Review: Michel’le – Hang Tyme EP

The Michel’le – Hang Tyme EP is classic soul and R&B meets hip hop/rap. Hang Tyme continues the mix of classic soul and hip-hop. Hang Tyme, Wasted My Tyme (Remix), So Many Wayz (Remix), This Thing Called Love, and Tell Me More Lies were some of the standout tracks.

The Michel’le – Hang Tyme EP was the follow-up EP to Hung Jury. Hang Tyme picks up where Hung Jury left off. She picks up where she left off on this EP.

The EP was supposed to be released in 1998. However the Hang Tyme EP never came out as there were disagreements between Michel’le and the producers. She didn’t agree with the creative direction they wanted her to go in. So Suge had the EP shelved as a result. Also from a sales standpoint, the sales for the Hung Jury album were very poor. They did not want to risk EP flopping. The EP even had a catalog number issued which was Death Row 30248 (cassette single).

Michel’le shows her more feminine side on Hang Tyme. She also show cases her more sensual and sexual side on the song as well. Better production was used. However better production would be needed to make this song a hit.

Wasted My Tyme was about the time she wasted in her relationship with Dr. Dre. This was the song that caused Dre and Suge to slap her. You can tell Michel’le still had feelings for Dre when listening to the lyrics on Wasted My Tyme (Remix). The lyrics “Don’t cry, don’t you cry no more” and “I told you to go, I just want to be alone” hit the heart hard. Her lyrics have ability to touch your heart. The song uses a warm funky bass line which makes the song memorable.

So Many Wayz (Remix) was another cut which explained and showcased her toxic relationship with Dre. She loved Dre in so many ways. There are so many ways to say the things you want to say and do. There are so many ways to say goodbye.

Tell Me More Lies is No More Lies and Tell Me Lies revisited. Tell Me More Lies is a song aimed at men who are abusive and unfaithful to their lovers. However this song is aimed more at unfaithful men than it is abusive men it seems. Men exaggerate, lie, and are unfaithful at times. The song was aimed at Dr. Dre and Suge Knight for not being faithful.

I rate this EP 5/5*****!!

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