Review: Lil Sin – Who Got Yo Back

Lil Sin’s sophomore album was yet another guaranteed success gone right that sold several thousands of units and was advertised heavily in the Source Magazine back in 1998. Of course this was after it was released on BLVD Records in that same timeframe on both CD and cassette. The album is a certified street classic with no tracks worth skipping at all from Side A to Side B! The advertising and promoting is what led the album to be a success.

When Lil Sin recorded his sophomore album, he moved to Houston to collaborate with different rap artists from different cities in Texas and not just solely San Antonio. For instance, Pimp C and Bun B from UGK based outta Port Arthur, and N.O.L.A from Houston. Mr. Joshay, Pimp C, Mike B., and Big Meat are heavily featured all over this Lil Sin album. It was a big transformation as 90% of debut album was just solos.

This album is filled with gangsta rap tracks layered with heavy double bass guitars over looped tracks. Southern rap meets gangsta rap on this album. The guitars and bass stand out the most in terms of musical sound and style. A majority of this album was produced by John Bido and Pimp C. Pimp C was the project coordinator for this project along with Sugabear aka Clyde Williams III. He coordinated the entire album in Atlanta, Georgia for 4 months. Both Pimp C and Bun B helped Lil Sin build his name as an independent artist.

Tha Game Done Changed is about music business and life in general has changed. Use your brain and the game will be good to you. The game will be good to you if you let it. The song has one of the coldest beats I ever heard layered with heavy double bass guitars. John Bido of Rap A Lot produced this song.

Lil Sin has the world in the palm of his hands. But it’s hard to see who’s out to cross you in your path. He’s ran with thug niggaz, drug dealers, and lots of killaz on the block. He had to change the crowd of people he associated himself with. His eyes are on these fuck niggaz who are trying to kill him for the people he associates himself with. One easy spot on the block is where Lil Sin is slanging.

Lil Sin is having things that younger G’s are hating him for. They are simply jealous of the material possessions he has. He’s changed his ways because fancy things have gotten to him. It’s gotten to the point where shady people have been watching. In order to maintain you have to use your fucking brain. Shady people will get to your money if you let them take it.

Money Situations is a song that unravels about cautionary tales about who you trust with your money. People get funny and funky when it comes to handling money. Be careful who you trust you money with. Watch your back.

Mike B was responsible for producing Money Situations. The lovely jazz style grand piano notes are beautiful on the song Money Situations.

To all you haters, Lil Sin is here to stay. Love It Or Hate It explains that Lil Sin is here to stay whether you like it or not. Love It Or Hate features former BLVD Records artist Mr. Joshay with his southern twang. Ricé makes an appearance at the beginning of the song.

Love It Or Hate It was a posse cut intended for Scarface’s 1998 album My Homies. However Scarface ended up giving some of the beats that were supposed to be on his 1998 album My Homies to Lil Sin for his 1998 album on BLVD.

Free is both a classic in San Antonio rap and Port Arthur rap which featured both UGK members Bun B and Pimp C (R.I.P.). (Along with Texas rap of course.) This song was a hit back in San Antonio, Texas during 1998 to 2000. This song. Add that with extra bass and heavy guitars with UGK and their trill flows.

This version of Free is the OG version and not the remixes from Livin’-N-Sin and My Secret which both dropped in 2000. The remixes features both UGK members Bun B and Pimp C (R.I.P.) as the original version did. Both versions are off the chain!

BLVD Funk is BLVD posse cut that features Lil Sin, Mr. Joshay, Mike B., Big Twin, and Big Meat. BLVD Funk is that club skating rink type of joint or at the club. It’s all about that BLVD Records sound. Straight outta San Antone! We got that BLVD Funk in yo trunk! Something to bump and grind to.

Watch For Tha Slip has that crime detective action genre feel and theme music to it. Add that with the drama in the bass. The song is a fast paced upbeat song.

Mrs. Good Pussy has that upbeat jazz walking viola bass to the song. This is one of those songs to have sex to. It’s really baby making music to sum it all up. Not only is Pimp C featured on this song, he produced it as well.

The next track is the title track called Who Got Yo Back. You can hear the sounds an alien UFO weird loopy sound, the Chinese zither, a Koto, a tambourine, and bells. The song is about who really has your back and who doesn’t have your back. Be careful who you make friends with and who you’re friends are. It’s not easy to stand alone when you’re all by your lonesome self. This is one of those songs that never gets old.

Rollin’ Stone is a rap version cover of The Temptations – Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone. Rollin’ Stone features King 13 (R.I.P.) and was a local producer/artist from San Antonio as well. They talk about their fathers on this one

Sin To Win about the topic of sin. To sin is only human nature, playa. Can I win? Or in the end will I have to sin to win? Those are the two biggest questions asked on the track. Sin is nothing to glorify.

Sin To Win is one of the best tracks on the album along with Free, Who Got Yo Back, Watch For Tha Slip, BLVD Funk, and Mrs. Good Pussy. In the beginning, you can hear the birds chirping. It will remind you of a summer morning where you woke up and it was all good. This track is perfect. This track is about the topic of sin. It’s about sin really.

Fly has that 70s feel of 70s funk to it with the guitars used. Fly features the duo NOLA (Knuckleheadz) from New Orleans, Louisiana/Houston, Texas. You can hear a hawk in the track.

Trapped In The Balla features BLVD Records label mates Mr. Joshay and Lil Acid. SoufField gets mentioned too. Trapped In The Balla was produced by Ant Banks who is a legendary producer from the Bay Area in California.

Danga is another underrated track along with Fly. The song gets fast paced real quick. Danga is similar to Trapped In The Balla. Lil Sin switches it up on this track by rapping at a rapidly fast pace and style. He changed his style of rapping on this track of his.

The last song is Whateva It Takes which features Denise White. Whatever It Takes samples and is a cover of Anita Baker – Whatever It Takes. This song is about searching for true love. Anyone can say they love someone. Don’t fall back on your words. 3 quarters into the song, you can hear a couple having sexual intercourse.But this version is a remix from the version featured on his Frustrated By Death album. It has that mid 70s Stax sound to it. Love should be given.

Denise James sings some of the original lyrics which are used in this cover version. However most of the lyrics have been altered and changed.

I wonder what would happen
If you would trust in me

Whatever it takes to make you happy, baby
Whatever it takes to make you smile
Whatever it takes to make you feel good, baby

I rate this album 5/5*!!

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