Review: Tank Doggs – Beware Of Da Doggs

Tank Doggs – Beware Of Da Doggs was supposed to the next hottest thing on the tank of No Limit Records in the late 1990s. The Tank Dawgs album featured C-Murder, Mac, Fiend, Mystikal, and Snoop Dogg since he was “Top Dogg” of the No Limit tank during that time. The Tank Doggs is the most lyrical and spectacular No Limit album ever made. A definite classic. C-Murder had some of the dopest collaborations with No Limit that were just raw.

On this album Master P, C-Murder, Mac, Fiend, Mystikal, and Snoop Dogg went by aliases specifically. For example, Snoop Dogg was Top Dogg, Fiend was Sleepy Eye Jones, Mac was Camoflauge Assassin, and C-Murder was Da Killa/50$. Murder, following in his brother’s footsteps, took some of the best new talented rappers off of the Tank and placed them in this new group, under new aliases. That is how creative he was with this album.

Beats by the Pound, KLC, L.T. Hutton, Craig B, Daz Dillinger, Soopafly, Dr. Dre, and Meech Wells were the producers behind the Tank Doggs album. Although KLC primarily did a bulk of the production.

No Limit was coming out with so many albums. One of which had the biggest hype. Tank Doggs – Beware Of Da Doggs was one of the many highly anticipated No Limit albums and TRU Records albums that was supposed to be released in 1999. Fiend, KLC, and Master P have said that the album is completed.

However Tank Doggs – Beware Of Da Doggs was never released and remains unreleased to this day for a variety of reasons. There are too many legal issues behind the songs and the album. It’s sad. We will probably never get the Tank Dawgs album. The Tank Doggs – Beware Of Da Doggs would have done numbers if released. Obviously this is most famous and most sought after No Limit release of all time.

The other reason why Tank Doggs – Beware Of Da Doggs remains unreleased is because Master P wants to C-Murder to be released from prison when the album gets released. He wanted C-Murder to be present since he was a member of Tank Dawgs.

Casualties Of War was one of the songs recorded for the Tank Dogg’s album back in 1997. The song featured Fiend, Mac, and Mr. Serv-On.

The song Casualties Of War was used on a couple of compilations such as the Dogday Records compilation Million Dollar Dream: The High Powered Double Album and a 1997 King George compilation.

Casualties Of War was leaked on the 1997 Dogday Records compilation Million Dollar Dream: The High Powered Double Album when King George left No Limit. King George leaked it on this compilation in 1997 and a 1997 compilation of his. Master P noticed this and threatened legal action if the song was not removed. That is why future pressings of this release have this song removed because of copyright issues.

Listen closely and you can hear where someone poorly edited the song at the very end. You’ll hear the words, “Yeah, we some Tank Dogs” followed by a silent hiss. That silent hiss is where someone poorly edited the sound and production.

Fiend recycled his lyrics since the Tank Doggs album never come out. His verse on Casualties Of War is second verse (Verse 2) of The Streets Ain’t Safe from his second album There’s One In Every Family. That is where the verse appears on Fiend’s second album There’s One In Every Family.

[Verse 2]
I’m an automatic pistol bustin’
He laughs, screamin’ down to the haters
Caution his lies knowin’ he gonna pay for it later
But Fiend of being the baddest
Later on
Never to go, just mama command us
Nigga no heat advantage, stay hustlin’ livin for the day
Robbin’ to the way in the alleyway, that soldier ain’t prayin’
Forgive me, I almost waited for my breed to help me
They won’t doubt me so I’m a take something to get wealthy
Healthy, young, got a gun ain’t afraid to lose it
This corner, I’m about to lose it. It’s life I ain’t choosin’
I was placed here, a nigga before me was erased here
Killa face fear but I plans to make and count cake here
Get down and show me you’re
Bout It Come and take what I took
That chef was paddin’ the way you got the face of a crook
Project walls shook, until Fiend’s Spirit rose in me
I chose to “G”, Wait until the world get a load of me

The song Tank Dogs is about how Mac, Fiend and C-Murder be them Tank Doggs from the 504 (New Orleans, Louisiana).

They won’t limit the truth. Tank Doggs roll with killers and dealers. They got niggas tweekin for shit like a dope fiend. C-Murder gets a buzz when he dip blunts. He makes moves with that nigga with the gold fronts. His shit is sellin’ like uncut dope and like coke. Fuck with camouflaged and you gon die tonight. If that bullet don’t kill you, then you gon’ bleed from a dog bite. No limit for life. TRU niggas stay cut.

Fiend wanted to live. Much skrilla is all he sees. All the niggas the tank can’t be with be the young killers. Tank Doggs make hustlers quick. TRU gang affiliated with two more niggas. Fiend chases blood like a piranha. His eyes are sleepy from that ganja.He left your neighborhood burning in flames just as a reminder.

Mac says now everybody wanna be a tank dogg because them tank dogg niggas get paid. Don’t nobody wanna be a tank dawg hater because them tank dawg haters get sprayed. They call Mac Mr. Camouflaged as he is a samurai warrior. He is kinda hostile in a war no doubt. Call a coroner as there are dead bodies in his Nautica van.

He lays back with the thirty gat in his hand. He came up from the dust never givin’ a fuck. Only tank dawgs understand.That’s the way it was and the way it got to be. Tank Doggs back up in them with the soldier shit.

Tru Tank Dogs explains who the true Tank Dogg’s are. The song uses classic Craig B beats. The song uses catchy and repetitive lyrics typically found in Southern rap and East Coast rap such as “Put your set up or shut up”, “Where they at”, “Where they at, hoe?”, ”bitch ass nigga”, and “get your mind right”.

Mystikal’s rhyming is on point as always. Here are some examples.

I’m the ground when you think
I’m the file on the shank
I’m the pile in the bank
I’m the round out the tank

Tank Doggs been holding back too muthafuckin’ long. Fuck the dumb shit. It’s time to represent. It’s time to let you niggas.

Mystikal is the conscience in the toolbox that’s coming for the carpenter. The leerer. The man people call him clipping the suits flipping the car. They call Mystikal the godfather. One of the brand new number two pencils out the pencil sharpener. He is the scarlet water out the Delta Gaucet. Mystikal is a symbol of the drama in New Orleans. All the weed, dope, coke, and alcohol at the parties. The vegetables that grow in the garden. He is the voice in the microphone coming from the booth. That’s who! He’s the round out the tank.

TRU tank dogs. They them niggas you don’t want to fuck with at all. Who like to hustle and ball.

Snoop Dogg got finished eating a batch of chicken wings with some collard greens. He’s in the club in New Orleans, Louisiana. He’s down south in the house straight turning it out. He’s bitches in his face with all the shit that they be tweaking.Snoop Dogg ain’t leaking as his game is tough and tight. You ain’t seen nothing like this in a long time. This G shit, nigga.

Every soldier got a story to tell. Kind of similar like how every person has their story to tell. Every soldier carries and burdens their own wounds when in battle or war. That is the message of the song War Wounds.

Mystikal and Master P went off on War Wounds. Silkk’s offbeat flow and style is what helped make the song memorable. Silkk brought out difference to traditional Southern rap by staying with his own flow.

Fiend has been through it all. Fiend gone get the scene hot. Greens and rocks. Burnin’ flesh. Have you ever smelled burning flesh? He is livin’ the dirty, dirty. That dirty life. The fact is you don’t choose your wars. Or be like Fiend and do it with two guns. Check his war wounds. Every soldier got a story to tell.

Master P’s adversaries get popped and that has what’s got him running from police. The ghetto is like Vietnam. That is why Master P carries two Glocks. His enemies are bad. He’s got fools from the ghetto like his cousin Jimmy who wears permanent metals.

[Master P]
My adversaries get popped
Got me runnin’ from cops
The ghetto’s like Vietnam
Got me carryin’ two Glocks
My enemies is bad
Chop limes of grass
Drive-bys and rags
And representin’ red and blue flags
See I got fools from the ghetto
Like my cousin’ Jimmy wear permanent metals
My evidence is status with hoes
Bloody Polos
Pullin’ in car do’s
And cut up Girbauds

Silkk the Shocker is down to blast for his homies and cash for his homies. Even if he is old he’ll be down to ride and die. If the hood calls him. That’s why he is hustling every day. Could you imagine him with no stash? Like a bank with no cash. Silkk the Shocker is a Richmond rider and a Caliope crawler. A Down South Hustla. Plus a head buster from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Silkk the Shocker gotta be a paid nigga. A made nigga. Silkk the Shocker is the nigga to bust yo’ shit. And the nigga to be the grave digger.

The tattoos reveal some of the war wounds that are embedded in him from war and battle. Silkk the Shocker reveals and made references to his war wounds in these lyrics.:

See my tattoos reveal some of the shit I done did
But the move of other niggas that bout it
Feel the shit I do just to live
See I been stabbed, popped at, and shot at
But I live an eye for eye
So the enemies I ain’t forgot that

Mystikal is the Saudi Arabian death killing veteran of the platoon. Either him or you right here. Mystikal is trained to kill. He’s got blood on his fatigues. Once you’re in there ain’t no turning back. Lay your ass over seas. Might as well handle your business. There’s no overcome to this shit. Be on yo’ Ps and Qs, nigga. Don’t cry like no bitch.

It’s real, shit’s real check my war wounds
This here real life, ain’t no fuckin’ cartoons
I’m the Saudi Arabian death killin’ veteran of the platoon
Either me or you right here
Come back and hang out in my room
I done shot my rifle, trained to kill
Got blood on my fatiques
Once you in ain’t no turnin’ back
Lay yo’ ass over seas
Might as well handle your business
There’s no overcome to this shit
Be on yo’ Ps and Qs nigga
Don’t cry like no bitch

You might remember the song Runnin’ from the police in the opening scene of Hot Boyz where Silkk was in the red Corvette evading police leading to a high speed chase. The beginning part of hot boyz is one of the best movie openers ever. Runnin’ from the police featured C-Murder and Mystikal.

Police got a warrant out on C-Murder. Police want him dead or alive. Catch the news at 5 PM. He can’t sleep unless he makes it across the border to Cancun, Mexico. On the beach with a freak looking at the moon and the stars. Police cars got a nigga spooked. Every time he sees the boys in blue, he wanna run, get the gun, and start bustin’ for fun. Hide in trees never waiting on the outcome. Will C-Murder ever see the penitentiary or will they ever capture him? He doesn’t know. He is just running from the police.

Task Force Squad is on his on trail. It’s hard try to hide in the ride when he makes it to the north side. Dirty gat in the Lac with the broken tail lights. His rap sheet is kind of long. His life of crime all started when he listened to a rap song. He’s gotta creep cause them motherfuckers are after his ass.

We Won’t Stop is about Tank Doggs won’t stop until the tanks on the wall. They’re going to ball until they fall.

Tank Doggs won’t stop until the tanks on the wall. They’re going to ball until they fall. They have made their mark. Tank Doggs are a few souljas a part of this No Limit world. A world where they’ve been harassed and even incarcerated for making and chasing the finer things even if they are legitimate. Tank Doggs are ghetto millionaires.

C-Murder visualizes getting shot by the bullets of his enemies. He still shiver when he glances at his war wounds. Young souljas turned victim at the full moon. Made from the realest niggas thoughts with the game from their veins straight to the heart. So many mother’s shed tears. TRU niggas make the world go round. The world ain’t never been the same since the last don put it down.

C-Murder’s lyrics paint a vivid graphic imagery of what his life was during that time.

I visualize gettin’ shot by the bullets of my enemies
rest in peace, to all my fallen homies
young souljas turned victim at the full moon
I still shiver when I glance at my war wounds
niggas feel my justice, and facial expression
so many mother’s shed tears i guess they learned they lesson
cause TRU niggas make the world go round
the world ain’t never been the same since the last don put it down
T-R-U, M-O-B, til the day we die
we represent the intercity, the dark side
we made men, made from the realest niggas thoughts
with the game from our veins straight to the heart

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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