Review: Lil Eddie – Nobody’s Fool EP

Review: Lil Eddie – Nobody’s Fool EP

Nobody’s Fool was released as a promo vinyl in 2003 by Big3 Records from Florida for his debut album that would later follow-up that year.

I Don’t Think I Ever is about Lil Eddie thinking that he will never fall in love. On the song I Don’t Think I Ever, Lil Eddie discovers the true meaning of love. This song is Lil Eddie’s haunting declaration of love. Bad Boy recording artist Mario Winans even chimes in on a single verse. I Don’t Think I Ever is truly heartfelt and timid. Think “I don’t think I will ever fall in love.” for example. That’s the sentence that probably inspired Lil Eddie to write the song I Don’t Think I Ever.

Lil Eddie is not nobody’s fool on Nobody’s Fool. Nobody’s Fool is the most powerful track off the album! Nobody’s Fool tells us all what we need to know about the determination Eddie has had to have to make it this far in his career and in his life. The streets toughen folks to either stay and survive, or to elevate and strive. Lil Eddie displays confident lyrics in his songs. Lil Eddie states “That song explains why doing this first album was totally necessary for me.” “I have a lot to say.”

Lil Eddie is all over the place with his vocals on the track Nervous. However his smooth soulful voice remains in a rather timid mood. Take notice of the live percussion instrumentation in the background. Lil Eddie is living it up in the moment on this particular song.The track is very much living in the here and now. Lil Eddie knows what’s best when it comes to his songwriting.

Live It Up is about living up the moment. Think about living in the here and now. Live It Up is about living it up into the moment.

I rate this EP 4/5****!


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