Review: Lil Zane – Tonight I’m Yours

Tonight I’m Yours is about Lil Zane strictly focusing on his girlfriend instead of his acting career, music career, family, and, of course, friends. Lil Zane does this by turning off his 2-way cellular phone and taking off time from touring for his music career.

Tonight I’m Yours is the hit single despite charting on the BillBoard Charts hitting from #106 to #108. Using Tank as a featured guest artist was a smart move because Tank was already established in the music business when Lil Zane was just getting started in the music business. Tonight I’m Yours is a basically a love song with Tank.

L.I.L.Z.A.N.E. is the Big Zane/Lil Zane anthem of this album right here! Envyi does a great job on this track with singing the background vocals. Lil Zane tells us all about him on this standout track song here! I loved this song when it first came out on the Tonight I’m Yours enhanced CD single. It reminds me of Big Spender from 1963. Lil Zane is still banging out classics to this days. Lil Zane is glued to his original masterplan of his game plan. Other than that, L.I.L.Z.A.N.E. had a positive potential to be a single and have a music video.

The bass is quite hyphy on Bounce. Bounce could have been used a B-Side to the Tonight I’m Yours single but there already have been too many singles with the title “Bounce” in the music business already used by a handful of numerous artists over the years. We can see why Priority did not choose the Bounce track to be as a single.

The Do It, Don’t Stop track will remind you of the beginning introductory track for a Broadway musical stage play when the play is first started to being conducted as the actors are ready to act on stage. The synth horns seem to be made to sound live.

Do It, Don’t Stop is celebrating the return of Lil Zane as Zane basically. Lil Zane was trying to mature himself as a person using the name Zane instead of Lil Zane as he did on his previous debut album Young World: The Future.

Peel Out is all about wildin’ out! With Enyvi on the track as the background vocalist, it makes Lil Zane eye candy. Lil Zane is obviously living the fast life in his musical career and his acting career. Only real true ballers really “peel out”. Peel Out is very sexually suggestive when it comes to dealing with the song’s subject material. A lot of model car references are made.

Come Runnin’ is a morning after type of track Come Runnin’ is a sex track/love song. I love this track. It had a lot of potential to be a single along many other tracks on this album. Come Runnin’ is very similar to Peel Out, Tonight I’m Yours, and Do It, Don’t Stop. Envyi is on Come Runnin’.

I rate this single 5/5*****!!

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