hit on the Billboard for weeks back in 1977.

A few people have misinterpreted the lyrics to the chorus over the years. I know I have because I was one of those people who misinterpreted the lyrics over the years. I always thought the lyrics to the chorus were,

I said I feel like a jet
When I’m ridin’ away
Say I’m goin’ places
I feel like a jet
When I’m ridin’ in a jet
Say I’m goin’ places

Michael Jackson like the feelin’ he gets when he’s ridin’ in a jet. He says he’s goin’ places.

Michael wants to go to a different land. He tries his best to understand the different traditions and customs that people have in other countries. The world is bigger than this old town. He saved up his money and plans on leaving this here town today right away.

He wants to get a first class seat. Climbing so high up to 40,000 feet. It won’t take long get where he wants to go. He’s gonna have himself a ball. Seeing all of this world for what it’s worth is what Michael plans on doing. Look out! Here he comes.

Michael wants a different kind of lady to be with. Michael searched all over this world for a different kind of lady. That is summary of Different Kind Of Lady.

If she wants Michael, he’ll be there in a flash. If she needs Michael, well that’s different. Because everything Michael does is always up to this lady.

Michael is here to please her in every way he possibly can. To prove to her That he is her only man. There’s no denying that Michael is her man. Michael searched this world for a different kind of lady. He often finds himself going girl shopping. No matter what he does he keeps running back to her.

She is a different kind of lady. There is something about this lady that makes her different. She was meant for Michael. Of course Michael tells this lady, “You’re a lady meant for me. You’re meant for me. There is something about you makes you different. ”

The song Even Though You’re Gone is how people get stronger everyday. You get stronger every day because things don’t look as bad as they did yesterday.

Michael’s gotta find a way somehow. Nothing’s gonna stop him now. Even though that person who was in his life is gone.Things don’t look as bad as they did yesterday. Every minute he gets stronger. Someway, somehow. He’s gotta keep on living. Michael’s got the will to survive even though he feels so bad.

Michael had to give the plans he originally had up and start anew. He had to restart all over again. Making plans for one instead of making plans for two. From now on he’ll be thinking about himself. It’ll be along time. Before he loves somebody else.

But Michael depended on her for everything. He really trusted her. How could she do him the way she did? She really let him down. Even though she’s gone away, he’s got to move on.

Jump for Joy is the bright and joyful pop song on the album filled with happiness and joy. The Jacksons explain how people have misunderstandings and how people put values in the wrong things in life. This is all a frame of mind state.

People have misunderstandings of what life is all about. They put values in the wrong things. They lose out in happiness which comes along in/with life. Being happy is a feeling. A frame of mind. And every moment you feel sad and blue, you could be having a real good time. Why don’t you jump for joy and be happy? Why don’t you jump for joy and be glad? If you just try it, you’ll feel better. And you’ll have the best time you ever had. If you just try it, I’m sure you’ll like it.

There is no sense in worrying as that won’t solve a thing. Chances are what’s ever worrying you is not as bad as it seems. Being down won’t last forever because nothing stays the same forever.
You will have a bright tomorrow. There’s always sunshine after rain. Why don’t you jump for joy and be happy? Why don’t you jump for joy and be glad? And have the best time you ever had.

Heaven Knows I Love You, Girl is about how Michael loves this girl dearly. The song is a Tito and Michael duo song.

Michael tells this girl he loves dearly, “Heaven knows I love you, girl. I’ve never felt this way before. Each day I love you more and more and more.” He has never felt this way before. He loves her more each day and every day.

People always stare at them when they are together as they laugh, joke, wiggle, and always have a ball. They’re friends and that makes them so much better. They respect each other too. He was lucky the day that he found her.

At the beginning of Verse 2, Michael found a little place them to go and be alone. A place to call home sweet home. Their is priceless. A priceless love is rare. Something that many people take for granted.

[Verse 2]
I’ve found a little place for us to go and be alone
Let’s fix it up the way we want and call it home sweet home
Our love is priceless, it’s so, so rare
We believe in the same things too
I was lucky the day that I found you

Tito says, “Precious is a love that’s based on truth. No words could ever describe the way I feel about you. You know when two hearts beat as one. When two minds think as one. They can overcome any obstacle. And always stay together.”

Man of War is a peace song which obviously is anti-war. The song tells us to go study peace.

Man of war. Don’t go to war no more. Why don’t you study peace? Go study peace because peace is what we need. You can’t make people do things against their will. Such as forcing them to be enlisted in the army and go to war. You got respect a person for the way that they feel. You don’t know everything so you don’t know it all.You think your way is the best way for all. But that is not true.

Just because your army gives you strength and gives you might, the truth is going to eventually win and be unveiled. Wrong will never conquer right. Every person has the right to think and be free.

You’re like a spoiled brat. You want everything. You think your bombs, guns, and planes make you a big man when you attack and invade on another man’s land. It wasn’t meant to be that way. There’s got to be a better solution for peace.

Do What You Wanna is about striving towards your goal and living your life. The Jacksons encourage people to be themselves. Individuality is the key to happiness.

Keep on striving towards your goal. Live the life you want live. If it’s right, don’t let it go. You gotta stick to it. Don’t be phony. Just be real. People, be yourself. Don’t be nobody else. Don’t let nobody fool you around or turn your life upside down. Just be strong in your field. And when you reach the top, you will live happy. Do what you want to, people.

Find Me A Girl is about Michael finding a girl. Somebody that will make his dreams come true. That’s who. Michael has got to find himself a girl. Somebody who can make all his dreams come true. Somebody soft and warm. Somebody to make all his lonely nights a thing of the past. Someone to make everything all right. He knows just what he wants. He’s been searching everywhere but can’t seem to find her anywhere.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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