Review: Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – 55

Review: Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – 55

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band (BRSB) has now released their long awaited debut album called “55” on Brooklyn’s Big Crown Records in 2016! 55 is a steel drum music with an updated approach flawlessly touching other music genres. BSOB does a flawless good job keeping in the tradition of steel drum music. The music’s instrumentation is flawlessly played along with the instrumentation arrangements. Funk elements can be heard on this album too if you pay attention by listening closely.

Port Of Spain Hustle is a spaced out disco vibe which is also considered to be gritty by fans of music. Port of Spain Hustle is one of the strongest tunes on the album because it is an original composition written by BSOB. This song holds down the most weight of the album. The instrumentation arrangements are played flawlessly.

Highway Ride is an original composition by BSOB which is another strong tune holding down the weight of the album. By far, Highway Ride is still largely undiscovered being overlooked by fans of reggae music. Also, Highway Ride has a disco vibe too!

Police In Helicopter is smooth reggae steel pan music chilling and soothing for the soul. The music’s instrumentation arrangements are flawlessly played. Laventille Road March is a heavy drum ridden song with a smooth reggae music vibe. This song was recorded on analog 8 track tape at The Mocambo Studios in Hamburg, Germany.

I rate this album 5/5*****!


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