September 24, 2023

Tweet came back with her sophomore debut called It’s Me Again in 2005 on Atlantic Records. Tweet and Missy Elliott’s vocals are all over this entire album. Missy was the main featured artist and top producer for It’s Me Again.

Tweet gives off her southern swagger on Turn The Lights Off is a sweet song! Missy Elliott is all over the song Turn The Lights Off being the DJ especially at the beginning. She does her famous ad-libbing over the callout hooks throughout Turn The Lights Off.

Iceberg tells the funny tale of how Tweet slipped up and fell in love with an iceberg met up with an iceberg who coincidentally turns out to be cold as ice and knew he could damn be SO COLD!! The relationship was greatly hot for the time it lasted until it sunk like the Titanic. Tweet proceeds to sing mourningly of a beyond sinking relationship for the entire duration of the Iceberg song.

Two Of Us is a beautiful duo with Tweet’s daughter Tashawna Johnson (Starchild). Two Of Us is a duo of Tweet and Tashawna. The song is about 3 to 4 minutes long in track duration. One thing that separates Tweet from many popular R&B singers today is songs that celebrates the relationship between mother and daughter.

Cab Ride (Taxi) samples the introduction music from the retro television show Taxi. Tweet’s voice was so sultry and rich in harmony on the subtle song entitled Taxi. If you just listen closely the bridge is the best part of the song.

Tweet takes it back to the old school a cappella production sound on You. You is very rich, sultry, and soulful. You is a very rich, sultry love ballad.Tweet wonders what she ever saw in this particular man in this song. She fell in love with him at first sight. Tweet wonders what she ever saw in him. That’s right. In other words he is getting the boot at the very end of You.

We Don’t Need No Water is a tight jam and cover version of The Roof is On Fire. Missy Elliott is all over this song as well of course. The song We Don’t Need No Water was a quirky strange way to end the It’s Me Again album.

In the end Tweet got screwed over as well during the release of her second album It’s Me Again in 2005. That one didn’t sell as well. Missy did not put in enough time to promote the album which is what she should have done.

Mainly it was because Missy was collaborating with Ciara in 2004 on the song 1, 2, Step along with choreography for that music video and recording on her solo albums. It would have been a lot better if the songs Whisper, Shook Up, See Ya, and Drama were on there from It’s Me Again album sampler. The It’s Me Again album surely would have been certified diamond by now if songs from the It’s Me Again album sampler were on this album. The It’s Me Again album should have been certified diamond by now.
To sum it all up… It would have sold a lot better than it originally did.

If the original crew members and people were at Atlantic and had Elektra not folded in 2004, we might have gotten a better result from this album. I would have rated this album 5 stars, but unfortunately Missy Elliott had ruined the album by being on most of tracks.

Missy Elliott took most of the spotlight which was unnecessary. Tweet sounds very á la old school Monica on vinyl. Getting help from producer Kwamé was not necessarily the best idea. Missy really knows how to deal with old school music and new school music all at the same time. We have a nostalgic throwback of a sophomore album that is mainly focused on sounds of the 70s and 80s.

I rate this album 3/5***.

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