Review: Lil Ken – Frontline Fridays

Lil Ken – Frontline Fridays marked the remarkable comeback and return of Lil Ken aka Famous back in 2019. Frontline Fridays was released on all streaming platforms in 2019 being that album was intended to be a digital album. Now Frontline Fridays is a compilation album of new songs that have never been heard before. The album Frontline Fridays did go hard. SA-Town’s mouthpiece still goes raw and has never fallen off. Lil Ken – Frontline Fridays is one of those impossible to find albums which are difficult to obtain as the album was solely sold in San Antonio, Texas.

Givin’ Up explains the difficulty of letting someone/something that you really love go. That can be extremely difficult. When you really love something it’s hard to let it go. Givin’ Up samples Donny Hathaway – Giving Up.

Lil Ken’s punchlines got a kick as in a dojo. This is one of his creative and crafty punchlines used in the song, “This bang with a gift/And it don’t come with a boat tho/Punches got kick like I spit in a dojo” The song also delivered the funniest punchline which was “Longhorn got my main squeeze all Aggie” which came from the lyrics “No carpet in the winter time/That’s a cold flow/I got dough so the pants stay sagging/Longhorn got my main squeeze all Aggie”

Many of you thought Lil Ken fell out and flew under the radar. Well that is not true as Lil Ken stays consistent with a rhyme scheme with his rhymes, punchlines, and raps inside of his lyrics. He stays with a rhyme and a scheme. Lil Ken explains how his raps are consistent with these lyrics, “Heard a rapper fell off/That’s a shaggie/I stay with a rhyme and a scheme/My words still come with pictures/you finding the meme/Dollar signs in my eyes/All I find is the green”

2018 was a crazy year for hip hop and, especially for Texas! So Lil Ken aka Famous hit us with the TEXAS ROUND UP wrapping up the events from the Lone Star State which occurred in 2018 on the song Texas Round Up.

The sample used in Texas Round Up is a portion of The Isley Brothers – Love Put Me In The Corner. This song is played in the key of G Major at a tempo of 119 BPM and uses a Camelot of 9B on a 5|4 time signature. Now what’s unusual about this song is that most Lil Ken songs use a 4|4 time signature instead of a 5|4 time signature. What stood out was the usage of a 5|4 time signature.

Street Love is the bonus track of the album which is also the last track. This song is played in the key of D♭ Minor at a tempo of 155 BPM. The song also uses a Camelot of 12A. A 4|4 time signature is used.

Street love is not for the weak. These streets are not for the week as these streets are not sweet. San Antonio is where Lil Ken roams. His quotes are so dope that they hit your veins. He’s got so many lines and bars that they get heated every time. Street love has got him balling in the game.

These lyrics explain that Lil Ken keeps coming back, “I drink but the pint/Got a 4 in the liter/High as a kite getting blowed off the cheeba/From the place that they don’t want to see you rise above/But I keep coming back”

Lil Ken is looking for this cat he really can’t seem to find on The Corner. The Corner also explains how this cat doesn’t understand his rhyme passion and his passion for rap music. His flows are getting hotter. The Corner samples The Isley Brothers – Love Put Me In The Corner.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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