Review: Da Misses – Realism Religion

Da Misses – Realism Religion is a “Lost Tapes” album which is one of the coldest most lyrical Sacramento rap albums of 2021. Realism Religion is on the rise with her style. Her style is Psycho Funk flows. Her lyrics describe the everyday life of American inner-cities. Realism Religion compiles her own story of individuality and closure. Although Da Misses is not a hyphy artist per se, she has embraced the culture and recorded hyphy songs.

The Realism Religion album was produced by Willie L. Charles (LA Chill). The Realism Religion album was supposed to be released in 2003 on Trump Teezee Records (trumptz) and distributed by Kevin Johnson’s Black Armor Records. However none of that happened because Lena Renae Coleman aka female rapper Da Misses had been arrested for attempted murder and assault with a firearm on David Mitchell aka rapper Ballin A$$ Dame. She is currently serving a life sentence in Chowchilla Female Prison. Realism Religion was finally released in October 2021 by Trump Teezee Records online.

I Use Game was produced by Big Will of Trump Teezee Records and Cashout Beats. KA$H is the featured artist on this track during the second verse. Da Misses comes with a “me against the world” attitude on the track. The track has bass that will rattle your speakers! She started rapping a long time ago in a shack with writing deadly poetry. She started rapping when she was a little girl. She would rap about the everyday drama that was in her life.

Da Misses uses a flow of fierce lyrical delivery in her raps on the song So Serious. So Serious is a Da Misses solo which was recorded for her Realism Religion album in 2003.

Da Misses comes straight and does her thing with the music on the song Realism Religion. The track is laced with a funky guitar rhythm and a bangin’ beat that will rattle your speakers! Realism means be yourself and religion means believing in the talent one is blessed with. Realism means being real.

NiteShift has that hyphy Bay Area sound inside of the bass and beats. Notice how the bass is turned up a few octaves to a higher level.

I rate this album 5/5*****!

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