September 24, 2023

The album Grind Hard, Pray Harder by Lil O was one of the hardest most anticipated Texas rap albums of 2011. Texas had fallen off at that point but Lil O proved to us that Texas never fell off. Texas just went the underground route. The underdog of Southern rap returned with a great comeback album after releasing a string of mixtapes, singles, and albums years prior. The production is high in quality as always.

His 2011 album featured some of the South’s biggest heavyweights including Slim Thug, J-Dawg, Chamillionaire, Big Krit, Devin The Dude, Chalie Boy, and Killa Kyleon.

Highlights include I’m What Dat Iz, Ballin in da City with Big T, In da Wind with Chamillionaire & Killa Kyleon None of Ya Bizzness!! with Slim Thug & Wonderus, Fresh Up Out the Cleaners, It’s Whateva, What Iz Ya Talkin Bout with Big K.R.I.T., Devin The Dude & Jack Freeman, Ready 4 Whateva with Wonderus, It Iz What It Iz, and Betcha Can’t Do It.

Lil O and Big T get materialistic by boasting about all the things they have on Ballin in da City. Any track with Big T performing whether it be singing or rapping is guaranteed to be a great classic and definitely an H-Town classic.

A piece and chain from his wrist is looking glitty. The top of his car is down and his brand is looking real pretty. Sipping on drank and pouring up some Big Moe. Everyday he is choking on that good smoke. Lil O is balling in the city. Lil O is a beast when he grinds because he never lets up. His attitude is rude and his chick is spoiled rotten.

Lil O is now riding down 59 at night time. He gets chills whenever he looks at the Houston skyline. He looks at his wrist and sees that he is fine. Looking just like the lights. Look at how Lil O shines. Downtown is going down tonight. Whoa. Lil O told his partner with the burner, “Ay. Hold me down. Keep your eyes open because the jack boys moving around.”

Lil O has got all the broads that was talking down back on his dick and back on track When they try to hop in front, he tells them to hop in back. This ain’t no front or act. This is really him. Lil O is a triple OG (OOOG).

The track uses some awesome lyricism. Look at how each ending word on each lyric line rhymes with each other.

Yeah, I’m such a god damn playa
In the H, man I’m bigger than the damn mayor
Man this wrist of mine, will make a grown man stare
Make a bitch open her legs, like damn hair

Lil O comes realistic on I’m What Dat Iz. He separates the ballers from pretenders on this track of his. This ain’t no front or act. This is really him. The lyrics in this track explain how real Lil O is.

Lil O is what that is, period. Lil O is player of the year who gets the highest honor. Players get chose and wrists get all froze. Your bitch say she wanna eat him like a piranha. He might pop some bottles just to piss you off for fun. Just to show you how it’s done.

These lyrics explain how Lil O will not let the haters get to him mentally and emotionally.

You boys talk down, I still order steak
Cause a boss, never worry bout a fraud or fakes
Put a rain on my parade but you can’t rain on me, cause all my days are sunny
Don’t get mad, get motherfucking money

What Iz Ya Talkin emulates the beats from Smooth Operator by Paul Wall. Big K.R.I.T. and Devin killed the track. Listen to Devin’s part. The beats, lyrics, cadence, and production is what sets this Lil O track apart from the other tracks on this album.

Lil O ain’t got time for any games. To tell the truth, Lil O has barely got time to learn the girl’s name who is trying to get with him. The only thing he has got time for is getting that money. Lil O tells her, “So if you ain’t trying to fuck, girl, it’s time to go. See baby girl, a real playa time is precious.”

Lil O tells the girl that a real player’s is precious and not to be wasted. She is talking but Lil O’s eyes are on her breasts instead of looking at her face while she is talking. Lil O is not trying to hear or listen to what she is saying. So he tells her politely, “See I ain’t trying to hear what ya saying and I hope you ain’t come here for no playing See, boo, I got this Rosay. I got this good tree. And you just sipping chilling smoking all my good weed. Now I done took ya out to eat. That’s my good deed. Now it’s time you treat a playa. I got hood needs. So at the end of the night and we feeling super right, Baby girl I need to know, what we doing.”

See I ain’t trying to hear what ya saying
And I hope you ain’t come here, for no playing
See boo I got this Rosay, I got this good tree
And you just sipping chilling, smoking all my good weed
Now I done took ya out to eat, that’s my good deed
Now it’s time you treat a playa, I got hood needs
So at the end of the night, and we feeling super right
Baby girl I need to know, what we doing
I’m trying to Robert Earl the pussy, Screw tape tap-tap
Chop it up lil’ mama is we screwing, I’m just saying man

This girl is smoking all his good weed. Now Lil O did a good deed by taking her out to eat. Yet she seems to be unthankful and pesters Lil O. This annoys him very much. He tells her that it’s her turn to treat him. He tells her he has needs too.

This girl is teasing Devin Tha Dude by fronting on him and shit when she could be humping on this dick. Devin tells her she needs to stop teasing him. That would work for him. Devin tells her, “Girl what are ya talking about? What are you saying? You need to stop teasing me, girl. You sound like you playing. My dick don’t get no harder than this.”

Now these lyrics are the most hilarious and quite humorous. “My dick don’t get no harder than this” are the funniest lyrics to Devin’s verse. Typical Devin humor.

Pardon Big K.R.I.T. if he saw potential and thought you had the fundamentals to be a certified money making pro, but on the low you are a gold digger. He has never been the type for all those childish games. You’re in the wrong V.I.P. section. There are some niggaz in here that’ll pay for it. Perhaps you be kicking it too much with some of these lames. Yes? No?

One thing that is interesting about Big K.R.I.T.’s verse is that he stutters with speaking a few words such as these lyrics for example.

G-g-g-get down on the flo’, w-w-w-work like a pro
The world to see P-I-M-P, but pardon me if I waste ya time

[Big K.R.I.T.]
Is you sucking is you fucking, I was wondering I’m just saying
We can quit with all that chatter, and you can let me get to banging
On your backside let me get that act right, I know you know the sco’
G-g-g-get down on the flo’, w-w-w-work like a pro
Do for me what you wouldn’t do for ya man, let a real nigga beat ya out
Send you home pussy so’ and all, but let that fuck nigga eat ya out
Chicken I couldn’t be about it, if ya selling that then that’s all fine
Some niggaz in here that’ll pay for it, but not me I can’t spend a dime
Best I can do is beat ya out, set ya out let ya shine
The world to see P-I-M-P, but pardon me if I waste ya time
Pardon me if I saw potential, thought ya had the fundamentals
To be a certified money making pro, but on the low you a gold digger
I can be it though don’t be all in my face, searching for no figga fo’
Yours locked you need yo bed rocked, trying to see what your head bout
I’m just saying, I ain’t never been the type for all those childish games
You in the wrong V.I.P. section, perhaps you kicking it with some lames

Alright is a track which motivates you to always be on your grind. To stay focused and motivated in life Knowing that one day everything is gonna be alright.

Lil O has been hustling and grinding. He’s been praying all his life knowing that one day it’s gonna be alright. But right now, things aren’t great. He wishes he could tell us things are all good. He is stressed out and trying not to faint. Ain’t no time to hesitate, when bullets start ranging and your pockets are fucked up. Only beasts survive in the jungle. You can’t keep a hustler down.

Lil O tells all you nosy people who are trying to be all in his business that it’s none of your business of how he balls or how he gets his money on the track None Of Ya Bizzness. So why are you being so nosy? So don’t even ask.

It ain’t none of yo business how Lil O balls in these streets or how he gets his money. It ain’t none of yo business who he is sleeping with. People constantly ask how much money it cost to buy the things he purchases. They see him with a fine lady and ask he has had sexual intercourse with him. First things first, it ain’t none of yo business. Don’t worry about Lil O. At least not like that. People are so nosy sometimes. People like to gossip like hoes. Quick to talk with the opinions they give when it ain’t worth shit. Keep his name out your mouth.

It Iz What It Iz explains how Lil O had to hustle and struggle all his life. The lyrics dive deep into his pain and his struggle. Everything he went through made him a man.

As a child Lil O was told that he had to hustle. He was the son of an African father from Nigeria. Even though his father had money, he had to struggle. His father explained the pain would make him a man. Lil O realized why he would have nothing handed down to him. He would be damned if he grew up thinking life was easy. He has been thugging this hard ever since he was 15. Everything he went through made him a man.

Look how far a nigga came from back in the days. Fat Rat with the cheese stays on the grind. Lil O is a grinder. You punks don’t understand how he did it. The game brought Lil O pain. Yet he still feels blessed. He lived to talk about it.

Fresh Up Out The Cleaners is one of the freshest tracks on the album due to production, beats, and lyrics. Fresh Up Out The Cleaners was produced by DJ Michael “5000” Watts. Lil O boasts and brags about how throwed, clean, and stylish he is due to his expensive habits on the track.

Lil O is fresh up out the cleaners. Better ask around. Ask them hoes and broads how they seen us. All the broads be all up on his penis when he hits the club. His clothing has newly fitted fresh cut diamonds. You can honestly look at Lil O and tell he’s got expensive habits. Lil O is fresher than the average person. He is fresher than a preacher dressing for the sabbath.

Lil O is about to hit the club and let these niggaz have it because he is fresh like a player is suppose to be. Broads staring at him like they never seen a brother. You should pop some Don and make a toast to Lil O. The only man higher than Lil O and flyer than his is the man up above in the sky that suffered and died for us. That suffered and died for our sins. Being humbled and reserved is something he tries to be. Lil O looks and feels good. He smokes good as he is so hood. He is cleaner than a motherfucker.

Lil O is guaranteed to meet someone the way he is dressed. Lil O will take a broad to smoke a blunt. The plan is for him to take her to the room if he plays his cards right. Stunting is something that is inside of him.

Don’t Stop is about this girl Lil O and Chalie Boy are ogling due to her looks. Chalie Boy likes the way she works that thang. So sexy and off the chain. She is good at pleasing. The way she walks is another thing. He asks her to quit teasing. And keep going and not stop. This girl Lil O and Chalie Boy are ogling has a pretty face and thick breasts.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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