Review: Jessica Betts – Jessie Pearl

Jessica Betts – Jessie Pearl was released in 2008 on Missy Elliott’s Goldmind Inc.! This album was produced by Missy Elliott and Timbaland. The Jessie Pearl album was released by Goldmind Inc., GrandQrue, Resurrection, and Atlantic Records.

For some business marketing perspective reason, the distributor for Goldmind Inc., Atlantic, decided to release Jessie Pearl in Japan instead of the US. Which to fans was a bad move for Atlantic Records and Missy herself. Missy Elliott should have switched distribution to RED, Clout, eOne, or Sony for her Goldmind Inc. vanity label. There was not much of a market for Jessica Betts in the United States. That’s why Jessica Betts’ Jessie Pearl album was released in Japan.

If Atlantic wasn’t so interested in Missy Elliott and Timbaland, things would have been different for Jessica Betts. She should have released 3 albums on Missy’s label and Atlantic. Truth and Soul would have been a good label for Jessica Betts because it worked out for Nicole Wray of Lady. For those who don’t know, Jessica Betts was winning contestant on Missy Elliott’s Road To Stardom back in 2005. Jessica Betts is from Chicago. Jessica Betts has that Chicago Blues, R&B/Soul, Jazz, and Pop flare to her music. She has true talent. Jessica Betts will remind you of Grace Jones as she emulates Grace Jones.

The reason why Jessica Betts titled he sophomore album Jessie Pearl is because this album is a dedication to her grandmother Jessie Pearl Hadnott. She had decided this title for her album in 2006. The Jessie Pearl album was supposed to be released in 2007 but Missy Elliott pushed it to 2008 due to constant retooling of song material. By 2008, the Jessie Pearl album released in Japan only due management issues and contractual obligations.

All in all, this album was definitely overlooked by the music business, Missy Elliott, and Atlantic. The fans deserve better. Jessica Betts is criminally overlooked! Her voice, energy, and style are just incredible! She has that flare too.

Dealeo and Whisper should have both been singles if they were promoted properly. Block, I Miss You, Moon as well! Unique Girl and Why Me also! Corrupted and Smooth were ok tracks. Smooth, Come To Me, and Unique Girl are all bonus tracks on the Jessie Pearl album.

Hey! What’s the deal on Dealio on Dealeo? Dealeo is a great song! The production sound on the song Dealeo has that vintage vinyl sound right at every bright beginning. The percussion ensemble is perfect with a wide array of percussion instruments. Also the BPM is fast paced yet the song tempo remains slow. Think slow tempo.

Jessica wants to know what the deal on Dealeo. The man she’s after looks so good, fly, and fine. Jessica wants to know the man’s name. That particular man looks good to Jessica. So things get crackin’. Jessica Betts is not your average hoe. That’s what Jessica let’s us know.

Jump On It will remind you of the Dead or Alive song You Spin Round (Like A Record). This is one of those tracks that makes you want to dance. It’s a Dance track.

Jessica’s main objective is to get her man to do what exactly of what the song title says. Jessica has tried it and tried it again but it’s so damn hard when the man has so many friends. Jessica wants to win her affection over his love. Jessica wants to win her affection over him to put it bluntly. No matter how hard she tries, the man ends up rejecting her. But Jessica is resilient and doesn’t give up that easily. No. It’s not over for soulstress Jessica Betts.

Block has that Blues and Gospel feel to it. The organ used on this song give off that church vibe feel in the background. It really gives into the mood of this song. The guitar plucks really give off an extraordinaire rugged Blues sounds with gritty Chicago soul sound. Think about a mixture of Chicago Blues and Chicago soul when you listen to Block.

Jessica Betts is a cold hearted mind from the streets of Southside Chicago. Jessica has got to find a way to eat. She needs food like everyone else. She might have to pack heat because where Jessica comes from packing heat is considered project living. She tries to change the lifestyle in her life but every time she tries she can’t do right. You can’t judge Jessica Betts until you’ve walked in her shoes.

Jessica Betts was born and raised on the block. Jessica Betts talks about how she’s from the streets and she packs heat. She talks about what she knows about what’s going on the block. All she knows is the block. Anything can go on the block. You name it! Jessica knows literally everything related about the block and street life.

Jessica had to be a grown up by the age of 10 because she had a family that she needed to tend to and feed. Jessica had to get in where she could fit in by doing dirt. They depended on her. This is not the life she wanted to live. She’s not looking for any sympathy. So don’t give her any. That’s how it was for her. Jessica was raised in the streets. Streets is real shit!

The song Crush is about love. Jessica Betts has a crush on this man. She will do whatever her man wants do because she has a crush on him. The first touch of love flew Jessica’s way. The man earned her love somehow in way we don’t know. Jessica will give her all in regards to her man. The first time they made love it made Jessica cry. He always tells the truth. There’s something about her man’s smile that drives Jessica Betts buckwild. He’s the only one for her.

Whisper features Missy Elliott with them southern rap beats with heavy bass. She has style. The bass is super duper dope. Missy Elliott does her rapping as usual.

Can we make love before we say goodbye? That’s a question that many couples ask before they break up. Jessica Betts has the answer in this soulful upbeat song called Whisper.

Jessica will make sure this is the last time they’ll have sex again. If they can’t be lovers, they can be friends. They broke up and got their feelings hurt. If Jessica had her and one last time she’ll promise him sexual intercourse of course. She remembers how freaky he is. Does he still love her as she prayed? She ain’t sleeping with no one else but him. Jessica needs sexual healing sometimes. So that’s why she calls him before he decides to go. Can they have another Love TKO? Let’s make love before we go.

To sum it all up, track is about Jessica having last time sex before she says goodbye to her ex-boyfriend. They both broke up and knew this relationship ain’t gonna last. They have sex one last time. Think Freaky Deaky and Sexual Healing.

Superhero is about how a man came into her life to be her boyfriend. Superhero is a unique quirky slow jam.

Nobody’s here but Jessica Betts doesn’t feel you. Jessica is wanting to get to know a guy and be with him. She’s talking to him. She’ll use her superpowers such as x-ray vision. Jessica will save us. The night continues on slowly. Jessica will look not her mans heart and see what’s missing. Superhero baby. She’s getting to know a guy and be with him.

What’s Your Name is about Jessica getting to know a guy and be with him. Jessica wants to get to know him better. What’s a sign? Of love that is of course. He looks so good with his brightened smile. He made quite an impression on Jessica.

Moon is an upbeat bouncy song that to me matches Chicago Blues. Definitely single material!! The beginning of Moon is quite upbeat and catchy. Missy Elliott is on the background vocals. She does her usual ad-lib rapping too.

Jessica loves to watch him sleep. It’s like looking into the sky whilst watching the stars glaze. The river flows gently down his skin as her man takes a bath. His eyes are like stars. They are both out in space and out of sight. Think out of sight, out of mind. She can hear the chirping sounds. She loves to watch him eat. It feels like making love n the moon whenever they have sex. Summertime love is at it again. Fuck the dumb shit.

Don’t Make Me Wait is another love song. This song’s particular mood is quite sad and painful. However this particular song has a hard rock edge to it at the very ending.

She remembers when they both started as friends. Jessica gave him all her love and time. Suddenly it changed. Don’t make me wait on you because my heart won’t let me go this way is what Jessica is trying to say. All this love is for you. Her love is too go to loose. Jessica does not want to wait another day.

Why Me is definitely single material!! She has style. Why Me is a spiritual religious song. So feels ensues. Why Me a cry for rebirth, resurrection, and restoration into the place that God had intended for Jessica Betts. God knows Jessica is not perfect. Jessica knows she’s not perfect. But joy makes all the pain and evils go away. Nobody knows what Jessica’s going through.

The beginning of I Miss You starts off with distorted rock sounds from an electrical keyboard. When’s the next time Jessica will see her man? That’s the question for this song right here. She’s in way too deep. The title says it all.

Smooth to me is a smooth love song similar to Come To Me. A reduction in volume level and production sound on the song Smooth as well. I haven’t heard anything like this in a while.

She feels it smoothly when she lays her eyes on her man. Her eyes caught him suddenly. She can picture them cuddling. It’s nice to meet him. Jessica digs his style. Everything he does is so smooth. She digs his style. Haven’t seen that in a while.

Come To Me is a smooth love song. He’s the only for Jessica Betts. That’s why Jessica wants her man to come to her so Jessica can keep him all to herself.

Unique Girl is single material! Jessica Betts tells us on Unique Girl how she is a ‘unique girl’ hence the title. Jessica Betts is not your average girl from around the way. She is a butch tomboy from the Southside Chicago streets whom has similar looks to model and singer Grace Jones. Jessica is not just a one hit wonder or a Beyonce clone. Jessica is Jessica Betts. She likes it that way and wants to remain that way. With that said, Jessica Betts is truly a unique girl.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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