Review: Shaggy – Wah Gwaan?!

Shaggy gets in touch with his rhythmic reggae roots on his 2019 album Wah Gwaan?! The album uses a set of dub reggae with roots reggae and dancehall. That is evident on songs such as Caribbean Way, Supernatural, and When She Loves Me.

Shaggy shows everyone how reggae is done in Jamaica on his song called the Caribbean Way. This is Caribbean style reggae blended in with dub reggae. This is the Caribbean way of partying.

Sexy gals are dressed to impress. Nothing less as none of them waste time. They dance to the basslines of basslines of dub reggae around the clock played by the DJ. That’s how they bubble up. It’s the way they party from night straight back to day time. You should know that’s how they lime This is the Caribbean way of partying. So get used the Caribbean way.

Supernatural is a dub romance song with dancehall superstars Shaggy, Stacy Barthe, and Shenseea. The song uses a huge to of dub reggae with heavy basslines and minimal beats.

That thing is supernatural. Shaggy doesn’t know but he’s feeling it. He is feeling an An out-of-body experience while experiencing and having sexual intercourse. The sex is tremendous. That is what the lyrics, “Oh, that thing is supernatural (Mmm)/I don’t know but I’m feeling it (Yeah)/An out-of-body experience”

She never knew that her legs would shake like that. Her eyes roll back when she reaches a climax. So you know Shaggy puts in the work when he hits the G-spot. That’s the orgasm spot which females have as wells as males. There are very few things that can make a woman’s legs shake, eyes roll back, and then climax.

That thing called sexual intercourse is supernatural. Sexual intercourse is an out-of-body experience that is considered to be supernatural.

Him and the girl he is having sexual intercourse with both love pleasure. They both sweat under pressure. (Interesting) That is what the lyrics, “Di love weh yuh a gi mi cyaan count, cyaan measure/Mek mi a sweat like me unda pressha” He loves it when she wraps her body around him like a sweater. Plus he likes tight spaces such as a cockpit. He is acrobatic like a gymnast. What is sex without some gymnastics moves?

Read the acrobatic gymnastic sports lyrics to Verse 2 get a better understanding.

[Verse 2: Stacy Barthe & Shaggy]
Me a gyal weh love pleasure (Proppa)
Di love weh yuh a gi mi cyaan count, cyaan measure
Mek mi a sweat like me unda pressha (Interesting)
Love it wen yuh han wrap up mi body like swetta-swetta (Yow)
Well drastic, Missa Boombastic (Come on)
Have di ting weh can stretch mi like lastic (Yeah, wah)
Mi acrobatic like a gymnastic
Plus me tight like space inna cockpit, hey

She fired up a line of sweet sugarcane. She likes feeling the pressure and pain. Her voice echos through his window pane.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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