Review: Lil Zane – Young World: The Future

The main message on the Lil Zane – Young World: The Future album for the kids is that it’s cool to be young. The main message for this album, Young World:The Future, is that it’s cool to be young. That’s Lil Zane’s message to the kids. Be fly, cool, and stay in school. All of this album is pop rap meets spoken word with a touch of reality. Lil Zane – Young World: The Future is great to start off the year 2000 with. Despite the inappropriate lyrics, sexually suggestive material, and the obscenities hurled at enemies.

That’s how Priority Records and Worldwide Entertainment promoted and packed this album in Platinum record sales for prosperity and positivity for a good learning experience despite Lil Zane being a pop rap sex symbol along with the group 112. Priority Records and Worldwide Entertainment were trying to gain a younger audience for the record sales and management.

Uncle Luke and Lil Zane got the block locked down and the top down on first track called Top Down. Lil Zane’s music is being played block to block. It’s toe to toe, line for line, and blow for blow on for a Top Down. Lil Zane gets down! Lil Zane got his top down. Lil Zane displays clever wordplay technique with his fast rap rhyming on the freestyle. He changes up the pace. Worldwide Entertainment got it locked down! The production is well up to date.

On None Tonight, Lil Zane is trying to have some fun tonight with a woman up in the club but the woman won’t give Lil Zane any play or any nookie. Lil Zane proves to why he is the one she needs go home and bone with in order to be eligible to have sex with Lil Zane. You see Lil Zane is obviously looking for someone to sleep with when he’s up in the club. After several attempts, it’s obvious Lil Zane is not getting any play tonight. It’s well obvious Lil Zane is having fun tonight. None Tonight was written from a males perspective.

You see, None Tonight is one of those tracks to dance to when you’re up in the nightclub. The song None Tonight is a freaky fun dance/rap song. None Tonight is the shit!

Lil Zane tackles problems of our world due to injustice that commonly occurs on Ways Of The World such as violence, drugs, political corruption, poverty, greed over capitalism, and living in a war zone. These are unfortunately ways of the world in many. This song is rather sad than upbeat as the rest of the songs on this single are. Lil Zane has obscenities hurled at his enemies. So basically Lil Zane tackles problems of our world in the best way he knows how by rapping about such matter in explicit detail. Lil Zane doesn’t want to sugarcoat reality. So to get his point across he raps with such explicit lyrics doing so.

Ways Of The World sounds very similar to sad heartfelt love ballad with the addition of those downtempo guitar notes played by Santana. Ways Of The World also sounds very similar to sad heartfelt love ballad written by Carlos Santana. The sample used in Ways Of The World is Shape Of My Heart by British pop/rock musician Sting. The Sting sample fits Ways Of The World perfectly.

What Must I Do is very similar to a Keith Sweat song. Lil Zane’s a player and he’s begging for love. He just wants attention. He craves attention. This joint is dedicated to that one girl that every player wants. Those other cats are not needed in her life. Lil Zane needs a lady in his life and she is the right one for him. Lil Zane will want to commence sexual intercourse and doesn’t give a fuck whether it’s dark or not. It’s already hot out and his shirt, of course, comes off.

Akon is the one singing in the background vocals. Both Lil Zane and Akon sing their hearts out on Keith Sweat and 112 should have been on this particular song right here. What Must I Do seems to haven been inspired by the genres of Latin, pop, soul, and hip hop/rap.

You Must Really Love Me is a Love & Basketball themed, Omar Epps inspired love song written and recorded by Lil Zane. You Must Really Love Me is about a girl who must really love Lil Zane. It’s not about Lil Zane having a load of money or sports. It’s about being down with a chick. Think Love & Basketball where the chick is down with the dude the whole time.

You Must Really Love Me will remind you of the Omar Epps inspired Love & Basketball movie, It’s All About The Money by G Len and Let’s Stay Together by Al Green. You Must Really Love Me incorporates the genres of R&B, Soul, pop, and hip hop/rap.

Lil Zane was happy when he during the recording process of Callin’ Me because Lil Zane had just gotten a deal for a recording contract with Priority Records. Lil Zane knew that Callin’ Me would be a #1 single that would set it off and help launch his career as a rap artist. The chorus is supported by pop soul group 112. 112 was Lil Zane’s group. He even felt as if he were part of the 112 group despite not being a part of the group. Priority promoted the image Lil Zane of being a pop rap sex symbol along with the group 112. Lil Zane never wanted to be a sex symbol. He just wanted to be young. He also wanted to aspire to be a rapper and an actor.

The music video was off the hook and off the chain! Callin’ Me ended up being Lil Zane’s #1 single as a conclusive hit and charting in the single digits on the BillBoard Charts. Callin’ Me helped launched his career setting it off into stardom as a celebrity sex symbol reaching an unprecedented level of popularity. He toured all over the United States and Canada as result of Callin’ Me being #1 on the BillBoard.

Lil Zane and his boys are hot and bothered. (And quite horny at that!) So Lil Zane takes his boys to meet some chicks for an all night out orgy so they can all have sexual intercourse. This message is applied on Partners Come Along Too. This whole song is basically a “sexcapade” for all of Lil Zane’s boys. (Partners Come Along Too is basically a “sexcapade”.)

Ride On ‘Em is such a futuristic track featuring some of the artists from the Worldwide Entertainment roster. The bass is quite brooding and deep. Think deep bass. The electronic sound on the electronic production used for this track in particular is tight right here.

Beautiful Feelin’ is about young female who Lil Zane describes biographically in a romantic way. On Beautiful Feelin’, this young female has got the attention of all the fellas, so the females are going to be jealous naturally. All the fellas wanna be down like Brandy. Of course they got no play or nookie at that. This leads this young female who Lil Zane is referring on this slow jam love track to be on the fellas bad side. A lot of times it seems like it gets hard for her to maintain her sanity and composure.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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