Review: Major Riley – Days of Circumstance

The Days of Circumstance album was released on the MySpace page of Major Riley in 2016 as a digital album almost similar to a digital download. Many of these songs were released digitally to his MySpace page which can be listened to there.

Wanna Get High is an attuned dancehall reggae song. The song has a smooth yet upbeat melody and vibe. Wanna Get High is an appropriate title for a dancehall reggae song such as this one.

Heart of a Black Woman is roots rock reggae song with a real good message. Heart of a Black Woman comes with a positive message dedicated to black women. Major Riley shows thankfulness towards these women. The roots reggae sound is very prevalent inside this song as it is a reggae song. Heart of a Black Woman proves to be a real in mood and meaning.

More Love is an upbeat reggae song. Live instrumentation accompanies this upbeat reggae song. Major Riley tells us “Brothers, be wise. Because this world is materialized.” Major Riley gives nothing but positive messages. More Love is filled with positive messages.

The live instrumentation accompanies on the reggae song Love. Major Riley gives out nothing but positive messages on the song Love.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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