Review: Lil Eddie – Already Yours

Already Yours was released on CD in 2011 by Lexington/Manhattan Recordings (Manhattan Records) in Japan. 90% of the album Already Yours is material of love songs. Already Yours picks up where City Of My Heart left off. The singles Already Yours and Bring Me Back To Life hit #1 on the iTunes Charts in Japan. Lil Eddie continues to further himself in evolution as a singer-songwriter.

This album is yet another under appreciated Lil Eddie album that did not get noticed by mainstream media. Already Yours picks up where City Of My Heart left off in terms of music. Both albums have similar love songs in relative terms of similarities relatively speaking. 90% of the album Already Yours is material filled with love songs.

Start Over Again deals with the ups and downs in life. Lil Eddie tells us that no matter what stage you are in life, whether you’re young or old, it’s never too late to start all over again. You can always start over again. You know your limits and when you are torn apart. Lil Eddie also tells us that sometimes we need to start over again in life due to the ups and downs that take an emotionally effective toll on us as humans. Life has flaws and is filled with pain.

What’s living without loss? What’s life without loss? What’s giving without a cause? Everything has a price, so now it’s time to pay. What’s life without the flaws? What’s life without the pain? Life has flaws and is filled with such pain as stated. You can always start over again.

Guardian Angel is a heartfelt love song featuring Amerie. Here we are on a rainy day during the coldest summer under covers. Sounds of thunder sound very similar to drums. This is scary. Eddie needs his guardian angel. Everyone needs to have a guardian angel. The outro chorus is supported by adlib. B Section repeats the lyrics itself.

You Got Me (Like Ooh) is a Lil Eddie dance song. Lil Eddie must have been inspired by the dance music genre when writing this song.

Sabotage is about being without the person you love. Being without the person you love is quite difficult to imagine. That person is your emotional rock to lean on in a time of need. That person is your world. Don’t let anyone sabotage what you have been fighting for. Don’t let go.

Already Yours picks up where City Of My Heart left off. Eddie is not like those other guys as he puts it truthfully. You don’t have to read his mind because he is already yours. No one has to read his mind. He knows how you feel baby. Eddie’s actions speak louder than words. Already Yours is a single as well.

Perfect for Mother’s Day is the song Momma. Momma expresses gratitude for the mothers out there. The single Momma proved to be of big success for singer-songwriter Lil Eddie as Momma charted #1 on the iTunes Charts in Japan and US. Momma is a blend and mixture of R&B/Soul.

Lil Eddie experiments with blending in playful futuristic sounding synth notes from an electronic keyboard making it a mixture of Techno and Electronic music for the love song Outta This World. The sounds of Outta This World sound very futuristic sounding for its time. All in all, the production quality is very smooth sounding. Lil Eddie knows what he’s doing when it comes to his own music. That’s why experiments with electronic music every now and then.

Change The World is a cover of “Change The World” of Eric Clapton which Lil Eddie fully demonstrated perfectly well. In a way of pop sense.

I rate this album 4/5****!!

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