Review: Luke 808 – Island Vibin

Luke 808 – Island Vibin’ is a hip hop/rap influenced reggae album where hip hop/rap meets the sounds of tropical reggae music with positive vibes. It’s Hawaiian reggae. Think reggae with a Hawaiian touch. His album has something for everybody to kick back, enjoy, and listen to. Everything from his lyrical skills to smooth singing styles are great. The album was released to CDBaby online in 2009 as a digital download.

Hip hop/rap meets the sounds of reggae music on the title song Island Vibin’. The song uses a mixture of both reggae and hip hop/rap. A live drum kit is used throughout the song which matches the reggae rhythm. The song will make you feel at home due to its reggae vibe.

Don’t Go has a West Coast flavor with a reggae rhythm mixed with hip hop with dub bass for backing. The song uses a wide array and a variety of live instruments which is why you can feel that live vibe inside the rhythm. Percussion, guitars, and the piano stand out the most. The song has an easy going, laid back vibe which you can kick back and relax to.

Life of Mine is an upbeat reggae with a touch of West Coast rap flavor. Life of Mine has many similarities to the song Don’t Go due to its upbeat rhythm and sound. Reggaeton meets hip hop/rap on the song Life of Mine. So Aloha to that!

Hide N Seek is a slow paced hip hop song with a touch of reggae from the Hawaiian Islands. One would not expect a song such as this to come from the Hawaiian Islands.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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