Review: DJ Vadim – The Soundcatcher

Review: DJ Vadim – The Soundcatcher

DJ Vadim strays away from the abstract trip hop sound and leans more towards the sounds of dancehall on The Soundcatcher album. This album uses more a downtempo sound. Dancehall reggae meets the sound of downtempo electronic music.

Black Is The Night follows a slow tempo paced beat over echoing vocals sung by Kathrin deBoer. Her vocals have a dancehall vibe and sound to them. The beat follows a single string set.

Talk To Me uses an electrifying array of quirky synths over small layers of instruments on an electronic soundscape. The song is good enough to the point of it being an instrumental. One has wonder what was DJ Vadim thinking and why did he not include the instrumental of this song on the album. After his instrumentals leave much to be desired to the ears.

Fear Feats uses some roots reggae sound. Think roots rhythm reggae. The song is good enough to the point of it being an instrumental also.

I rate this album 4/5****!


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