Review: Lil O – Food On Tha Table

Lil O – Food On Tha Table is one of Lil O’s best albums to date. The album has everything gangsta rap to slow jams for the bedroom. The album was written from an ex-drug dealer’s perspective and outlook on life. All of these tracks were written from Lil O’s experiences as a former drug dealer. Mid tempo love ballads such as My 3 Wives, He Ain’t Got to Know, Do You Think About Me, and He’s So Gangsta are on the album. Lil O – Food On Tha Table is considered to be and is a hood classic. There are not any tracks worth skipping as each track is worth listening to. This is his greatest masterpiece next to Blood Money and Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze. This is real Southern rap. It gets no realer than this.

The first track and opener at the beginning of the album is Food on the Table which is actually Food on the Table Pt. 1. Food on the Table is about staying focused on your hustle and grinding through life to making your dreams come true. They say don’t work you don’t eat. It’s a fact of life. The track explains how Lil O hustles and stays on his grind. It gets no realer than this.

When Lil O became a man, he realized it wasn’t about what these niggas and hoes were saying about him. It was about him staying focused and making his dreams come true. Lil O was a lil nigga with big dreams. All he had was Christ. He’ll be alright as long as he is able to always put food on the table. Lil O keeps his eyes on the prize and never intends to lose. He went from the Houpe to the Lexus Range. If your broad chose him, then check your dame. Fat Rat with the cheese. Respect the name.

They say don’t work you don’t eat. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes you got to take a chance it and snatch the dice. Take chances in life. And say fuck friends if they ain’t acting right. Never look back until you get your assets right. You see there are two choices in life. Win or lose. Respect the game. Fuck these haters. They just gonna hate because you are extra lavish.

See Lil O don’t got no friends. Because ain’t nobody was there when he ain’t got no ends. And won’t nobody roll if he ain’t got no Benz. Sometimes he feels like he has got nothing to win. Hoes ain’t there when Lil O has no dough. And they won’t bop if he ain’t got no shows. Sometimes he feel likes he ain’t got no soul. All he has is the Lord. Lil O knows God is with him when he is lonely. He is careful bout the broads and the friends he chooses to be around. These niggas want Lil O dead for numerous reasons. Fuck everybody else. This is what Lil O believes in.

Lil O tells haters not to plex or instigate in any beef with him as he is deadly and dangerous on the track Don’t Plex. Big balling Texas. You are now about to witness the sounds of the Fat Rat with the Cheese better known as Lil O.

Lil O just came to party. He don’t really wanna hurt or kill nobody. But some people like to jump into some gangsta games and never learn until a playa shank they frame. All you hear is broads is yelling. What makes you think you won’t catch three in your dome? So the best thing to do is leave it alone.

Hey don’t plex. Dog it ain’t even worth it. Lil O will have you in a coffin looking picture perfect. Chest looking like a mess and your body blue like smurfy. What’s all the plex for? Relax and chill. Stop acting like a broad. You need mass and gill. This is Big balling Texas. So start acting trill. We don’t fight over hoes. We don’t do it like that down here.

If I Could Then I Would deals how if Lil O could stop slanging and cocaine he would. The track explores and explains his thrill for selling cocaine and his addiction to wealth. The message of this track is that money is more addictive than crack cocaine itself.

You have to realize is that money is more addictive than crack cocaine itself. A nigga like Lil O really don’t like doing what he do. But fast cash is more addictive than crack itself. If Lil O could then he would stop slanging and selling cocaine.

All Lil O does is gangsta shit. He hit stangs and licks. Pushes cocaine and whip. So you know the Fat Rat is gonna stuff his face. Bleed the block nonstop until he bust his safe. Lil O is addicted to this cash and it hurts him. Lil O is married to the streets like he wed the gutter. He’s a greedy motherfucker. Blood thirsty and ready to put a cap in a motherfuckers ass.

Mack Biggers is about to go in the zone. Knowing his own competition is puzzled and lost. He paid the cost baby. Mack is attracted to cash like Lil O is.

He’s So Gangsta is about a woman who fell in love with a gangster named Lil O. She tells her mother she is fully aware of the fact she messed up. She does not care because he’s so gangsta. She loves and needs him. The track uses some funky synthesizer bass chords over hard Southern beats.

This woman is fully aware she messed up by falling in love with a gangster named Lil O. She does not care because he’s so gangsta. She loves and needs him. Lil O is the boy your mother speaks about. The one that you sneak in the house when she goes to work.The thug that always beat it up and have it leaking out. His dick is all you think about. He’s the hustler with the work and street power.

He Ain’t Got to Know is about Lil O telling a woman he is sleeping to keep all the things they do on the low from her man along with everyone else. He Ain’t Got to Know has a playful have vibe and sound. This track is dedicated to all the playas all over the world. Everybody that knows how to keep things on the down low.

Her man ain’t gotta know the freaky things they do because that is between them. If she won’t tell then he won’t tell. Simple.

Lil O sees her at the beauty shop. Lil O sees her with her homegirls having drinks. Doing all the things that girls do a lot such as gossip and shopping. Her man would never think she was out here boppingYoung playas like Lil O who ain’t want for nothing. Lil O is a young balla stunning and riding on buttons. She ain’t gotta front with O. Lil O tells her that is their business. Nobody has got to know what they are doing. He asks and tells her to keep this on the low so no one knows of their affairs.

Lil O is the one she calls when she wants to forget all what man did to piss her off or when she wants to ball. They can smoke some marijuana and sip on a little Hypno while they sit up in his sauna. She probably tried to give him something but he wasn’t with it.

The Real Nigga Rules is a track for people that want something major out of life and get somewhere. The track is about applying yourself to be earning money. These are some rules which you can live by and apply yourself to these rules. These are some rules you can apply to your real life. These are the rules Lil O came up with based on his experience selling drugs as drug seller and street codes.

  1. Peep game. If you snooze you lose
  2. Stay on your grind. Pay your dues.
  3. Broke or rich. Which amount of wealth do you choose? If it’s rich, the real nigga rules.
  4. Stay or leave. Stop running your mouth when, before, or after dirt is done.
  5. Everybody can’t come to the house.
  6. Never make a trashy bitch your spouse because she would set you up.

See this track right here is for boys that really want something out of life. You know I’m saying? Boys that’s really trying to get something and get somewhere. You feel me? You gotta ask yourself the following questions: Why am I not having paper? Why am I not rich? Am I living by the rules? Am I applying myself? Why does Lil O keep winning? Because Lil O works harder than you.

See when it’s time to go to work, Lil O is punching the clock and goes to work with the work. Know I’m talking about? You can find him driving on I-10 running his route. On the way to the booth because he fronted some out. Lil O is from the land of the lost in the South.

Lil O is a G who is an experienced drug seller. Lil O is a G who will educate and teach you how to flip that brick, cook that soft, and flip that whip. It ain’t that hard. Just stick to the script and follow the rules. Dismantle your vault because playing in this game will have you land in a cross. Don’t be a sucker. Just stick to the licks. Stay on note and stay focused. Soon enough you’ll be flipping a six. Lil O will maximize your game to make your losses minimal. The moves Lil O makes make him a 5 star general. Listen up because the message is subliminal. Wanna come up in this game? Pay attention cause these are the principles.

[Verse 1]
See when it’s time to go to work, dog I’m punching the clock
And go to work with the work, know I’m talking about
You can find me on I-10, nigga running my route
On the way to the booth, cause I fronted some out
I’m from the land of the lost, where we handle the South
Don’t play god damn it the walk, dismantle your vault
Cause playing in this game, will have you land in a cross
But I’m a g, let me hand you the torch, let me show you
How to flip that brick, cook that soft, flip that whip
It ain’t that hard, just stick to the script
Don’t be a sucka, just stick to the licks stay on note
And stay focused, soon enough you’ll be flipping a six
Let me maximize your game, to make your losses minimal
Cause the moves that I make, make me a five star general
Listen up, cause the message subliminal, wanna come up
In this game, pay attention cause these are the principles

Lil O will show you how to break bread and shake FED’s. Ball till you fall. Live it up. Eat good and stay fed. However the block must stay bled and kept in a functional order.

But if you get caught with a rock or a block. Don’t not tell law enforcement such as police anything because snitching is not tolerated. You’d be surprised about how many people cooperated with law enforcement to get a reduced sentence. These people snitches. You gotta keep people out of your business. You gotta keep people out of your spot, out of all your traps, and out of your mix. Because friends killing friends is ridiculous. This is something which is definitely considered petty. But this is blood money, baby. It’s the business, bitch. Lil O encourages those to get their change out here and find a way out of poverty.

[Verse 2]
I’ll show you how to break bread, and shake FED’s
Ball till you fall, live it up eat good and stay fed
But first thing, the block must stay bled
But if you get caught with a rock or a block, don’t say shit
Cause snitching ain’t tolerated, you’d be surprised
How many boys you thought was real, done cooperated
But it’s iight, when you hear he got shot
Don’t cry or shed a tear, man he got what he got
You gotta keep niggaz out of your spot, out of your mix
Out of all your traps, how you getting your chips
Because friends is killing friends, it’s ridiculous
But this is blood money baby, it’s the business bitch
You out of time your partna all in your house, all in your stash
Your gal to you a slut, he be fucking her ass
She call your phone yelling crying, talking that trash
Saying some niggaz just kicked in your do’, and took all of your cash
Ain’t that a bitch

This is game Lil O is giving you. He used to have hoes named Pam, Keisha, Cocoa, Olivia, strap so much work to they thighs to the state their pussies smelled like Bolivia. The real G’s know Lil O. Lil O slung weight on the streets of 8900 South Braeswood Boulevard, 9500 Woodfair Drive, and 9900 Club Creek Drive. So he really knows his shit. It’s not like he seen his partner do it. And then went and wrote this shit.

You can quote that shit, motherfucker. What do you know about $40,000 dollars worth of cash? But don’t get mad. You can do it too. Listen to the words of the real. Let it hit your soul and influence you. Because if you are already in this drug game of the business of selling drugs that are considered controlled substances by the FDA and DEA, you might as well get your change. Don’t be out here hustling for a piece and chain. Real niggaz know the mask, put it up, and try to find another way up out the game.

Lil O gives us game on Verse 3 with his lyrics.

[Verse 3]
First off this ain’t no rap verse, I’m telling you
Playa this is game, I’m giving you
I use to have hoes named Pam, Keisha, Cocoa, Olivia, strap so
Much work to they thighs, to the state they pussy smell like Bolivia
Homie, the real G’s know me
I slung weight, on the streets of Braeswood
Woodfair and Club Creek, so dog I really know this shit
It’s not like I seen my partna do it, then I went and wrote this shit
And motherfucker, you can quote that shit, what you know
About counting forty thou’, watch me smoke the shit
But don’t get mad you can do it too, listen to the words
Of the real, let it hit your soul and influence you
Cause if you in the game, you might as well get your change
Don’t be out here, hustling for a piece and chain
Real niggas know the mask, put it up
And try to find another way, up out the game

At the very end of the track, Lil O dedicated this track to all the niggaz out on the block with a mouth full of motherfucking rocks and to all the niggaz over the world. Because they are in the belly of the beast just as he is. So he tells them to get their change out here and find a way out of poverty.

You live and apply yourself to these rules, you watch how fast you come up. You watch how things start going your way. Things will start going your way eventually.

I wanna dedicate this to all the niggaz out on the block
All the niggaz out with a mouth full of motherfucking rocks
All over the world, I love y’all niggaz man
When y’all feel like no one love you, you know Lil O loves you mayn
I want y’all niggaz to get your change out here mayn, you know
Cause you in the belly of the beast, gon ahead
And get it and find a way out mayn
This ain’t fly shit, I’m just rapping to you
You live and apply yourself to these rules, you watch how fast
You come up, you watch how things start going your way
You know I’m saying, this ain’t just something I put together
Cause I thought it sounded good, this is really some
Rules you can apply to your real life
And make you some motherfucking paper
Ya’ll niggaz stay down

Lil O explains how one woman is not enough for him on My 3 Wives. He needs more than one wife to keep him satisfied. He explains the reasons why he specifically needs 3 wives.

Now from the halls of Manu Zuma to the South of the seas. You ain’t never met a playa like the Fat Rat with the cheese. He has fucked some of the baddest hoes you have ever seen. He gets pussy on a regular basis. In other words he is a sex fiend who needs more than one wife to keep him satisfied. Lil O knowingly calls himself a pussy beating ass slapping cot wolverine.

He likes to switch it up when he goes different places. So he keeps himself 3 aces which are 3 wives like a true playa. His main bitch (main wife) is the shit with her chocolate ass. She treats a playa like a king. She don’t talk no trash. She’s been down for the longest. A real playa know a woman’s worth. You know O does. Lil O drop hers some cash. She get Manolo boots, sole whole suits, and baby tell bottom B’s.

Now you can say that Lil O is tripping and even out of his mind. But niggaz been having hoes since the beginning of time. Lil O ain’t trying to condone it like sinning is fine. His daddy was a playa. So it’s in O’s bloodline.This life of his which he lead is filled by money, greed, and weed.

This game’ll stress you out. So it takes a special girl to understand all his needs. His wife understands that Lil O is a man with power. That’s why she rubs him on his back while he stands in the shower. Their relationship is sour. He wants to leave her alone but realizes that will not work. Every time he sees her ass his jaw drops to the dirt.

His other wife is a young hoe who is 20 years old and out of control. She ain’t old enough to drink but swallows Lil O whole. She attends university at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. But she loves skipping class. Lil O has to threaten her and get on her ass. She don’t know any better. She acted like trash by talking and loud when he first met her. Lil O introduced her to class rolling on chrome and leather. He told her to be a lady and she’ll get treated much better. Lil O tells her, “You better stay your ass in school, bitch, and go fix your brain. Because that pussy ain’t paying like it used to.”

Lil O’s wife contemplates if he ever thinks about her after all the things she has done for him on Do You Think About Me.

When Lil O is gone and his wife is alone, it would be nice if he picked up the phone and called her. Lil O’s wife wonders if he ever thinks about her because she was there for him and took care of him. Lil O has got her wondering if he thinks about her.

Lil O is gone and never home. He always off in the mix doing his business. Leaving her in need of love and affection. Solace and comfort. He ain’t there to give her what she needs. It ain’t fair that Lil O is out there chasing greed. Cause His wife was sent to him, to show him what life is. To teach him how blessed he is. Their love is priceless. But it’s hard to feel real when you can’t pay your bills. She stuck with Lil O through the crisis. But now it’s crunch time.

She manipulated him with money which is what he loves. She got head from his friend. And now she’s running around saying that she blew Lil O. Lil O had thoughts of leaving her but his low self-esteem wouldn’t let him. He could not leave her due to his low self-esteem. Lil O doesn’t understand why all this is happening. He was making that pussy pop. And all this time she was banging some new cock every day out of the week. But it’s cool because love breaks all the rules. He is still in love her despite her not being honest with him. He ain’t mad at her even for all the times she broke his heart. Lil O ain’t tripping with her. They’ve been together for 3 years. Both of them gave the game their all. A queen on the side is what a king should have. These other hoes mean nothing to him. Just some friends he had.

At the end of Verse 3, she made Lil O realize that she is the best thing he has.

[Verse 3]
Ooh I’d love to just hug you, kiss you and chill
Lay you down on your back, baby give you your thrills
Put it on you real good, ask you how do it feel
But it’s hard to feel real when you can’t pay your bills
So sweetie let me make a meal, the best way that I can
Cause when you win I feel broke, I feel like less of a man
To ease your pain, always know I’m trying the best that I can
Struggles part of God testing a man, I won’t lose
He’s saying you or dome, lil’ mama I won’t choose
Cause if I lose either, lil’ mama Lil’ O lose
Just let me stay focused, like how I’m ‘pose to
And know in your heart deep down, I want you
To share, everything I have
Cause a queen, on the side is what a king should have
These other hoes mean nothing, just some friends I had
That made me realize, that you the best thing I have

That Day’s Today is Revenge and I’m Ready as this track has a rough edged theme of vengeance, wrath, and anger. You know, that real gangsta shit.

But Lil O has been balling for a while. So he used to the hating. Hatred coming from other people. Ain’t no faking in Lil O’s hustle. People thought Lil O fell off but they are mistaken. What’s the word on these streets? They’re playing games. Lil O bears the burdens of a Don. He has tough decisions to make. He killed a man in an act of revenge. He gave him head shots and body incisions. Some old man found his body while out fishing.

Lil O’s whole attitude changed, when I touched six figures. He harbors heavy weight of mistrust of people. He does not trust anyone and keeps to himself. He often finds himself in his four corner room up late at night smoking. Trying to keep himself from tripping. Lil O’s not joking. Lil O has been catching pistol cases since 1994. So please don’t judge him or mean mug him. Don’t stare at him like that. He is just trying to get money and live his life well. He is trying live his life to the fullest extent and capacity he is capable of handling.

[Lil’ O]
Well they say money’s power, so respect my rank
Cause if you sitting in a cell, I can get you shanked
You on the basketball court, I can get you bank
It’s kinda like war games, you just got out flanked
By a five star general, on top of a tank
I send flowers to your funeral, possibly pain
Cause I’m a Southwest nigga, you know how we think
We kinda fly but when it’s war, man I’m just gon hang

It Can’t Rain 4 Ever dives into the darker less glamorous side of imprisonment and incarceration. This track was written based off the experiences Lil O faced while he was incarcerated in jail. Lil O lived in sub-standard conditions while he was incarcerated for selling drugs. Everything ain’t what it seems in jail or prison. Lil O knows that it can’t rain forever as he is certainly aware he will be eventually released from jail at some point in time.

Z-Ro makes a guest appearance on the track by rapping a verse which is Verse 2. This was back before he was coming up with lame drug titles and references for his albums. This was because when Z-Ro was relatively underground and not nationally known yet.

Lil O has dreams of being a king. But right now he is living unhealthy since he was balling. Lil O is praying and asking God for some help. When he gets released from jail, he’ll get back on his grind by earning money. Lil O knows that it can’t rain forever as he is certainly aware he will be eventually released from jail at some point in time.

Lil O is a long distance far away from everything that he treasures all because he was trying to earn money illegally by selling drugs.

Lil O had this dream while he was serving his sentence in jail. In his dream he was a king. But nothing ever comes to a dreamer. So Lil O turned into a hustler, block bleeder, and schemer. His father noticed something different about his son’s gangsta demeanor but he never could just point the finger. But now he knows as his son is incarcerated. No more Benz with the roof popped up. Lil O does his laundry in the toilet and it’s stopped up now. Male inmates masturbate furiously when a female guard walks through the cell block corridors leaving a mess. This is an example unhealthy unsanitary sub-standard conditions in jail. His life is a shame but doing time is the price of the game. All this wasting time and doing nights in jail has made Lil O realize he has got to change his life.

These lyrics explain why Lil O is incarcerated in jail.

[Verse 1]
But dear Lord, change the weather
Cause these scars and these bars make my pain make pleasure
And I’m a long far away, from everything that I treasure
All because, I was chasing this cheddar
But in my dream I was a king, but nothing ever comes to a dreamer
So I turned to a hustler, block bleeder and schemer
Daddy noticed something different, bout my gangsta demeanor
But he never, could just point the finger
But now he know, cause I’m locked up now
No more Benz with the roof, popped up now
I do my laundry in the toilet, and it’s stopped up now
Boys think it’s some pussy jacking off, when a female guard walk thru now
My life is a shame, but nigga doing time is the price of the game
And all this wasting time, doing nights in the bang
Got me realizing that my life gotta change, for real

Z-Ro used to have dreams about having too much bread. But it seems like whoever is earning more money than him is busting lead bullets at him. Trying to take something from him. Z-Ro ain’t having none of that. Artillery is close by. He’ll be grabbing some of that if somebody was looking at him funny or in a strange manner. Z-Ro was about his money acting like the world was his and nobody could take it from him.

No more twenties. He moved up to pounds and soft now. He has diamonds and gold in his mouth now. He is hustling and hoping that he can get rich like everyone else. Risking more than his freedom for illicit hustles. He nervous and tired of being a cheapskate. Running in and out of town on the regular with no delay. He had a $217,000 dollar home and a $35,000 dollar watch. Z-Ro was a baller who was balling in the mix with 7 cell phones.

[Verse 2]
I use to have dreams, about having too much bread
But seem like whoever stacking me, down with who bust lead
Trying to take something from em, and I ain’t having none of that
Artillery is close by, I’ma be grabbing some of that
If somebody was looking at me funny, I was about my money
Acting like the world was mine, and nobody could take it from me
Too much traffic, at my house now
No more twenties, I moved up to pounds and soft now
Got diamonds and gold in my mouth now, hustling hoping I can get rich
Risking mo’ than my freedom, turning a continent to a brick
In the briefcase, nervous but tired of being a cheap skate
Running in and out of town on the regular, with no delay
Two hundred and seventeen thousand, dollar spot
35,000 dollar watch, you can hear it when my collar pop
I was a baller, balling in the mix
With seven cell phones, now all my people calling in this bitch

Lord knows he got to lighten up on Bleeda sooner or later. Life is certainly bound to brighten up for him. But as of now black clouds have been coming above him at this point in his lifetime. But as of now black clouds, have been above me So he is feeling like 2Pac trying to be calm and survive the storm but he missing his block. Bleeda is sick of niggaz screaming throughout the night wishing they’d stop bitching about, if they are going to get a visit or not from anyone. When he get out it’s back to the block. He ain’t got no time to sleep. It can’t rain forever. Not on a nigga that’s designed to get it. Bleeda was 23 with at least 18 prior convictions and offenses. Bleeda has been through and through it again by experience troubles, trials, and trenches in life. On the edge of reserve. Riding on benches sitting in back of the courthouse. In his cell reading through new bible scriptures in the Holy Bible every night.

[Verse 3]
And Lord knows, he got to lighten up on me
Sooner or later, it’s bound to brighten up for me
But as of now black clouds, have been above me so I’m feeling like Pac
Trying to be calm and survive the storm, but I’m missing my block
Sick of niggaz screaming throughout the night, wishing they’d stop
Bitching about, if they gon get a visit or not
When I get out it’s back to the block, ain’t got no time to keep
(it can’t rain forever) not on a nigga, that’s designed to get it
Only 23, with at least eighteen prior convictions
Guess I’ma doubt trying to get it, and over ride this visit
I’ve been through and through it again, troubles trials and trenches
On the edge of reserve, riding on benches sitting in back of the court
Reading breezing, through new bible scriptures
Ain’t no reason for Bleeda lying and kick it, but for my niggaz on lock
That’s still, filling out their grocery list
I blaze tracks like a rapper real over a pit, when I’ma wake up

Playas Still Get Chose is continuation of Playas Get Chose from his 2001 album Da Fat Rat Wit Da Cheeze with high quality production. The high quality production is on point.

Playas Still Get Chose explains how thugs and playas (players) get women to date them and some specifics as to how the prostitution game works. If you real and if you’re gonna hit a playa, take it from a pro as Big Moe would say. Thug niggaz never sweat these hoes because playas always get chose. So you don’t gotta trick. Take it from a thug’s point of view.

Now playas still don’t sweat these hoes spitting conversation while 3-2 rides deuce-4’s (a vehicle with 24 inch rims). 3-2 changed his name from Mr. 3-2 to Pimp Chris. 3-2 ain’t ya sugar daddy like Willie Fu-Ful. He keeps his pockets paid. You know how he does. He gets paid off a trick in this pimping game with no problem or harassment at all.

Lil O doesn’t grab women’s arms or pinch there asses. These hoes know when they see a young nigga with cash. Cleaner than a motherfucker like he just took a bath. Lil O is from Big Ballin’ Texas. So she knows that he’s trill. She knows that it’s real. Lil O takes this woman to the bedroom to show her his skills. It’s his call of duty. Every time she goes to sleep, she will be dreaming about him. Lil O is a gangsta and a gentleman. Plus he talks with class.

Everything’s still lovely. HAWK on that drank and chilled off the Bubbly wine. Niggaz mad because they hoes wanna fuck HAWK. These jealous niggaz got plex with HAWK. Boys wondering why they hoes be fiending for sex. Because they have done licked on HAWK’s testicles and swallowed his semen. Hoes be dreaming of having sex with HAWK. HAWK is doing things his way. HAWK fucked her and her. And your fiancée. Your girl was bootylicious just like Beyoncé. Your niggaz wanna be like HAWK someday. How many hoes out there suck dick?

Let’s Get Fucked Up is one of those club tracks and party joints to boogie on down to. This is one of those tracks to do drugs to. Lil O along with the Screwed Up Click is getting fucked up in this motherfucker

Lil O is fresh off probation. So he bought himself some inhalation to celebrate this pimp occasion. It’s going down. There is no time for waiting. Lil O doesn’t even drink but he is drinking tonight. So he went to Lucky Evening Food Store at 8900 South Braeswood Boulevard and bought himself a gallon of Sprite.

It’s time to get fucked up and O ain’t playing! No plex. We just straight parlaying. It’s a gangsta party which is on him. So nobody’s paying. So smoke and drink what you want. Man you ain’t got to front. Enjoy yourself.

HAWK is feeling good. He just left the hood and smoked some good reefer. Some of that good shit. That reefer shit. The blunt is lit and HAWK is smoking like a barbecue pit. HAWK is getting fucked up in his pick-up truck. Next he has a drink which is a cup of purple stuff.

I’m Pulling Out is about how Lil O drives his car in style. Lil O is pulling out. Trying to get his point understood. Lil O is hitting the Boulevard like a real playa should. Top down washed up looking good. This is how we do it down in Texas. Hoes are staring at his rims shining like a diamond. He’s got these hoes mesmerized. The way he gets his 18’s shake makes you throw up your breakfast. He hits the strip system thumping and sipping something.

Lil O asks this woman he is trying to get with what it’s going to be on the track What’s It Gonna Be. The song has futuristic sounding electronic vibe due to the instrumentation and production.

Lil O asks this woman he is trying to get with, “Girl, what’s it gonna be? Because you’re messing with a real life playa that’s getting them G’s. And I ain’t got time for games. Baby, tell me what it’s gonna be.”

Lil O don’t play no games like these other fraud cats. He won’t say no names. He saw her peeping him hopping of the Range Rover he drove with his piece glistening like a rainbow cane. He tells her he is Lil O. The Fat Rat with the cheese. He then proceeds to tell her, “Your ass look like it could possibly win the big butt competition at the Holiday Inn.” Lil O lets his friend that was following him drive the Range Rover. They hop in the Mercedes Benz. They go to a hotel so they can smoke for a while. She was loving his game.

These are the most hilarious lyrics which add to the humor of this track.

But I just leave him the Range, and we can hop in the Benz
On one condition, you gotta let me hop in them skins
Cause your ass look like it could possibly win
the big butt competition at the Holiday Inn
She started to grin, laugh said boy you wild

Lil O stays precise with his rhymes in these lyrics.

But look here, not to sound like I’m some head honcho
But this club too packed, let’s burn off pronto
Look Pocahontas, let me be your Tonto
That’s when her friends, really jumped in my Convo

Lil O saw her in Miami on Memorial Day. She was deep with them Houston boys hogging the lane. Ever since that moment she has been on his mind. And trust me when I say O’s sex is off the rockers.

Red Beans N’ Rice revolves around a broad named Kadisha whom Lil O is trying to meet and get with.

Kadisha is this bow legged broad Lil O is trying to get with and meet. She said she don’t play and is guaranteed to please you. Lil O was enamored with what he saw. Lil O took her to the room. So you know it was on and popping. Lil O took her to the room. So you know it was on and popping. When Lil O smacked her on her ass, it was soft like cotton. Kadisha had the nice double D’s when she took off her topping. Her breast size is DD.

The next night Lil O caught Kadisha at the club where she was turning heads. She had a big butt and thick thighs like turkey legs. Lil O assumes Kadisha must of been raised on red beans and rice with the way she shakes that thing. Them super thick hips and an ass that’s right.

The word is Kadisha used to flirt with Fred who was some big baller cat with birds and bread. He only messed with dime pieces and thorough-breads. However he caught a case out of state for a crime he committed. Now she’s in the club looking for a brand new playa.

Food on the Table Pt. 2 is a continuation and follow-up to Food on the Table Pt. 1. The track explains how some people want the money but don’t want to work to earn the money and fame. See that’s what it’s all about. The message of this song is to stop playing games with your life and get focused.

Some people want the money but don’t want to work to earn the money and fame. They never want to grind. They only thing they are doing is wasting time. These are the type o people that won’t put in work or do dirt.

There wasn’t no love or handouts for Lil O. So he had to make his own route. Lil O is an OG veteran. You need to show him respect. He ran a route for G’s from the Southwest set. He’s done his part. He hustled in rain. Stayed posted up on a hot block smothered in flames living life on the edge. He played to win once other niggas played and ran.

Bitch niggas set him up and tried to spray his Benz. Lil O can’t count the times, he got betrayed by friends from them snitching to the laws. Love is paper thin in a game with no rules in these trifling streets.Sometimes Lil O wonders to himself about what his life would be if he just stayed in school and got a nice degree. But life for him was not received knowledge from books. It was street game, which he got from crooks.

Thankful is the last track and closer for the Food On Tha Table album. On Thankful, Lil O explains how God has been real good to him in his life by keeping him alive despite from all the brushes with death and assassination attempts on him from other drug dealers. God protected Lil O from player haters who tried to assassinate him. Street life is hard but it’s not fair either. Life ain’t what it always seems. Thankful samples Fat Joe – All I Need.

God has been real good to him in his life. Lil is a cat that’s been through a lot. Him just being alive and free right now is truly a blessing. A lot of the cats O grew up with are all dead or locked up.

See God been real good to me in my life
So I just wanted to take time out to thank him, you know
Cause I’m a cat that’s been through a lot, and me just
Being alive and free right now, rapping this to you
Is a blessing to me, you know
Cause a lot of the cats I grew up with
Did thangs, but they all dead or locked up you know
So it’s just a blessing for me to say hey man, I’m still here

[Hook – 2x]
See I’m just thanking God, that I’m here
I’m ‘posed to be, behind bars doing years
Or in the graveyard, with my peers
Street life, it’s hard but it’s fair

Lil O was the kid that was supposed to be the President of the United States. Who would ever think he would call the jail house his residence? He got caught with the evidence at age 17 with a four and a half, two down cash, a .380, and a triple beam. He took penitentiary chances in the streets to get this money. He is young and wants the best of things. Fuck a job because a 9 to 5 job couldn’t pay him the amount of money he truly desired and was longing for. Money made us crazy and crack made us lazy.

Lil O fell in love with the streets but the streets betrayed him. The streets killed all his partners, turned good girls to boppers, and people into junkies. Some of these boys to junkies, All the rest is locked up. There is so much drama in his life but this ain’t an opera. The only way O made it through was thanks to the Father

[Verse 1]
I swear to God I was the kid, that was ‘posed to be the President
Who would ever think, I’d call the jail house my residence
Got caught with the evidence in seventeen, four and a half
Two down cash, a 3-80 and a triple beam
Life ain’t what it always seem, I ain’t always gleam
I ain’t always have, but a playa always dream
Took Penitentiary chances in the streets, to get this green
I know I’m young but I can’t wait, I want the best of thangs
Money made us crazy, crack made us lazy
Fuck a job dog, a 9 to 5 couldn’t pay me
I ain’t know no better then, I was just a baby
I fell in love with the streets, but the streets betrayed me
Killed all my partnas, turned good girls to boppers
Some of these boys to junkies, all the rest is locked up
So much drama in my life, but this ain’t a opera
The only way I made it through, was thanks to the Father

Lil O knew when he jumped into the game knowing this life of crime that he was taking a risk. But he never knew or thought he would end up like this. The FED’s just got Kenny Lou on some conspiracy shit. The price of living wealthy and healthy when moving birds in a city like Houston Texas where everybody is on the grind is treacherous. Because we are dying everyday. It’s a sign of the times. This life of his is filled with death.

[Verse 2]
When we jumped in the game, we knew we’d taken a risk
But ain’t no way in hell we thought, that we would end up like this
The FED’s just got Kenny Lou, on some conspiracy shit
And I probably won’t see Mark, till 2000 and 6
I take a sip of the Belvey, it helps me to calm my nerves
Cause the price of living wealthy and healthy, when moving birds
In a city like Houston Texas, where everybody on the grind
And we was raised since little kids, that we gotta shine
We live with baller minds, killed for dollar signs
You drop your ball, everyone go grab a hollow mine
Pray for the children in the streets, not just Columbine
Because we dying everyday, it’s a sign of times
Man this life of mine, is filled with death
Sometimes I feel guilty, that my lungs filled with breath
A thousand dollars man, they killed my nigga Norris for less
And because of that I know that I’m blessed, it could of been me

It’s a shame when you walk down memory lane. All you see are your friends ghosts. Lil O has seen the sickest most gruesome of things. These niggaz trying to get you for your motherfucking cheese. That’s why Lil O stays low key and and dodges the heat. Even though there’s a lot of shit he doesn’t have currently.

[Verse 3]
It’s a shame when you walk down, memory lane
All you see is niggaz ghosts dog, picture my pain
And I don’t bar witness fool, I’ve seen the sickest of things
My partna died, just because he put his dick in a dame
See if it ain’t the HIV, it’s the Penitentiary
Or these niggaz trying to get you, for your motherfucking cheese
That’s why I stay low key, and try to duck and dodge the heat
Cause I don’t want the Boulevard, to try to swallow me
See I’m a real G, but I ain’t gon lie
Everybody talking tough, but I don’t wanna die
At least not right now, Lord I’m too hot right now
It’s a lot of shit I want, that I ain’t got right now
Lord, I can’t stop right now
I don’t want my daddy yelling out, not my child
At a funeral, man this life so wild
We need Christ right now, man

I wanna dedicate this one to everybody we lost
In the struggle, DJ Screw, Fat Pat, Big Mello, Mafio
B.G. Gator, all my dogs from the block man
Cornhead, Lil’ Ag, Lil John, man there’s too many
Of y’all to name mayn, Lil’ Norris mayn
Miss all y’all boys, all my partnas on lock mayn
Black Ass, Kenny Lou, Mark, Pig
Man I love all y’all boys mayn, Lord man there’s too
Many to name mayn, but I pray for y’all every night man
Love life and respect life, God bless

I rate this album 5/5*****!!

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