Review: Marques Callaway ‎– Wut Da Hell U Lookin At

Marques Callaway ‎– Wut Da Hell U Lookin At is the most overlooked soul rap album from San Antonio to date. Soul meets rap on this album with a smooth sound, vibe, and nature. While not a full length album, his serves as a good starting point for a debut album. However the duration of this album is only 30 minutes long. What Marques lacks in longevity he makes up for in his smooth soulful vocals on these songs of his. The album has a cosmopolitan sound.

Ricé arranged and produced the beats to the songs on his album. Marques Callaway’s debut album was one of many projects Ricé had his hands at the time. He was producing for Lil Sin, Mojoe, Mr. Joshay, and Underground Committee at the time as well as producing so many other albums for San Antonio rap artists and soul artists also. You can feel Ricé’s presence in the production and sound. Matt Damon of San Antonio’s famous Rhapsody Street Studios mixed and engineered some of the album. Marques Callaway’s debut album was one of many projects Matt Damon had his hands in during this time as he was working with Ear Food Orchestra, Mojoe, PKO, and A-Gee.

Soul rap from San Antonio, Texas during the 2000s decade was often overlooked, overshadowed, and often under appreciated by most people. This album is no exception. Marques Callaway has always been overlooked by many.

The song Pimp S**T has that laid back smooth pimp vibe and slick tone. The sound of this song is smooth and sultry in nature. Ricé plays a guitar which follows a rhythm on the song. The beat is slow and simple. The song was mixed by Ricé and Matt Damon.

Marques spits game like Too Short and UGK on the business of pimping. Marques Callaway explains to that pimping ain’t no illusion as it’s real. Pimping is how he pays his bills. These hoes don’t understand but that doesn’t matter to a player like Marques Callaway. Hoes play games in the business of pimping day in and day out. Marques doesn’t have time for any games. He needs to pay his bills. Pimping ain’t no illusion like UGK said.

Wut da Hell U Lookin At was the song and single that helped Marques Callaway get respect and recognition among his peers in the San Antonio rap scene and in soul music too. The song was popular in San Antonio and Austin back in 2000. The song was played on radio stations in San Antonio and Austin.

This song was aimed at the haters and hoes who doubted he would be successful in music. People always want to test his patience and start drama everywhere he goes. He would often be seen riding in a drop top Convertible on the roads of San Antonio. This made some people jealous of him. Marques lets the listener(s) know that he is not playing. You know what they say. They don’t play in San Antonio.

The Chewin’ features legendary rap artists Lil Sin and Mr. Joshay. Local rap artists Big B and K9 appear on the song also. This song is not as sprightly as the others. The sound is sort of brittle.

Marques Callaway is rolling down 410 (I 410) sipping Hennessy. He is looking for some shit to get into. So he calls his nigga Dell. He asks him, “Hey. What are you doing? Meet me at the corner store.” He tells him this is urgent. Suddenly this fine ass female rolls up in a Mercedes Benz. She has hella friends. They exchanged numbers. She’s frontin’ like she ain’t gonna call him.

So he is on his way to meet this fine ass female who is totally fresh. He ends up knocking the boots with her for the night. He knows that she’s the one for him.

The On Da Grind Version of Wut da Hell U Lookin At is similar to a Billy Cook song due to the mellow tone, sound, and vibe. Rice was striding for something better with this version. This version is more tuneful and more soulful.

I rate this album 4/5****!

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