Review: Lil Eddie – City Of My Heart

City Of My Heart was released on Manhattan Recordings (Manhattan Records)/EMI in Japan and US in 2009 on CD. City Of My Heart is filled with tales of heartbreak and sorrow. In fact, the entire half of the album is filled with love songs of course. The other half of the album is filled with a slice of life genre. The album City Of My Heart sold a total of 300,000 which was considered phenomenal sales!

Lil Eddie combats the problems of traffic congestion and transportation at the very beginning of City Of My Heart. Eddie wants wings in automobiles that way if anyone is stuck in traffic congestion during rush hour that can rush through the sky. The line “Can you imagine living in a place where the wings in the cars go up, up, up And if you’re ever stuck in traffic, fly past, sit in the rush, rush Straight through the red light. (ooh)” sums up Eddies’s views on traffic congestion and transportation very well.

The city of which Eddie is residing is the place that takes place inside of him is exactly what he considers to be the “city of my heart”. He takes us on a tour to a place called the city in my heart. Lay back like as if we’re chillin’ on the beach because Eddie will be the tour guide for this tour/journey. He will do all the driving.

After the very beginning of City Of My Heart, the rest of the song turns into a love song which ironically it always was even at the very beginning. Of course this is expected because this is Lil Eddie we’re talking about.

Start Over Again deals with the ups and downs in life. Lil Eddie tells us that no matter what stage you are in life, whether you’re young or old, it’s never too late to start all over again. You can always start over again. You know you limits and when you are torn apart. Lil Eddie also tells us that sometimes we need to start over again in life due to the ups and downs that take an emotionally effective toll on us as humans. Life has flaws and is filled with pain.

What’s living without loss? What’s life without loss? What’s giving without a cause? Everything has a price, so now it’s time to pay. What’s life without the flaws? What’s life without the pain? Life has flaws and is filled with such pain as stated. You can always start over again. Your fate will be tested throughout your life. Life is never perfect.

Hollyhood describes the success of how Lil Eddie made it out the neighborhood. Hollyhood also describes the success of Lil Eddie in his songwriter career along with the fall and rise of his career. Eddie gets very sentimental and autobiographical on Hollywood.

He particularly describes how it would be miracle if he were to ever reach to ever see his 21st year in his lifetime. But Lil Eddie made it out the neighborhood from a life of poverty. The verses “Cause it’d be a miracle if I ever reach to ever see my 21st year But look at your boy I made it out the sewer Thanks to Grandma I’m a entrepreneur So many people said I couldn’t do it” sums up how Lil Eddie proved everyone wrong of how he would become a failure at life.

Lil Eddie went from homeless singer-songwriter to melody maker of the world’s premie. Lil Eddie describes bluntly how he dealt living in a life of poverty on this line “You gotta make the best of what you got”. When you come from a successful background, the only way to go is up. Lil Eddie is now a Japan Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter!

Lil Eddie and Mya are a perfect combination duo for the Searching For Love track. The combination of these two voices works very well. Anytime Mya and Lil Eddie get together, the combination as a duo proves to be a success as Searching For Love charted at #1 on the iTunes Charts in 2009.

Both Eddie and Mya are searching for the true definition of love. When it comes to love, the duo is quite curious leading them on a quest through singing and soul on this journey. Every story has more than two sides to it when love is involved. By the end of this love ballad, the duo finally find out what love is. Their fate is tested throughout the song.

Lost Footage takes us though a personal journey of a moment from the past from one of Eddie’s memories. It was a memory of a past relationship. Every story has more than two sides to it. They say nothing lasts forever. But there’s still lost footage to the memory. No one has ever seen the lost footage.

All I See was a song that Lil Eddie helped produce for Kylie Minogue for her X album. This version of All I See on Lil Eddie’s City Of My Heart album is his own cover of the same song. That’s why you can hear that particular flair of pop music in this song. Think pop flair.

Trouble Sleeping is a bonus track that appeared on the Deluxe Edition of City of My Heart. The song featured Japanese artists JAY’ED and Casper. The song is a mix of the English and Japanese language. JAY’ED raps in Japanese on the second verse. At the beginning the song’s tempo is set at two-step.

Love don’t live here anymore on Love Next Door. Love Next Door is a cute innocent upbeat love song about the girl next door Lil Eddie has a crush on. He can’t hide his true feeling on this love song. Such raw emotion is shown throughout the song. The song Love Next Door is another hidden bonus track.

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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